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Hillary Clinton And The Democrat Party: The Real Russian Colluders And Obstructers

“If Hillary loses we’ll blame the Russians” – Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta on election night 2016. During the 1960s, a radical author named Saul Alinsky wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals” that outlined 10 uncanny and evil rules for radicals to follow to win an election. One of those rules said ‘Find a target, isolate it, freeze ...

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Sanctuary Neighborhood Prepares to Repel Invaders

Arlandria is a sanctuary neighborhood in a sanctuary city next to a sanctuary county in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Residents there are worried about a caravan of Prius–driving invaders that threaten to change the culture of the neighborhood. This concern requires some clarification. Arlandrians aren’t opposed to semi–literate identity thieves sneaking across the border to depress US wages, burden the ...

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Fox News Hosted Bernie Town Hall, Liberals and Conservatives Outraged

Fox News recently hosted Democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and it got the attention of President Trump. Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders appeared on a town hall special broadcast by Fox News. Sanders agreed to the event after the national party rejected Fox News’ bid to host a Democrat Presidential primary debate because Democrats claimed Fox News was “state TV” for ...

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Trump and the Roar of the Paper Tiger

After spending the last two years on the sidelines warming up on a stationary bike, President Trump has decided it’s time for him to get into the immigration game. When Agent Orange is unleashed illegal immigration will once again be, well, illegal! The situation is grim. The Get–Tough–on–the–Border–Guy will be taking in more illegals than Obama did at his laissez-faire ...

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The Massive Illogic Of Democrats

Just as any sensible person may wonder at the stupidity of Marxism, which states its case in favor of Communism as being inevitable and obvious because of the necessary conflict between economic classes within a nation, while at the same time making every idiotic effort and argument to encourage and incite this conflict among a population which has lived peacefully ...

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Maxine Waters is What’s Wrong With America

On April 11, 2019, The Blaze reported that Maxine Waters, the new Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, attempted to corner and embarrass several banking CEOs who were called before her committee, by asking them what they were doing to help students pay for the enormous debts they posses after completing four years of college. She was, of course, ...

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Controversial American Preacher Not Received Well by Australia

American evangelist Phillip Blair’s tour of Australia is currently making headlines for all the wrong reasons, and many Australians are not taking kindly to the young American’s abrasive techniques. Blair has been filmed in multiple confrontations as he takes to the street to confront Australian’s about their religion, politics and lifestyle choices. In one video, Blair addresses a woman in ...

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Barr Investigates the Investigators.Trump Strikes Back

After two years of he and his family being harassed, abused and bullied by the deep state with false allegations and an inscrutable witch, hunt Trump is firing back with a vengeance and he is out for bear as the expression says. Trump is a counter puncher with a New York street fighter attitude and when you hit him, he ...

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WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Arrested After Ecuador Withdraws His Asylum

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange was arrested Thursday in the Ecuadorian embassy in London after Ecuador withdrew his asylum. Assange, 47, had been living in the embassy for seven years beginning when Sweden tried to extradite him because of sexual assault allegations, reported BBC. That case has been dropped, but Assange has remained in the embassy to avoid being extradited to ...

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Methodists Decide to Believe the Bible

Recently the United Methodist Church held a denomination meeting in St. Louis and the outcome for Christians was almost as momentous as the lifting of the siege of Vienna in 1683. The threat to Christendom at Vienna was external. An Islamic army of Ottoman Turks was knocking on the door to Central Europe until the attack was broken by Holy ...

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Predictions of Enviro-Religious Doom Has AOC’s Believers Seeking Redemption

One supposes that even liberal Democrats can at times see the error of their ways, and will occasionally seek forgiveness for the things they believe they’ve done wrong. The current fretting by Warming/Change advocates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, has all of the qualities of the periodic predictions of doom and gloom that we’ve seen occasionally from kooks of ...

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Election 2020: Freedom VS. Socialism

This next election in 2020 is crucial to the survival of us as a nation. It is truly as House Minority leader Mark Meadows said recently, “It will be freedom vs. socialism.” The democrat party of old is no longer the democrat party it once was, but the Democrat Socialist party. They are offering everything for free, free healthcare, free ...

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D.C. Swamp Rats Still Cling to Their Russian/Collusion/Delusion Narrative

The lunatics are in my hall/The paper holds their folded faces to the floor and every day the paper boy brings more–Pink Floyd- Brain Damage-Dark Side of the Moon. Now that Muller has released his report showing there was no collusion with the Trump administration, Democrats are even more furious after losing twice, first with the election and now with ...

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One Way To Halt Radical Leftists From Imposing Socialism On Us: Just Say NO!

In the 1980s when drug use became so large a problem that the Reagan administration took up the cause of those being harmed by the criminals getting rich off of this substance, Nancy Reagan proposed a strategy that will always work to solve such a problem: Just Say NO! In today’s ultra-left environment with too much illegal drug-flow across our ...

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