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Testing The Theory That Blacks Cannot Be Racists

Fake News t-shirt Newseum

I believe it was that corporate shake-down artist, Jesse Jackson, who placed the blame for racism squarely on the shoulders of whites, using the flawed logic that only whites have power, and it’s that power that enables them to practice racism. If it is indeed power that enables one person to be a racist, and it’s a lack of power ...

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Why the Left is Out to Destroy Trump

When Mueller first started his investigation it was to see any interference by Russia in the election. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself right then and there. The investigation showed no signs of collusion, but did show signs that they tried to interfere in the campaign, but not the election itself. There is a difference. That didn’t stop Mueller as ...

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Comparing Liberalism To Common Criminals

We’ve always had crime, and the police have always punished the misdeeds of criminals. But while prohibition was being practiced in the United States, organized crime took a firm hold and law enforcement became so difficult against the organized and deeply imbedded criminals that federal agents’ involvement was necessary as crime increased at a greater volume than prior to the ...

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Liberals Are So Hateful And Thoughtless That They Endanger Their Own Future And Wellbeing

Will South Africa become Zimbabwe 2.0 - Ben Garrison

How many American liberals, the concerned people they pretend to be, have given their money or even their homes to a Native American tribe because the property was stolen from the Native Americans by their great, great, great grandparents? Similarly, how many liberals have given a vacation property, a farm or their home to an American black family because the wealth ...

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Again With Lanny Davis?

During Bill Clinton’s era of sex dramas we saw Lanny Davis pimping for Slick Willy and making idiotic claims that no one believed concerning Clinton’s innocence, and Mr. Davis began to wear on the public, even in those long-ago days, with his constantly lying, wagging mouth. So it seems that a Clinton somewhere must be in trouble, or perhaps recently ...

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Time for the Rest of Us to Unfriend the Media?

The news media has a shaky grasp of the Constitution. It’s true the 1st Amendment promises freedom of the press, but the Constitution does not promise immunity to criticism. President Trump is free to voice his opinion of journalists. The president has some justification for his anger. Over 90 percent of the coverage of his administration is negative. This ceaseless ...

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Trump, the Counterpuncher, Fights back

Jake Tapper on CNN recently accused Trump of Attacking 97 people on Twitter and called him a cyber bully. Tapper mentioned people like Robert DeNiro, Maxine Waters, Justine Trudeau and other late night hosts. Tapper even went as far as using Melania Trump’s cyber bully program against him. When Anderson Cooper tried to lure her into a trap about her ...

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Does a two-track security clearance process make sense?

I suggest two tracks to determine who should retain security clearances: First: Review and revoke all clearances as warranted by the conduct of the holder. Second: Perform a cost-benefit assessment for all security clearances held by those who are no longer on the government’s payroll. That’s just good financial sense. The first step will protect national security. The second step ...

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Clapper Turns On Brennan! Is Brennan A Russian Spy?

  Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper threw former CIA Director John Brennan under the bus on Sunday, telling CNN‘s “State of the Union” that “John and his rhetoric have become an issue in and of itself,” adding “John is subtle like a freight train and he’s gonna say what’s on his mind.” That said, Clapper empathized with Brennan over ...

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Current Economic Boom Is More Trump Than Obama

Members of former President Obama’s administration state that the current economic boom is a result of Obama’s policies. While that is partly true as every president is the recipient of the previous president’s policies, good or bad, the current economic boom is more from Trump’s policies. Trump removed 800 regulations that Obama imposed on everything and everyone. President  Trump also ...

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Did Shady Political Fixer Elliott Broidy Hoodwink the GOP & Trump?

We have the best government that money can buy. – Mark Twain In 2016, the Trump campaign vowed to purge Washington from entrenched influencers.  Later, President Trump reinforced this agenda by proclaiming that his administration would “drain the swamp”.  Despite efforts to accomplish this almost aspirational goal, Washington cronies disguised as Trump loyalists emerged, claiming to have ties to the ...

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All of Brennan’s Associates Should Have Their Clearances Revoked

After announcing he was removing the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan, Trump also said that he is considering revoking the clearance of several other former intelligence and law enforcement officials — many of whom have been critical of him — in the coming weeks. Those people include: Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Former FBI director ...

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350+ newspapers go on self-aggrandizing rants; prove they are ‘the opposition party’

An estimated 350 local newspapers published editorials touting their own value, decrying President Trump’s labeling of certain outlets as “fake news”, and overall proving that they are indeed “the opposition party.” The Orange County Register went with “The president’s dangerous dubbing of media as America’s enemy.” What’s different here is that Trump has engaged in a consistent and sustained campaign ...

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Governor Cuomo Has Bitten Off More Than He Can Eschew

Democrats have been pretty full of themselves for the last 18 months or so with their constant harangue of criticism and abuse launched at President Trump, and as the blasts at our president become more blatant, deranged and abusive it was inevitable that one of them would not only attack Trump but would also attack the nation and the American ...

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