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‘#BoycottABC’ Trends After Debate Night Over Ad Against Socialism and Ocasio-Cortez

ABC News aired an advertisement showing a photo New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s face being burned while a Republican talked about socialism. “#BoycottABC” trended on Twitter Friday following the debate because of the advertisement. Members of “the squad” weighed in and added to the backlash. Calls to boycott ABC News have arisen following Thursday evening’s 2020 Democratic debate over ...

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Beto’s AR-15 Flip-Flop: O’Rourke Supports Confiscation Now, But Opposed It Just Last Year

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke’s promise Thursday to confiscate AR-15s from Americans who legally own them is a flip flop from his position on the issue when he was running for Senate last year in Texas. “If you purchased that AR-15, if you own it, keep it. Continue to use it responsibly,” O’Rourke said in an April 9, 2018 interview ...

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Andrew Yang Promises To Give Away $120,000, But Can He Legally Do It?

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang offered to give away $120,000 in campaign funds to 10 people at Thursday night’s debate, prompting questions as to the legality of the sweepstakes. “My campaign will now give a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire year to 10 American families — someone watching this at home right now,” Yang announced during ...

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Biden Slams Bernie’s Medicare Plan: ‘For A Socialist You Got A Lot More Confidence In Corporate America Than I Do’

Former Vice President Joe Biden cornered Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on healthcare during ABC’s Democratic Presidential Debate, Thursday, saying that his plan depended on corporations to be dependable for Americans. Biden challenged his rival Democratic presidential candidate on his health care plan, after briefly confusing him for “the President,” saying that it puts too much faith in corporate employers that, ...

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Yang On Health Care: ‘I Am Asian, So I Know A Lot Of Doctors’

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang suggested during Thursday’s debate that because he is Asian, he knows a lot of doctors and has insight into health care. Yang, an entrepreneur, said at Thursday’s Democratic debate that because he is Asian, he knows that doctors “spend a lot of time on paperwork, avoiding being sued and navigating the insurance bureaucracy.” Yang suggested ...

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Bernie First Candidate To Violate ABC’s Warning Against Swearing

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said “damn” Thursday night, becoming the first candidate to violate ABC News’ warning against swearing. The Vermont senator heatedly defended Medicaire for all to former Vice President Joe Biden, a defense that included the word “damn.” “That’s right, Joe,” Sanders said. “Status quo over ten years will be $50 trillion. Every study done shows ...

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Bernie’s Opening Statement Has People Asking: What’s Up With His Voice?

2020 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ opening statement had people taking to social media to wonder what was going on with his voice. Sanders spoke about President Donald Trump in his opening statement during Thursday’s Democratic debate. He also mentioned billionaires controlling “the economic and political life of this country,” but many only took to social media to discuss how his ...

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Julian Castro To Joe Biden: ‘Are You Forgetting What You Said 2 Minutes Ago?

2020 candidates Julian Castro and Joe Biden scuffled over the topic of health care during Thursday’s third Democratic primary debate in Houston. Castro called out Biden for flipping scripts after Castro said his health care plan, unlike Biden’s, would not force people to buy in, to which Biden replied, “They do not have to buy in.” “You just said that ...

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2020 Candidates Laugh As Andrew Yang Announces 10 $12,000 Giveaways During Debate To Highlight Universal Basic Income Policy

2020 Democratic presidential candidates laughed after Andrew Yang announced 10 giveaways of $12,000 during Thursday night’s third Democratic primary debate in Houston, Texas. “My campaign will now give a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire year to 10 American families — someone watching this at home right now,” Yang said during his opening debate statement. “If you ...

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Hecklers Interrupt Another Debate |

Hecklers interrupted another debate, this time shouting as 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden said that he has “never counted any professional setback” as “serious.” A moderator asked candidates about the “quality of resilience,” noting that “every president confronts crisis, defeat and mistakes.” Biden was the first candidate to be asked about the biggest professional setback he has had to face. ...

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Democratic Debate Moderators Ask Zero Questions About National Debt — Again

Moderators entirely ignored the rapidly expanding national debt in Thursday night’s Democratic debate. ABC News and Univision journalists Linsey Davis, George Stephanopoulos, David Muir, and Jorge Ramos asked the 10 Democrats on stage a combined zero questions about the debt. Thursday night’s moderators followed the lead of NBC News’ moderators in the first round of debates and CNN’s moderators in ...

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Beto’s Newest Gun Control Idea Involves Controlling What Americans Can Buy With A Credit Card

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas is pushing financial institutions into refusing service to Americans who are seeking to purchase semi-automatic rifles, among other forms of artillery. O’Rourke is planning on using the Democratic debate in Houston to drum up pressure on credit card companies, ABC reporter Jeffrey Cook noted in a tweet Thursday. The Texas Democrat is struggling to ...

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‘Fox News Is Nicer To Me Than The Lefties Are’: Marianne Williamson Criticizes Liberals

2020 Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson was caught on a hot mic last week wondering why Democrats are meaner to her than conservatives are. Williamson, an author and self-help guru, spoke to “America This Week” host Eric Bolling last week. She continued talking shortly after the interview while her mic was still on and was caught asking why “Fox News is nicer” ...

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Biden Hires New Campaign Staff To Woo Minority Voters

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is adding new staff members to his campaign specifically to win over minority voters. The former vice president added six new senior staff members, all of which are minorities and women, according to Axios. The Biden campaign hired Laura Jiménez as the new Latinx National Vote Director, Amit Jani as the Asian American Pacific ...

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