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Google Employees Sought To Block Breitbart From Ads, Emails Show

Goolag - A.F. Branco Cartoon

Leaked emails show Google employees plotting to get Breitbart banned from Google AdSense, which dominates the digital ad market The leaked conversation is the third example of Google employees seeking to weaponize Google’s products for left-wing purposes Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Tuesday is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, where he’s expected to be pressed on political bias at ...

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Execs At Michael Bloomberg’s Company Expected To Be Arrested For Fraud

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office (DA) and New York state police are expected to arrest several senior executives in former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s finance company on fraud charges Tuesday, The New York Times reported. The executives are expected to be a part of a larger arrest of roughly a dozen senior executives spanning several companies involved in ...

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DOJ Wants To Keep Justification For Raiding Reported Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Secret

Clinton Foundation

The Department of Justice is requesting that the justification of an FBI raid on a reportedly recognized whistleblower’s home remain secret, according to a letter from U.S. Attorney Robert Robert Hur. The letter was sent to the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland on Dec. 7 in response to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Nov. 30 request to unseal court documents that ...

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Government Watchdog Demands Probe Into New York Attorney General’s Climate Crusade Debacle

A prominent government watchdog group is demanding New York officials probe the state attorney general for using former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s legal group to target energy companies. New York-based Government Justice Center (GJC) filed an ethics complaint Friday against New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood for using two special assistant attorneys paid for by Bloomberg Philanthropies. GJC ...

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The Paris Climate Agreement Is ‘Dead,’ Declares Former Top UN Delegate

Saudi Arabia’s former lead climate negotiator said the Paris Agreement is “dead.” Mohammed Salim Al Sabban called the UN climate talks a “big conspiracy the world created.” Al Sabban also served as an adviser to the Saudi energy and mining ministry. Saudi Arabia’s former lead delegate to United Nations climate talks said the Paris Agreement to fight global warming is “dead,” ...

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Kavanaugh Joins Liberals To Protect Pro-Planned Parenthood Ruling

The Supreme Court declined to review three cases relating to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood at the state level Monday, over a vigorous dissent from Justice Clarence Thomas. The dissent was significant because it indicates that Justice Brett Kavanaugh sided with the high court’s liberal wing to deny review of a lower court decision that favored the nation’s largest ...

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No Developments In Search For Colorado Mom Who Went Missing On Thanksgiving

The search for a missing Colorado mother expanded Sunday as police and family members dig for clues on the whereabouts of Kelsey Berreth, 29, who was last seen on Thanksgiving in the parking lot of a Safeway supermarket in Woodland Park, Colorado. Berreth, the mother of a 1-year-old girl, has not been seen for over two weeks, although her cellphone went ...

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Dossier Was Unverified Before And After FBI Used It To Obtain Spy Warrants

Former FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress on Friday that the bureau had not verified the dossier when it used the salacious document to apply for spy warrants against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page Comey said it was “not necessary” for the FBI to validate the sources that dossier author Christopher Steele used to compile his report The ...

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FBI Probe Initially Focused On Four Americans

Michael Flynn

James Comey made the surprise revelation in his congressional testimony on Friday that the FBI opened investigations into four Trump associates in late July 2016 It was previously known that four Trump advisers were the focus of the FBI probe, but it was not known that they were targeted at the outset of the investigation It was previously believed that ...

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Nadler Floats Impeachment, Says New Mueller Revelations Could Justify Removing Trump

New evidence suggesting that President Donald Trump directed his onetime fixer Michael Cohen to break campaign finance laws could constitute an impeachable offense, Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York told CNN’s Jack Tapper Sunday. Sunday’s comments are significant because Nadler is the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which drafts articles of impeachment. “They would be impeachable offenses,” ...

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Lindsey Graham Says He Will ‘Get To The Bottom’ Of FISA Abuse As Senate Judiciary Chairman

Lindsey Graham slams democrats for unethical behavior -4

Lindsey Graham pledged Saturday to continue an investigation into the FBI’s alleged abuse of the federal surveillance court Graham is poised to take over as Senate Judiciary Committee, where he will have oversight of the FBI, Justice Department and federal court system Republicans have accused the FBI of mishandling the infamous Steele dossier to obtain warrants to spy on former ...

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California Nuns Accused Of Embezzling As Much As $500K From Catholic School For Gambling

Two nuns are accused of embezzling as much as $500,000 from a California Catholic school for gambling and travel expenses. St. James Catholic School’s former principal Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and former teacher Sister Lana Chang allegedly stole the money over a period of at least a decade, Casino.org reported Saturday. The $500,000 number is representative of the amount possibly stolen ...

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Transcript of James Comey’s Interview with House Committees 12/7/18 [full text]

A transcript of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees was published Saturday. The 235-page transcript was released by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chair of the House Oversight committee. Full Transcript of James Comey’s 12-7-18 interview with House Judiciary and Oversight Committee members ...

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Paris Is Burning As Armed Patrols Work To Stamp Out Yellow Vest Protests

French police arrested hundreds of protesters associated with the so-called Yellow Vest movement as France is now dealing with more fallout from a failed set of carbon taxes designed to tackle climate change. Police arrested more than 700 people Saturday morning and searched protesters for items like the now-famed yellows vests they wear to signify allegiance to the country’s working class. ...

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