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2017 Kansas City Chiefs Preview

The 2016 Kansas City Chiefs may have squandered their best chance to return to the Super Bowl after a 46-year absence from the big game. Just think. Entire generations of Chiefs fans have never seen their favorite team play for a championship, the last time that Kansas City won one was when a guy named Len Dawson was their quarterback ...

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2017 Jacksonville Jaguars Preview

This is a critical year for the NFL‘s Jacksonville Jaguars who seem to have taken up permanent residence in the AFC South’s cellar. The team’s 3-13 dumpster fire was a major disappointment after the Jags had been a dark horse pick to win the weak division and make the playoffs after a strong 2015 performance by quarterback Blake Bortles. The ...

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Suck It Kaepernick! Miami Dolphins Lure Jay Cutler Out of Retirement

The Miami Dolphins moved quickly to address their quarterback problems when they signed former Chicago Bear Jay Culter to replace their injured starter Ryan Tannehill. Cutler signed a one-year deal for $10 million and put off his new gig as a Fox Sports analyst to snap up the job and another big paycheck in the NFL before hanging it up ...

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Indianapolis Colts 2017 Preview

It isn’t a reach to say that the NFL‘s Indianapolis Colts are at a crossroads. After miraculously advancing to the 2014 AFC Championship despite a badly flawed team where they were obliterated by the New England Patriots in the infamous “Deflategate” game, the Colts have missed the playoffs for two consecutive years now in what could be a prolonged nosedive. ...

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Castro-Loving Kaepernick to Miami? Calls Begin After Dolphins Starter Gets Injured

No sooner had the window on the Colin Kaepernick to Baltimore deal closed, another one quickly opened. Miami Dolphins starter Ryan Tannehill suffered an injury on Thursday during training camp drills and it could be a bad one. Tannehill was leading the Dolphins to the playoffs last year when he injured his knee and he was expected to have been ...

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Top Five Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

Here we go pro football fans. The 2017 season kicks off tonight with the annual NFL Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. Keeping this in mind, the fantasy football scouting season is officially underway with drafts taking place beginning in the next few weeks. Conservative Daily News will be featuring news for ...

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Houston Texans 2017 Preview

The Houston Texans have a Super Bowl caliber defense but their offensive problems would make it one hell of a challenge to win it all in a Pop Warner league. While it’s hard to understand how the team could have an even worse quarterback situation than last year after the organization gave an obscene contract to a clumsy, inaccurate stork ...

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Green Bay Packers 2017 Preview

Despite being a perennial playoff team, the NFL‘s Green Bay Packers continue to be a major disappointment. Eight straight playoff years with one of the best quarterbacks in the game and yet the Pack has only been to one Super Bowl which they were victorious in. Otherwise, it’s been a series of early flameouts and conference final flops. 2016 was ...

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Respected Organization Confirms NFL Ratings Tanked Due to National Anthem Protests

A subject of much speculation is why television ratings for the National Football League unexpectedly dropped in 2016. Many pointed out to the contentious election battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton but after the votes had been cast, the ratings were still sinking. Others claimed that the NFL’s failure to address the disrespect shown to the flag when former ...

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Ravens Pass on Signing Kaepernick, Choose Arena Football Quarterback Instead

So much for Adam Schefter’s big scoop that the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens were ready to take the plunge by signing the controversial Colin Kaepernick to a contract due to starting quarterback Joe Flacco’s back injury. You could practically hear the fluttering of the hearts of those who have become avid fans of the former San Francisco 49er for his anti-American ...

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Detroit Lions 2017 Preview

The Detroit Lions remain one of the four NFL teams that have never made it to the Super Bowl and will continue to be in that number until they’re able to actually win a playoff game. Detroit actually made the playoffs in 2016 but thanks to a season ending three-game losing streak, had to settle for a wild-card berth and ...

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Denver Broncos 2017 Preview

The Denver Broncos enter the season with a new head coach but the same very serious problems at the quarterback position. Former Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph assumes the top coaching role after Gary Kubiak retired due to health issues. It’s Joseph’s first head coaching job and General Manager John Elway is hoping that he could be the long-term ...

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Dallas Cowboys 2017 Preview

Everything finally came together for “America’s Team” in 2016 and it did so in the most unexpected of ways. Longtime quarterback Tony Romo again went down with an injury in the preseason, a setback that would have ordinarily doomed Dallas. But instead of collapsing, a new star was born in first-year quarterback Dak Prescott who immediately became the quarterback of ...

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Michael Vick Suggests that Colin Kaepernick Needs a Haircut

Former NFL quarterback and notorious dog murderer Michael Vick has chimed in with his two cents on the Colin Kaepernick soap opera. According to Vick, Kaepernick’s militancy has less to do with him being unable to land a job than the fact that he just isn’t that good – and he needs to cut his hair. Michael Vick has some ...

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Cleveland Browns 2017 Preview

It’s difficult to imagine that the Cleveland Browns will be more woeful than last season’s horrendous NFL worst 1-15 record, especially since there have been reinforcements brought in. First and foremost, top overall draft pick Myles Garrett should make an immediate impact on defense if he is able to overcome a foot injury suffered in offseason drills. One of the ...

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