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Tears, Fire and Brimstone At the Ford / Kavanaugh Hearings

The long awaited, much anticipated Christine Ford vs. Judge Brett Kavanaugh hearing finally came to fruition before the Senate Judiciary Committee and what an emotional roller coaster ride of a hearing it was. Starting at 10:00 am, it lasted until 6:45 pm. The republican hired an independent prosecutor Rachel Mitchell of Arizona who has prosecuted many sexual assault cases to ...

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WATCH: Sen. Graham LAMBASTES Democrats for ‘unethical’ handling of Kavanuagh confirmation

Lindsey Graham slams democrats for unethical behavior -4

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) delivered on Thursday the most memorable Senate remarks since Clarence Thomas bashed Democrats for their “high-tech lynching” of an “uppity black man.” Graham slammed Democrats for ruining Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s life with unsubstantiated, uncorroborated accusations because they only want to “destroy [Kavanugh’s] life, hold this seat open, and hope you win in 2020.” “You’ve said that!”, ...

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The Left’s Do–It–Yourself Authoritarianism

There’s a new meme circulating that Trumpistas have found very pertinent. It’s a stark black–and–white photo of a seated Trump. One elbow is on his left knee and his other hand is gesturing toward the viewer as he leans forward. The president has an expression on his face not unlike the famous ‘Uncle Sam Wants You’ recruiting poster. The headline ...

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To The Left Kavanaugh Is Guilty Simply by Accusation

“I heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend who heard it from another that you were messing around”—REO Speedwagon The lyrics from REO Speedwagon’s “Take It On The Run” perfectly describe what is going on with the accusers in the Judge Brett Kavanaugh situation. None of the accuser’s friends can corroborate her story or else they ...

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Falling for the Progressive Tactics on Kavanaugh

Where the sideshow political circus that is the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings is concerned there are a few quotes and realities that we all should consider. If we are not careful, the mainstream media and the Progressive-Left will turn us all into useful idiots…and that moment is coming quickly. “But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless ...

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Kavanaugh accuser negotiated testimony in bad faith

Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney negotiated the alleged victim’s testimony to Congress in bad faith because Democrats had assured her, if not colluded with her, that the testimony would never take place. Late last week, Ford’s attorney, Debra Katz, said that Ford had agreed to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee this Thursday at 10 am. Just days later, stunning, if ...

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What Conservatives Get Wrong About the NFL

Although many conservatives have stopped watching the NFL as a result of its players’ actions during the national anthem arguing that kneeling during the anthem is the ultimate disrespect of the American flag, it is incorrect for them to argue that the NFL’s recent ratings and fall in attendance are solely due to the players’ anthem protests.

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UN Makes Buying ‘Made in the USA’ As Hard As It Can Get

Did you know that before you even wake up in the morning you are subsiding profits to Chinese companies? It has to do with how our country levies shipping costs for products shipped from China. The fact is, shipping costs for products shipped by China into the United States are tantamount to nothing. Without ever buying a single item online ...

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San Francisco Landlords Beware! This could happen to you


Fire Destroys Alleged Castro Drug Den – February 23, 2018. This is the backdrop for Joel Elliott’s story. You might recognize his name as the owner of a controversial Sanchez St. property that has been labeled a “drug den” by many reports, though any sources can only refer to the building as an “alleged drug den.” Why? Because that particular ...

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Christine Ford’s Questionable Accusation vs. Keith Ellison’s Accuser’s Verified Accusation

Where is the investigation of the accusations against Rep Keith Ellison? He is accused of Domestic Violence against his former girlfriend Karen Monahan. She has doctor reports and police reports which is far more evidence than that provided by Dr. Ford. Dr. Ford doesn’t remember anything about the incident except who was there. When can we expect the investigation of Ellison ...

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Transgender Recruiting Plans Include Your Kids

Ryan T. Anderson, the author of ‘When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment’, gave a speech last week at the Catholic University of America. It was all very dignified and featured a walking–on–eggshells atmosphere. Yet under Anderson’s proper and decorous message was a stark warning for parents: Gender Red Guards are seizing the curriculum in government schools and ...

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Democrat Officials Go From Anti-White To Anti-Male Stances, Which Includes Anti-Kavanaugh Politics

Citizens who pay attention to current political events know that Democrat women seek high political positions because they say men, who traditionally solely occupied the House and Senate, can’t be trusted to represent women and women’s issues in the legislation they pass. These Democrat women seem to ignore the fact that Republican (not Democrat) men passed the legislation that gave ...

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From Thomas To Bork To Kavanaugh: Conservatives Need Not Apply For The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s “high tech lynching”, carried out by the Democrats in The United States Senate in 1991, is being played out again in the DC swamp, by Democrats once again. They’ve got the long knives out against Brett Kavanaugh this time in a suspicious October Surprise revelation of an alleged high school sexual attack by Kavanaugh on ...

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Another High Tech Lynching???

On the eve of Judge Kavanaugh’s vote, the Democrats are still using last-minute underhanded skullduggery to postpone it. Diane Feinstein has had her now famous anonymous letter accusing Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misappropriations since July but waited until after Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings ended before referring it to the FBI. Feinstein has had the letter since July but waited until after ...

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