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U.S. and World Breaking news – CDN reports on the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court and issues of the day.

SCOTUS Employees Caught withholding legal documents from Supreme Court Justices

PRESS RELEASE Clerks of the Supreme Court never forwarded to 5 out of 9 Justices one single page of pleadings, they also did not forward to any of the Justices the Supplemental Brief. Demand for investigation forwarded to Congressman Goodlatte, Chair of the Judiciary Committee of Congress Noonan supplemental brief with the SCOTUS stamp 02.12.2013 Press release: clerks of the ...

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Teacher pretends to shoot students in bizarre lesson

Three young students were suspended in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting for playfully making a gun with their forefingers and thumbs, as children are wont to do. Such is the overreaction among many school administrators attempting to remove any simblance of a firearm on campus. A first-grade teacher in Georgia apparently didn’t get the memo and ...

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New ad targets lawmakers accepting NRA donations

The bastion of leftist propaganda known as MoveOn.org has been a big factor in promulgating anti-traditional talking points since the Clinton administration. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to weigh in on the contentious gun rights debate, the highly partisan group recently announced a new television commercial aimed at outing legislators who have taken donations from the National Rifle Association. ...

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CNN Touts Post Speech Poll…But Sample Includes Only 17% Republicans?

Giving the president a big ‘thumbs up’ CNN headlines tout the State of the Union speech as having a 53% approval rate by watchers. But read further in the article and one will learn that the poll data included 44% Democrats and a mere 17% Republicans. They say their sampling has a plus or minus error rate of only 5%. ...

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Obama takes control of the internet with Cybersecurity Executive Order

Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Today, President Obama signed an Executive Order to strengthen the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure by increasing information sharing and by jointly developing and implementing a framework of cybersecurity practices with our industry partners. Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing Program Now Open to Other Sectors: The Order expands the voluntary Enhanced Cybersecurity Services program, ...

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Media whitewash killer’s leftist ties

When a high-profile murder comes across the desk of those in the mainstream media, the initial reaction is to find some tie to conservatism. If none can be found, the more militant ideologues in the press will simply blame conservative talk radio. Noticeably absent from the overwhelming coverage of the manhunt for murderous ex-police officer Christopher Dorner, however, are his ...

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Fort Hood Heroine: Obama Betrayed Us

Tonight on ABC World News Diane Sawyer will interview Fort Hood heroine Sgt. Kimberly Munley. New (and possibly disturbing) footage of the tragedy that killed 13, including a pregnant soldier and wounded 32 others will be shown. In 2010, the White House arranged for the Fort Hood sergeant and her partner, who managed to stop the shooter and his rampage, ...

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Woman Votes Twice (Or More) But Denies Fraud

Giving new meaning to the phrase, “Vote Early and Vote Often,” Florida poll worker Melowese Richardson admitted that she voted at least twice in the last election. The Democrat also filled out ballots for her daughter and brothers, mailing them in on their behalf. Richardson insists she has done nothing wrong. This woman thought it okay to cheat because of ...

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Oh No! Possible Coffee Shortage!

Dateline Guatemala! President Molina-Preez ordered release of more than $14 Million to help coffee growers battle a fungus that is affecting 70 percent of their nation’s crop. The funds will help the 60,000 farmers spray pesticides in an attempt to halt the spread of coffee rust which kills plants. The rust has affected coffee plantations throughout Central America. In his ...

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Double Tragedy: Abortion at 33 Weeks Takes Mother Too

There are only a few places in the country where a mother can have an abortion in the third trimester. Maryland remains one of those states. According to a press conference held by the Maryland Coalition for Life in Germantown, MD it was announced that a 29-year-old woman died at a local hospital as a direct result of complications from ...

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Rubio to Give GOP Address Feb. 12

Speaker Boehner and Senate Republican Leader McConnell announced today that Senator Marco Rubio would be giving the Republican Address in response to the State of the Nation on February 12. This is the first time the young senator will take the national stage representing the conservative party. Senator Rubio, now in his third year in the U.S. Senate, has been ...

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Proposed FDA regulations to cost grocers, shoppers billions

As supermarket chains struggle to maintain profitability amid rising costs, proposed ObamaCare regulations will only add to their troubles. Experts estimate the pending federal mandate, which dictates how store owners must label ready-to-eat foods, will result in a $1 billion expense within the first year of its implementation. According to Erik Lieberman of the Food Marketing Institute, stores have two ...

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Drug Resistant TB Found in Illegal Border Crosser

Not only are many who enter the US illegally partaking in additional illegal activities (drug running, human smuggling, etc.) but a good number are also bringing something with them. They are bringing their diseases and most worrisome, their communicable diseases. In late November, 2012 a young Asian was caught trying to sneak across the border into Texas. He was discovered ...

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Chicago cops no longer responding to many crimes

It was apparently not enough to ban guns for personal protection in crime-ridden Chicago. Recent changes in the city’s police department dictate the majority of crime reports will no longer warrant the dispatch of officers. According to the department, crime scenes at which a suspect is “not on the scene and not expected to return immediately” and the victim is ...

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