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Should the Media and Politicians Fear Voters or God?

Is God number one in your life? Unfortunately, there are some without the desire to understand God’s plan for our lives and the importance of studying and learning His word. If we do, we are able to affirm that the closeness of our relationship with Him, directly determines our total happiness and success in life – personal and career. Likewise, ...

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Catholic Scholars Urge Bishops To Investigate Pope Francis For Heresy

A group of Catholic scholars and theologians pronounced Pope Francis guilty of heresy in an open letter urging bishops to investigate their accusations. The signatories of the open letter, which include clergy, argued that Francis’ refusal to clarify his teachings on marriage, divorce, and Holy Communion in Amoris Laetitia, and what they see as his inappropriate handling of the sex ...

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Vatican Unveils Stairs That Jesus Walked To Face Pilate’s Judgement For First Time In 300 Years

The Vatican has uncovered the stairs that Jesus walked to face Pontius Pilate’s judgment, revealing the bare marble for the first time in 300 years. Pope Innocent XIII ordered the that Holy Stairs, or Scala Sancta, be covered with walnut planks in 1723 in order to protect the marble, but Vatican caretakers have removed the planks for a two-month renovation ...

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Top 20 US Company Cozies Up To Satanism

Huffington Post published an interview with Penny Lane concerning her documentary about the Satanic Temple, but failed to note in the article that many of Lane’s claims about Satanism, the Catholic Church and evangelical Christian leaders are doubtful at best.  The Verizon-owned outlet published Lane’s claims that theistic satanism is a myth created by the Catholic church, that Vice President ...

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Google, Amazon And Other Corporate Giants Target Texas Religious Protection Bills

Goolag - A.F. Branco Cartoon

Google, Amazon, IBM and Texas businesses banded together to oppose several Texas bills offering religious exemptions to businesses and state license holders. The group of businesses, along with several local Texas chambers of commerce, sent a letter to the Texas state legislature Wednesday declaring that they will oppose any legislation that affords protections to business owners who refuse service to ...

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Pennsylvania State Rep Horrifies Democrats With Opening Prayer, ‘At The Name Of Jesus Every Knee Will Bow’

Pennsylvania Representative Stephanie Borowicz outraged Democrats by mentioning Jesus 13 times in her invocation on the day of Pennsylvania’s first female Muslim representative’s swearing-in. Borowicz thanked Jesus, “the King of Kings; the Lord of lords; the great I Am; the one who’s coming back again; the one who came, died, and rose again on the third day,” for the honor ...

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Utah Teacher Taking Heat After Making Fourth Grader Scrub Off His Lenten Ashes

A Utah fourth-grade boy in Utah said his teacher made him remove Lent ashes from his forehead Wednesday, and the school district is apologizing. William McLeod was explaining to his classmates that the Ash Wednesday mark showed holiness. He also tried to explain the mark to his Valley View Elementary School teacher, but she did not listen, Fox 13 Salt ...

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Christian Student Group Wins Against University Of Iowa In Religious Freedom Case

A judge ruled Wednesday that the University of Iowa cannot deregister a Christian student group based on its statement of faith, which required leaders to acknowledge sexual relations did not happen outside of marriage and every individual needed to embrace their “God-given sex.” Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC) was formed by the university’s Tippie College of Business students to provide a ...

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A Little-Noticed Opinion Portends Big Changes For Religious Liberty At Supreme Court

US Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s conservative bloc released a short opinion signaling their willingness to overturn a landmark 1990 decision which they say constrains religious liberty.  The decision, called Employment Division v. Smith, says that laws infringing on religious practices should be upheld provided they are enforced fairly and apply universally.  A challenge to Smith could come quickly — one is currently ...

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Pakistani Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal Against The Acquittal of Asia Bibi

9 years of hell and then some has finally ended for Asia Bibi today after the Pakistani Supreme Court upheld its October 2018 decision to overturn her death penalty conviction. Asia Bibi, a Christian mother from Punjab Province, was convicted in 2010 of blasphemy after she was accused, without evidence, of defaming the Prophet Mohammed during an argument with Muslim colleagues. ...

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Covington Diocese Gives Half-Baked Apology Without Apologizing For Libeling Nick Sandmann

As the wind blows evermore strongly in the direction of evidence showing the kids at Covington Catholic having done nothing wrong, the diocese is has apologized for passing judgment early, as Robert Barnes assembles a so-called “Defamation Dream Team” to file lawsuits against the liars in the Media-Hollywood-Swamp axis of evil. In the non-apology apology, the diocese never admits fault for ...

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A Heretic Offers Surrender Terms to Christians

Julie Rodgers, described by the Washington Post as “a writer, speaker and advocate for LGBTQ people in faith communities”, has offered a “compromise” proposal to Christians designed to end the cultural war between believers and alphabet soup alternate lifestyle advocates. It rivals Gen. Ulysses S. Grant’s surrender terms at Fort Donaldson in its lack of generosity and sweeping demands. In ...

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Gay Christians Continue to Challenge Regressive Left Bigotry

Like many before me, coming out gay was easier than coming out conservative. For many years, I pushed my faith away because of hostility from the regressive left and social norms of the LGBT community; it simply was not acceptable for me to be gay and Christian — or so I thought. The truth is, after some maturation and self-realization, I ...

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Executive Order on the Establishment of a White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative [Full Text]

President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order that establishes a White House “Faith and Opportunity Initiative” that will “assist faith-based and other organizations in their efforts to strengthen the institutions of civil society and American families and communities.” Full Text of the Executive Order on the Establishment of a White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative Section 1.  Policy.  Faith-based ...

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