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A very sad Christmas for us defense conservatives

This year, while we defense conservatives, like most people, will be celebrating Christmas and will try to find joy in it, we will nonetheless be sad, because America’s defense is now in the process of being gutted quite literally through massive cuts in budgets, nuclear and conventional weapon inventories, modernization programs, and the force structure. It will be the fourth ...

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Further defense cuts would gut the military

As the deadline to deal with defense spending sequestration nears, the opponents of a strong defense  are trying to lull the American people into a false sense of security by downplaying and vastly understating the threats posed to America’s security by Russia, China, and others, and such lowballing of these threats is supposed to justify cuts to America’s defense. But ...

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Rebuttal of Ed Markey’s and other Democrats’ blatant lies

On December 12th, extremely leftist Congressman Ed Markey and 44 other stridently leftist Democrats sent a letter to the Republican and Democrat leaders of both houses of Congress again calling for spending on America’s nuclear deterrent to be cut by over $100 bn over the next decade… ignoring the fact that this would save only $10 bn per year, and ...

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Obamacare: Bad for business and your health

One of the main reasons the economy is not recovering is because of the healthcare law. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare is not what the doctor ordered or what the people wanted. Every single poll ever conducted since its inception has shown more Americans in favor of its repeal than against it. The bill is a staggering ...

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Rebuttal of POLITICO’s and liberal Republicans’ false claims

On December 12th, the leftist POLITICO magazine published a litany of blatant lies about defense spending and conservatism, a screed that gushed over pro-defense cuts Republicans such as Mick Mulvaney (RINO-SC). The author was Kate Nocera. The article opens with the false claim that: “It’s been an article of faith for the GOP: Thou shalt not cut defense spending. But ...

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The (alas) coming decline and fall of America

In 1897, as the United Kingdom celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign, it stood at the peak of its military, economic, and diplomatic power, as it spanned one quarter of the world and was being patrolled by the Royal Navy, stronger than the next two navies combined. Even then, however, a young American boy predicted that the US ...

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Congressman push for $550B in defense cuts – say they are ‘harmless’

The DefenseNews.com website has recently published an article by John T. Bennett that extensively quotes a letter sent by 11 RINO and 11 Democrat members of Congress – including such conservative stalwarts as Barney Frank, Lynn Woolsey, Keith Ellison, Jim Moran (D-VA), and Chris Gibson (RINO-NY) – that calls for deep, $550 bn defense cuts and falsely claims that such cuts ...

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Free trade is for idiots

For decades, globalists and libertarian free trade ideologues have been telling us that free trade has been “good” for America, that it’s a traditional conservative/Republican policy, and that any suggestion that America should protect its industry – i.e. protectionism – is a Big Government policy and a betray of “free market principles”. Free trade is the religion of the CATO ...

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Dems: How can I Agree with Republicans? They have Cooties!

Thanks to severe media bias and a severe attack by this leftist administration people seem to be more afraid of being called a Republican than accept that we share many ‘conservative’ traits. Conservative comedian Steven Crowder appeared on Fox and Friends this weekend to discuss his recent video. In this clip Crowder does a number of ‘man in the street’ ...

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UT/NJ poll: Most Americans oppose deep defense spending cuts

The most recent United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection poll finds that the vast majority of Americans oppose any cuts in the government programs they personally benefit from (i.e. receive money from), and support cutting spending only in what they personally don’t benefit (or at least don’t believe they benefit) from. The latest edition of this poll has actually found that ...

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Why Tax Rates Instead of Loopholes?

The Obama Administration has been adamant about raising tax revenue by raising marginal rates rather than by closing loopholes and capping deductions, even though the latter solution would raise as much revenue as the former. Why all the insistence on rates? Loopholes in the tax code have historically been used to manage behavior, as well as to reward and punish ...

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Unemployment rate drops to 7.7% “Unexpectedly”

In today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics employment summary, the Department of Labor reports that the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest in more than 4 years at 7.7% while the labor participation declined to just 63.6%. The report showed that the economy created just 146,000 jobs. While more than economists had predicted, it is still woefully short of the 250,000 ...

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Rebuttal of Doug Bandow’s newest anti-defense lies

The pseudoconservative, anti-American “American Spectator” magazine has published yet another ridiculous screed by leftist-libertarian, isolationist pundit Doug Bandow (whose screeds AmSpec publishes regularly while refusing to publish my works, thus giving a voice to only ONE side of the debate). In his latest screed, as in previous ones, Bandow makes a litany of blatant lies, which can be summed up in the ...

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Rebuttal of CATO’s/PDA’s “Defense Sense” defense cuts proposals

In May 2012, the CATO Institute and the extremely-leftist, Massachusetts-based “Project on Defense Alternatives” wrote and published a garbage pamphlet ridiculously titled “Defense Sense” (it should actually have been titled “Defense Nonsense”). In it, they have proposed deep, devastating cuts in military modernization programs across the board; cuts which, if implemented, would effectively mean completely cancelling the US military’s modernization ...

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A “Quick and Dirty” Look at Obama’s Tax The Rich Plan

I couldn’t resist. I saw the following article and I just had to write about it: http://money.cnn.com/2012/11/14/news/economy/obama-taxes-deficit/index.html?hpt=hp_t3  Yes, I know that in the post-2012 election era, my blog will naturally pivot to more philosophical writings, but some economic analyses will come up here and there. This is an example of one of these economic analyses. As many readers of my blog know, ...

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