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When the Light Comes On… A Lesson in Brainwashing

  We all know the well known classical conditioning example from Pavlov; the light comes on, the dog’s tail begins to wag and he starts to drool. The experiment involved turning on the light every time the dog is fed. This associative technique is done so many times that eventually just the act of turning on the light will cause ...

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The Steve Jobs Lesson

The story of Steve Jobs is more than one of tremendous success and tangible contributions to the betterment of mankind. It’s also an important lesson on how America was designed to work. In the wake of Steve Jobs’ passing it’s important to remember that when companies like Apple and Microsoft were in their infancy, Ronald Reagan kept government out of ...

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If We Can't Have Chris Christie, Let's Try Frankenstein

Let’s be honest, most people who plan to vote Republican in 2012  are not satisfied with the current field.  Two of the most recent examples are the rise and plummet of Rick Perry and the near comical begging of Chris Christie to get into the race.  Although… he did seem to take a curious tack for a man who wasn’t ...

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Courageous! The Movie

I am not one for going to the movie theater, preferring instead to watch movies from the comfort of my own couch. It just makes logical sense to me. It does not cost a drop in the bucket what the cost of going to a movie theater costs these days. I can have all the snacks I want at a ...

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Obama: Self-Love gone Wild!

October is a great month for self-examination followed by a nice quiet revolution when the introspective reveals things to be a little less than satisfactory. For example, the Bolshevik Revolution began on October 25, 1917 in Petrograd—known at other times in its long and storied history as Leningrad and Saint Petersburg. The day before, October 24, 1917, the Red Guards, ...

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"True remorse is never just a regret over consequence; it is a regret over motive." Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960 All too often these days, we hear that a person has demanded an apology from another person. It happens on all sides of the political aisle, and in general, in all areas of our lives. There is a question ...

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Way Down Deep Obama is rather Shallow

What do Charles Burnett and Barack Hussein Obama have in common?—lots, apparently. Burnett takes chauffeur-driven luxury SUVs to his bank heists. Obama prefers a limo while on his way to rob the USA blind. Fine, it’s not exactly the same thing, but hey, it’s close enough! Burnett repeatedly robs the same bank… allegedly; same for Obama… allegedly. Burnett hands tellers ...

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"progressives" Prepare To Riot

Self avowed Communist and former White House “green jobs czar” Van Jones has crawled out from under his rock to rear his anti-American, cop hating fringe radical head once again. He recently asserted on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” that America’s deficit problem is ”phony”. He didn’t stop there. Jones continued: ”Hold on to your hats, we’re going to have an ...

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Obama Blames America for Slow Job Growth

When speaking to a local reporter in Orlando, Florida, President Obama seemed to lay the blame for slow job growth at the feet of Americans themselves. When asked about the sluggish economy and poor job growth over the past several months the president replied, "The way I think about it is, this is a great, great country that had gotten ...

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The New China Syndrome

When hearing a number of conservative (some real, some alleged) figures speak about China, the tone and rhetoric are usually a mix of concern, anger and fear. Donald Trump, one of the alleged conservatives, has spoken at length on the issue, which is probably a chief reason why he gained some traction while contemplating a run for president. Trump has ...

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Seven Points of Economic Leadership for the United States of America

Seven Point of Economic Leadership for the United States of America By William Way It is time for economic leadership in Washington that makes sense.  The entire mental infrastructure of Washington DC has endorsed the foolish theories of Keynes.  If they studied just a little bit, only a little, they would recognize that Keynes never believed that his theories would ...

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End of theTea Party? I Can't Wait

I can’t wait until the Tea Party Movement is over! That’s right, I said it.  Not because I hate the Tea Party.  To the contrary, I love the Tea Party. I am the Tea Party. I am a young, middle class mother who is alarmed at the disastrous habits of an oversized government and feels obligated to get involved politically ...

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Clueless American "progressives"

With apologies to Amy Heckerling, Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, et al, American “progressives” are proving once again that they are clueless. Absolutely, utterly, painfully, hopelessly, ridiculously clueless. Evidence: Germany’s reaction to White House suggestions that the EU increase the money available to its bail-out mechanism (EFSF) beyond the current €440bn limit. Consider these excerpts from a UK Telegraph ...

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Say “Bless You” – Get Detention!

Before I begin this article, I must first quote the words of a great orator, John McEnroe – “you have got to be kidding me??!!” As we all know, political correctness run amok has become commonplace in today’s society – particularly when it comes to religious expression. It has obviously reached the point that those who seek to purge religion ...

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Memo to Huffington Post: Check Your Sources

One of today’s front page stories on Huffington Post claimed a majority of Republicans support the barbaric notion of increasing taxes on the most productive as well as the newly coined “Buffett Rule.” As with all Leftist thought, there are problems with both the premises and reporting of this issue. Misdirection The following pictures are screen caps. First, from the ...

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