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May Jobs Report: 2.5 Million Jobs Gained, Unemployment Falls To 13.5%

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The U.S. economy gained 2.5 million jobs in May, while the unemployment declined to 13.5%, according to Department of Labor data released Friday. Total non-farm payroll employment rose by 2.5 million in May, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, and the number of unemployed persons fell by 2.1 million to 21.0 million. May’s unemployment rate declined by 1.4 ...

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The Historical Moffit Manor in Tennessee Is Listed For Sale After Complete Renovation 

TENNESSE MANSION FOR SALE The historic Moffitt Manor is one of the premier residences in the state of Tennessee. This property is a stately manor high atop a mountain in middle Tennessee. Recently the Moffitt manor has been completely renovated. As a completely renovated property, the Motif Manor is now listed on the national historic registry. As a property listed on the ...

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1.9 Million New Jobless Claims this Week

The U.S. Department of Labor reported Thursday that about 1.9 million new jobless claims were filed over the past week. The latest data showed a roughly 249,000 decrease in claims from the previous week’s numbers, showing that 1,877,000 new jobless claims were filed in the week ending May 30. Data from the previous week showed roughly a 323,000 decrease in claims from the prior week’s numbers. ...

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College Republicans Ask Trump To Roll Back Employment Programs For Foreign Nationals Amid Economic Downturn

College Republican chapters across the U.S. delivered a letter to President Donald Trump Friday asking him to roll back two temporary worker programs for foreign nationals.  Amid the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus, students said the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program should be abolished and the H-1B visa program should be suspended. The college leaders said the economy is ...

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‘This Business Can’t Survive’: NoVA Gym Owners Feel The Pain Of Delayed Reopening

Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Tuesday that Northern Virginia will not open until at least May 29.  The decision will further delay the opening of Joseph and Margaret Strada’s Manassas Park business, Unleash’d Strength Gym. “We’re just completely baffled as to why they keep changing the narrative on us,” Margaret Strada told the Daily Caller News Foundation.  Four days ...

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Three Of The Four Largest US Oil And Gas Producers Are Facing Multimillion- And Multibillion-Dollar Losses

Three of the largest oil companies in the United States are feeling the pain amid historically low crude prices, economic lockdowns, and a pandemic that has killed tens of thousands of Americans. Big oil is taking a big hit, but smaller oil companies might bear the brunt as the industry grinds to a halt. ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66 are the ...

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Americans Are Slowly But Surely Ending Lockdowns Over Officials’s Objections, Location Data Shows

Americans are venturing out more to fast-food restaurants, gas stations and public places even as health experts and government officials demand extending economic lockdowns, location data show. People are back to visiting gas stations and fast-food restaurants at pre-COVID-19 levels, according to location data collected by Foursquare, a local search-and-discovery app that helps users discover places near them to visit ...

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IRS Glitch Leads To Thousands Of Foreign Workers Getting Stimulus Checks: Report

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A glitch within the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has reportedly led to as many as thousands of foreign nationals receiving coronavirus stimulus checks intended for U.S. residents. Many of the $1,200 stimulus checks sent last month to Americans coping with the economic downturn also went to foreign workers, many of whom are living overseas, according to a report from Politico. ...

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Two Of Detroit’s Biggest Auto Makers Plan To Bring Back Skeleton Crew Of Employees As They Reopen

Ford and General Motors are recalling a slate of workers as the two auto giants prepare to reopen May 1 after locking up in March as governors and mayors instituted stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, reports show. The call backs are voluntary and will include safety protocols as Ford and GM work to provide a ...

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8 Legal Career Choices for Lawyers and Non-Lawyers

Employment opportunities in the legal sector are expected to grow at an average of 7 percent by 2028, rapidly faster than the other occupational sectors. Fortunately, this is a piece of good news for not only lawyers but anyone interested in pursuing a legal career.  The legal industry is not limited to those with law degrees. There are incredible opportunities ...

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Tyson Foods Issues Dire Warning In Full-Page NYT Ad As Lockdowns Threaten US’s Food Supply

Tyson Foods rolled out a full-page advertisement Sunday in The Washington Post and The New York Times warning that the country’s food supply chain is “breaking” amid continued lockdowns aimed at slowing down the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s board chairman John Tyson wrote in the ad that farmers will be left in the dust and “millions of animals — chickens, ...

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Manufacturing Industry: Impact of Robotics in Dispensing Technologies

Image Address: https://images.pexels.com/photos/2760344/pexels-photo-2760344.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&dpr=1&w=500 There are certain industries where accuracy plays a vital role in the forward movent of a company, and manufacturing is one of those industries. A lot of the operations and processes within manufacturing rely heavily on manual dispensing of fluids and adhesives. Well, being so reliant upon manual dispensing was getting the job done but it also ...

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What are the Highest Paying Medical Professions Today?

Parents sometimes (jokingly) tell their children that they should pursue a career in medicine or law because those are high-paying, respected jobs. Plus, they serve as pillars of society and it’s worth bragging about. There are also some other fantastic, respected jobs out there. Even within those disciplines, there are some jobs that pay more. A small-town attorney may not ...

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AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson Retires As The Company Navigates A Pandemic And Streaming Wars

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson is stepping down as the company’s chief and giving the reigns to COO John Stankey, who will take over the position in July. Stankey is taking over at a strange time as the company navigates around a growing pandemic and deals with a budding live stream war. AT&T is also dealing with new competition after Sprint ...

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Analysts Explain How Restarting The Economy Can Help Prevent Big Oil’s ‘Destruction,’ Save Energy Jobs

Energy analysts say oil markets will continue their upheaval until lockdowns abate and demand picks up, meaning the U.S. could continue to lose millions of barrels of oil a day through spring.  President Donald Trump, meanwhile, says the United States will top off the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, allowing the government to buy as much as 75 million barrels of oil ...

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