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A Left-Wing Group Targeting Trump Accepted $100K In Stock From A Chinese-Controlled Tech Firm

A Democratic group expected to spend millions of dollars targeting President Donald Trump received $100,000 in stock shares from an anonymous donor in a giant Chinese tech company, a new report shows. American Bridge 21st Century accepted a gift in 2018 of 450 shares into Baidu, a Google-like tech company closely affiliated with China’s ruling Communist Party, according to the ...

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Biden’s ‘Handsy-Sniffy’ Problem: Don’t Let Them Ignore It

“…but prominent Democrats continue to stay silent on the [Biden sexual assault lawsuit] story, including most of the women who have been discussed as potential vice presidential picks.” – FOX News, April 15, 2020 This is hypocrisy in real-time and unless every American takes the time to apply pressure Biden and the Progressive-Democrats will get away with their status quo ...

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NYT Treated Tara Reade’s Biden Accusation Differently Than Julie Swetnick’s Kavanaugh Accusation. Here’s How


The New York Times showed more far skepticism of an unproven sexual assault allegation against former Vice President Joe Biden than it did of an outlandish gang rape accusation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Julie Swetnick, who was represented by since-disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti at the time, accused Kavanaugh during his September 2018 confirmation hearings of participating in gang ...

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NYT Says It Didn’t Find Any Sexual Misconduct By Biden, Beyond Past Reports Of His Unwanted Hugs And Kisses

The New York Times edited portions of an article Sunday regarding sexual assault allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden, removing a section in the piece mentioning past complaints against him. TheNYT analyzed allegations former Senate aide Tara Reade made against the former vice president in the early 1990s, with the NYT concluding that it was unable to find any ...

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Left Wing Super Pac Uses Coronavirus Victims to Politicize the Pandemic

A left-wing super pac group is spending six figures on a series of advertisements suggesting President Donald Trump’s golf game distracted from his administration’s ability to respond to the coronavirus. American Bridge 21st Century’s ads include memes targeting white working-class areas in Michigan and Pennsylvania, Huffington Post reported Friday. Both states tilted heavily toward the president in 2016, but Democrats ...

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Biden Offers Bernie Sanders’s Supporters An Olive Branch, Says ‘You’re Needed’ To Beat Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden appealed to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s supporters Wednesday to get behind his presidential campaign ahead of the November election. The movement Sanders helped create will become an indispensable tool to help change in the future, Biden wrote in a Medium post, which was published after the senator dropped his White House bid. The olive branch represents ...

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Google Will Begin Allowing Some Advertisers To Run Ads Related To Coronavirus

Google will begin allowing advertisers to run advertisements that address coronavirus, or COVID-19. Axios reported Thursday, citing Google documents. The tech giant will begin phasing in the advertisements after previously banning such content, according to a memo Google’s Head of Industry Mark Beatty gave to political advertising clients. Google will prioritize medical practitioners and groups that work directly with the ...

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Inside The Dark Money Dem Group Using An Umbrella Network To Flay Trump Over His Virus Response

Two super pacs — Pacronym and American Bridge — that are thrashing President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic are affiliated with Arabella Advisors, a consulting firm that is not required to identify its donors.  Academics and other researchers argue flaying the president over his virus response so early in the health crisis skirts ethical boundaries. Trump should be ...

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Pro-Trump Super PAC Files FEC Complaint Alleging Bloomberg’s $18 Million DNC Donation Was Illegal

A political action committee  supporting President Donald Trump filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission saying former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s donation to the Democratic Party was illegal. Bloomberg’s $18 million donation to the Democratic National Committee is an attempt to circumvent contribution limits and violate campaign finance laws, Great America PAC said in the March 26 complaint. The ...

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Biden Keeps Pushing Misinformation About The Coronavirus. Here Are 5 Examples

Former Vice President Joe Biden has repeatedly pushed misinformation about the COVID-19 coronavirus in political attacks against President Donald Trump and his administration. Biden, the Democratic frontrunner for president, has sought to politically capitalize on the coronavirus pandemic. But on at least five different occasions, Biden and his campaign have spread misinformation about the response to the virus. Biden falsely ...

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Biden Comes Out Of Hibernation, Plans Regular Briefings From His Home Rebutting Trump’s Alleged Lies

Former Vice President Joe Biden is retrofitting his Delaware home to set up virtual briefings that will allow the presidential candidate to pushback against what he says are President Donald Trump’s lies about coronavirus. Biden’s house is being outfitted with technology allowing him to conduct tele-press conferences and interviews while he practices social distancing amid a pandemic, Biden told Politico ...

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Bloomberg Bails On Pledge To Employ Campaign Staffers Throughout Election

Michael Bloomberg went back on his plan to create an independent expenditure effort, effectively rendering his campaign staff unemployed.  Bloomberg also donated millions of dollars to the Democratic Party and took advantage of a provision in federal campaign law allowing federal candidates to give an unlimited amount of money to a national party.  Bloomberg said the move allows the Democratic Party ...

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Bernie Sanders To ‘Assess’ His Campaign After Another Round Of Primary Losses

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is going to “assess his campaign” over the next few weeks, his campaign manager said Wednesday, following losses in three primaries on Tuesday night further narrowed the Vermont senator’s path to winning the Democratic presidential nomination. “Sen. Sanders is going to be having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign,” Faiz Shakir, the Sanders campaign manager, ...

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Trump Campaign Launches ‘Irish Americans For Trump’ On St Patrick’s Day

Donald Trump success

President Donald Trump’s campaign announced the launch of “Irish Americans for Trump” Tuesday morning. The campaign announced the launch of the coalition on St. Patrick’s Day, saying that it will be a coalition to “commemorate Irish American contributions to our economy, military, and history.” The campaign also emphasized that Trump recently appointed former Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick ...

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