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U.S. and World Breaking news – CDN reports on the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court and issues of the day.

Debt Ceiling Debate: Round 2

. Congress is fresh off the ‘Great Debt Debate of 2011’, and wasting no time in kicking off Round 2 of this fight.  Today, the US Senate rejected a bill that would have prevented raising the Debt Ceiling by another $1.2 Trillion. CNN.com has reported: A procedural motion to move forward with the bill was rejected in a largely party-line ...

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Newt Lied During CNN Debate

. In the CNN GOP debate, and post-debate interview, when moderator John King asked candidate Newt Gingrich about the allegation made by his second ex-wife in an ABC News interview, Newt stated he offered several individuals to refute her claims.   ….Now we know that may not be the case.  According to a Gingrich staffer, Newt only offered his daughters ...

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ACTA – Is It Worse Than SOPA?

. The online community was in an uproar about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  SOPA caused Wikipedia and Reddit blacked out their sites, Google ‘redacted’ their logo, and even some members of congress blacked out their House.gov websites. The outcry was due to the internet censorship that could have resulted from the SOPA legislation.  The backlash caused bill sponsors ...

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Gingrich Wants To Expand Government To The Moon – Literally

Newt Gingrich pandered to voters near Cape Canaveral, Florida, calling his vision of space “a romantic belief that it really is a part of our destiny”.  But newt didn’t stop there.  Newt went much farther into the stratosphere saying: . “by the end of my second term, we will have the first permanent base on the moon, and it will ...

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Florida Republican Attacks Alan Grayson With Subtlety

Republican Mark Oxner is obviously not afraid to stir the pot. He has released a campaign video attacking Democrat Alan Grayson utilizing both over and covert methods.  The ad, titled “Turn This Ship Around”, is a 39 second barrage against the Democratic policies of the Obama Administration.  It also uses subtle tactics to attack Alan Grayson. Throughout the ad, Grayson’s ...

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State of the Union or Wishful Thinking?

 The 2012 State of the Union address has come and gone with little change in the White House’s view of the world. This is unfortunate. America needs viable solutions, not more wishful thinking. Most disturbing is the continued, steadfast insistence that doubling America’s corporate tax rate will somehow create middle class jobs. After repeated failures by the current Administration to ...

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Obama calls For Fairness In SOTU

Last night, during his State of the Union address, President Barack Hussein Obama brought up what he defines as “fairness,” where “everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.”  [emphasis mine] On this subject, Obama and I agree. That occurs very seldom, so further investigation is in order. So let’s examine “fairness.” Everyone who travels ...

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Obama Proposes More Big Government

During the State Of The Union (SOTU) speech last night, President Obama was speaking about the topic of international trade when he said the following statement: Tonight, I’m announcing the creation of a Trade Enforcement Unit that will be charged with investigating unfair trade practices in countries like China. There will be more inspections to prevent counterfeit or unsafe goods ...

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State Of The Union: Your Thoughts And Reactions

. Last night, President Obama gave the annual State Of The Union address.   He started off praising the military and highlighting the fact that Bin Laden and Al Quaeda are no longer threats to the USA.  From there, the speech covered a multitude of topics and ideas.  If you have not seen the speech, you can watch it here: ...

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Snippets From The SOTU: Obama Asks For More Power

Now I may be reading this wrong, but the last few sentences of this quote make it sound like our president is asking for Congress to grant the Executive branch (even) more powers.  (wording in bold is my emphasis) “Some of what’s broken has to do with the way Congress does its business these days. A simple majority is no ...

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Father Turns in Son for Video of Bullying and Beating

ABC News Video Michael Palomino, a sheriff’s deputy of 30 years, made the hard decision to turn in his son Raymond, 17, after seeing him in a YouTube video along with six other teens stomping, punching and slamming another boy to the ground. Except for Palomino, all of the attackers covered their faces during the attack last Sunday afternoon. Out ...

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Romney's Taxes – Is It Any Of Our Business?

First, we have to pretend that it’s any of our business, that a candidate’s personal tax records have any bearing on what sort of president he will be. Then, let the spinning begin. Depending upon who you want to believe, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is either a crook or a hero. Challenged by fellow Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, ...

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State Of The Union Showdown: Barack Obama Vs. Mitch Daniels

Tonight, January 24th, President Obama is set to deliver the State Of The Union Address to Congress, and the American people. The President’s speech can be watched live, HERE. The Republicans, however, will have a rebuttal statement prepared.  The GOP response is set to be delivered by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels immediately following the President’s speech.   The Hoosier Governor’s ...

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New Site Petitions Indiana Governor To Run For White House

Apparently, a Virginia man is unhappy with the GOP options for Presidential candidates.  Matt McKillip has decided to draft the candidate he believes is the right man for the job:  Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana. McKillip has started the website http://runmitchrun.com/ in the hopes of gaining enough signatures to persuade the Hoosier State Governor to enter the 2012 Presidential contest. According to ...

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Senator Kirk Faces Long Journey After Stroke

United States Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) suffered a stroke on January 21st.  He told an internist that he was “seeing white flecks, numbness in his left arm and unusual sensations in his left leg”.   Kirk underwent a successful three-hour surgery to remove a piece of his skull to relieve the pressure on his brain.   However, Dr. Richard Fessler’s was prognosis ...

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