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A Danger to the “Establishment”

The American people, myself included, believed that our government was free, open and honest. We believed that our elections were fair. We rejoiced when Donald Trump was elected president. We looked forward to the necessary changes Trump would make after taking office, but not everyone is on board. We have not been disappointed with President Trump’s changes. But we did not ...

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Do Cameras Determine The News? CNN Thinks So.

Very Fake News - A.F. Branco political cartoon

CNN’s Jim Acosta recently lost his cool when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced that the media would have to leave their cameras turned off during the scheduled Q & A session for which they had assembled. In an attempt to get the cameras turned on Acosta repeatedly harassed Spicer by interrupting him and keeping him from speaking with ...

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The Stupidity Of Imaginary Racism

I’m old enough to remember when people went to college; they went to get smart, but now a day all they learn is how to spot imaginary racism. Let’s face it, racism and racists are in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure you can guess where this piece of imaginary racism took place, at a college you say? Well ...

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The Ninth “Circus” Court Gets A Smack-Down

Donald Trump NATO meeting 5-25-17

The US Supreme Court has unanimously given the backs of their hands to the partisan judges on the bench in California and Hawaii by deciding that President Trump has the constitutional right and duty to issue the much-debated travel ban. This decision is not surprising given the high overturn rate of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Those appellate judges ...

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Steadfast Donald VS.The Destroy Trump Fake News Media!!!

Never in the history of this republic has there been such vile, vicious, vindictive, mean, nasty, ugly attacks on a president as there has been on President Donald Trump. When Barack Obama was in office, we disagreed with him and didn’t believe in what he stood for, but the opposition was civil not like what we are seeing today in ...

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Fake News On Trump Now Plagues Democrats

America First Policies video shaken

As the lack of evidence becomes obvious in the Trump-Russia collusion lie, the Democrats and their bosses in the liberal press face blow-back for their lies and false reports. President Donald Trump is looking cleaner each day and yet the leftist press just keeps on howling their hate-Trump rhetoric in an attempt to avoid the truth and to keep the ...

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More DemoCare Delusions

I have a chapter in my book, “Ramblings of a Right Wing Bible Thumping White Guy’ called. “Why do they have to lie to win?” I always feel that if the issue or product you have is true and good then it will stand on its own, don’t lie about it. Democrats are talking about how bad this new healthcare ...

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Blind Loyalty to Party Degrades Politics

America’s political culture has become such that the charge of disloyalty is a far more indelible stain upon a person’s character than a charge of criminal behavior or personal misconduct. The 2016 election was a race between a career politician whose record of abusing the law for personal gain was as long as her record of public service and a ...

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The N.Y.Times Lies About Trump’s Lies


  Over the week-end the New York Times printed a two-page fold out of Trump’s lies. I checked it out and commented on many of them and was able to counter many of the lies they claimed. I’m including it below. Trump’s statement is in quotes, then The New York Times’ is in italics and mine are in bold.  The Times ...

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United Nations: The Cultural Appropriation Cops

United Nations

Remember when the United Nations was intent on reducing international conflict through negotiation and understanding? Me neither. Lest anyone get such a misguided perception, according to CBC News – a Canadian news organization -,w delegates from 189 countries recently met in Geneva to discuss establishing international laws against cultural appropriation. The meeting of a committee within the UN agency, the World ...

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Liberal Hate Mongers!!!


There was once a time when liberals were for peace and love and tolerance and they meant it. The free speech movement was started at Berkley in California where they welcomed opposing opinions. Today’s snowflakes at U.C. Berkeley want anything but opposing opinions. If you oppose them they start riots and burn cars and buildings like they recently did at ...

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Should the Democrat Party Be Classified as a Terrorist Group?


A shooting in Alexandria, Virginia last week raises the prospect that the nation’s terrorism experts need to expand their vernacular when it comes to terrorist groups. And regrettably, this brand of terrorism is completely homegrown, and one of the major political parties, as well as the mainstream media, are accomplices in fomenting and facilitating this domestic brand of terrorist activity. ...

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When Did God Become Unconstitutional?

Why, all of a sudden, is God unconstitutional in this country? America was founded on Judeo-Christian values, the Ten Commandments are posted in courtrooms, In God, We Trust is on our money, and there is a national day of prayer. But somewhere along the line, God became unconstitutional. The first amendment of our constitution guarantees us freedom of religion, but we ...

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Hate is not a political strategy

It’s time for solidarity as a nation ‘Hate is not a political strategy’ WASHINGTON, JUNE 23 – “Hate is not a political strategy,” says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens. “We need a time out from the political vitriol that has been dividing our nation since President Donald Trump was elected last November. There have been ...

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California Reinvents Medical Tourism

Until very recently medical tourism was traveling from your home to find less expensive medical care, usually overseas. Medical tourists were leaving the warm embrace of the American Medical Association and the FDA to journey far from home. There were three motivations: Elective plastic surgery not covered by insurance, wanting to try an experimental procedure not covered or getting surgery ...

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