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Optimizing Your Dollar: Buying Eyeglasses Online?

My last eyeglasses were driving me crazy. They just didn’t fit well on my face and I was at the shop getting them adjusted almost weekly. So no tears were shed when my husband accidentally stepped on them. Luckily, I still had my old glasses. Like many, our family has vision insurance. And like many, we have to wait a ...

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A Citizen Challenge

Chances are you haven’t heard (and won’t hear) about this Federal report from the Liberal media. Two days ago the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its Annual Audit of the United States Government for fiscal years 2011 – 2012. The government’s own conclusion is this: “… Absent policy changes – the Federal Government continues to face an unsustainable fiscal ...

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The Propaganda of Defaults & Debt Ceilings

Understand what Obama’s doing, why he’s doing it & how his decisions are intended to influence you. Raising the Debt Ceiling is the same as a credit card company raising your credit limit. It has nothing to do with paying what’s already owed. It simply allows you to spend more than you already owe. The Debt Ceiling doesn’t stop government from ...

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NBC’s Chuck Todd: Plenty of Reason for Concern

As the administration heralds the latest unemployment numbers as proof of improvement many Americans are still unsure. Across the country residents see their income lower than in 2009. Others know there are more in poor. Families who have to live within their means worry about the continued massive government spending. And the unemployment level, after four years, a stimulus and ...

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Rebuttal of DefenseNews.com’s blatant lies

On January 14th, the liberal DefenseNews.com website published an editorial titled “Hagel for Secretary of Defense”, which called on the Senate to confirm the liberal RINO ex-Senator Chuck Hagel and tried to refute the charges made against him. But this attempt to refute these charges has utterly failed, because DefenseNews staff (which wrote the editorial) utterly failed to refute these ...

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Rebuttal of Gordon Adams’ newest blatant lies

Speaking recently to National Public Radio and USA Today “journalists”, former Clinton Administration defense budget chief Gordon Adams (in other words, the principal architect of Clinton’s disastrous defense cuts) yet again called for massive defense budget cuts while making blatant lies about the security environment designed to lull the public into a false sense of security. Adams falsely claimed that ...

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BofA Freezes Funds to AZ Gun Dealer

A Scottsdale gun manufacturer had a run-in with Bank of America. Joe Sirochman, is owner American Spirit Arms, which manufactures and sells rifles. Like other gun makers Sirochman saw a huge increase in sales last month. KFYI: Due to the sudden increase in revenue, Sirochman tells KFYI News that Bank of America began putting his deposits on hold out of ...

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The Obama Effect: Another Touted Business Closes

At a January 2012 jobs forum President Obama talked about the opportunities for new businesses to grow and expand here in the United States. In particular the president highlighted a new manufacturing company based in North Carolina. Lincolnton Furniture was praised for bringing jobs back to the United States. Lincolnton owner Bruce Cochrane even sat next to the first lady ...

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More Consequences of Obamacare

Mainstream media are finding themselves in a challenging position. Supporters of the Affordable Health Care Act, they are now finding that the new law has many unexpected consequences. USA Today reported this week that fewer businesses may be hiring this year due to the restrictions of Obamacare. More businesses are planning to hire part-time rather than full time workers with ...

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Revenue Component of Fiscal Cliff Resolved

The major news services this week universally proclaimed that the “fiscal cliff” had been averted by a last minute deal between congress and the White House. There were many components to the fiscal cliff, some of which have been addressed by the last-minute deal, and many that were not. The revenue components have been resolved, while the more significant spending ...

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House Republicans cave on spending, embrace higher taxes

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That is exactly what just happened once again in Washington. The people that created the country’s economic problems are somehow going to fix them with our tax dollars that we can’t account for and without cutting spending? Even the great Harry Houdini couldn’t ...

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Calling Ceasefire on the Boehner Bashing

After the deal on the fiscal crisis passed, disappointed Republicans began a rallying cry resembling those of medieval times yelling, “Off with his head!”. Except instead of Boehner’s head, Republicans want his gavel. Historically, the problem isn’t Boehner, it’s tired Republican strategy. Republicans, for decades, have been sucked in by the Democrat Party’s last-minute engineered emergencies like the “fiscal cliff”. ...

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