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So You Want to Play Politics, Do You?

It is true that, in the United States, everyone who qualifies under the requirements of the Constitution has the right to run for office. In fact, the beauty of the American experience is that our nation is governed by her people, not a ruling class, or so it is supposed to be. Currently, we are undergoing a rebellion against a ...

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Republicans Come Out Ahead In California House Races


  by Robert Donachie Democrats avoided a complete lockout in California Tuesday evening, narrowly advancing in a number of competitive House races that are likely to become critical in November. The state has a “jungle” primary system, wherein the top two vote-getters advance to the midterms. That was expected to threaten Democrats in a number of districts throughout the state, where ...

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How to Terminate Ideological Tenured Professors

By now everyone who is up to speed on current events knows that Randa Jarrar, a “professor” at California State University at Fresno, took to Twitter after the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, to lambaste her memory. This cretin then bragged she couldn’t be fired because she was “tenured.” Jarrar tweeted: “I’m happy the witch is dead. Can’t ...

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Watch: White House Press Briefing 3/28/18 [video + transcript]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders -15

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds a briefing to update the media on the issues and events of the day. Full Transcript MS. SANDERS: Good afternoon. Sorry to interrupt that live shot, Kristen. (Laughs.) As you’ve all seen this morning, the President secured a dramatically improved trade agreement with the Republic of Korea, continuing to fulfill one of his ...

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Updated: President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Monday, March 26, 2018

Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos, Mike Pence

President Donald Trump will receive his daily briefing as prepared by the intelligence community. In the afternoon, the president will have lunch with Vice President Mike Pence. President Trump’s schedule for 3/26/18 11:30 AM Receive intelligence briefing – Oval Office 12:30 PM Lunch with Vice President Mike Pence – Private Dining Room White House Briefing Schedule 2:00 PM Press Briefing with Principal Deputy ...

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Canceled: White House briefing 3-23-18

Sarah Huckabee Sanders -15

Update: briefing canceled due to the omnibus signing event White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds a briefing to update the media on the events and issues of the day including: Trump suspends aluminum and steel tariffs for some allies Trump threatens to veto spending bill passed by Congress signaling possible government shutdown Departure of H.R. McMaster as NSA and ...

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Watch: White House Press Briefing 3/20/18 [video + transcript]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders -15

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders briefs the media on the events and issues of the day including: The president’s plan to combat the opioid crisis Austin bombings Sanctuary cities Russia relations Robert Mueller’s investigation Transcript MS. SANDERS: Good afternoon. Happy Agriculture Day. Today, we honor the men and women who work every day to feed, fuel, and clothe ...

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Watch: White House Press Briefing 3/16/18 – Marc Short, Obstruction of Nominees and more [video + transcript]

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short hold a briefing to update the media on the events and issues of the day including: Senate Democrats’ obstruction of Trump nominees DACA/Immigration Reform Rumors of H.R. McMaster leaving the White House Transcript MS. SANDERS: Pulling out the big guns for Friday. (Laughter.) Serious business. Good afternoon. ...

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Watch Live: White House Press Briefing 3/15/18 – Mueller subpoena, Russia sanctions and more

Sarah Huckabee Sanders -15

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds a briefing to update the media on the issues and events of the day including: New sanctions against Russia Personnel changes within the White House Britain and U.S. responses to murder of former Russian spy in the U.K. President rejecting 3-for-3 DACA/Wall proposal FBI recommendation to fire Andrew McCabe Mueller subpoena of ...

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Democrats likely to copy Lamb’s tactic for midterms: Clinton’s triangulation

POlitical triangulation

Democratic party candidate Conor Lamb shocked the political world as he either won a House seat in a very red Pennsylvania district or came very close to doing so and he did it by copying Bill Clinton’s 1996 strategy of triangulation. Traingulate verb 1. The act of a political candidate presenting his or her views as being above and between the ...

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Both Parties Claim Victory in Pennsylvania Special Election … sorta

By Ed Craig, Main Street Examiner Election night in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District special election is over and the candidates are separated by just .2% of the vote. The vote counting will continue and both sides believe they have won. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Ben Ray Luján congratulated the Democratic Party candidate, Conor Lamb, on their “incredible victory.” “I ...

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House Intel Dems Release Russia Probe Wish List

Schiff Happens

  by Chuck Ross Democrats on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence say they want to interview more than 30 witnesses and issue 15 subpoenas before shutting down the panel’s Russia investigation. The wish list was issued Tuesday in a 21-page status report in response to committee Republicans’ announcement on Monday that they are shutting down the investigation. Republicans announced that ...

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Tillerson fired, Pompeo moves over, America gets first female spy chief

Rex Tillerson

President Donald Trump made a series of changes in his administration with all the drama of his former reality show. Without actually uttering the words “you’re fired” the president used Twitter to announce a series of moves that put Tillerson out-to-pasture, moved his CIA chief over to head the State Department and gave the CIA it’s first ever woman director. ...

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Democrat up 2 points in latest PA-18 special election poll

The special election for Pennsylvania Congressional District 18 could not be tighter and in the most recent poll, the Democrat is up over the Republican that Trump supports. Conor Lamb (D) has made a surprising push in the heavily Republican 18th district going from 12 points down in January to +2 over his Republican rival, Rick Saccone, yesterday. If Lamb takes ...

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President Trump’s Week Ahead 3/12/18 – 3/16/18

Donald Trump Air Force One

President Donald Trump will host the World Champion Houston Astros on Monday at the White House. On Tuesday, the president will travel to San Diego, California to review the prototype border wall designs that have been tested in recent months and visit with members of the military. He will then travel to Los Angeles to attend a fundraiser. The trip, ...

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