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Leftists Contradict Their Own Propaganda

Democrats steal money from dead people

Following are a few examples of positions liberal Democrats claim are core principles to them, and then explanations of how the positions they claim to hold are either wrong or are not even believed and practiced by their own party (which means that they are even lying to themselves as they deceive the nation): 1.Democrats would have us believe that ...

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Liberals Are So Anti-Trump That Their Policies Are Determined By His Moves

One will recall the 1980s when liberals thought the Soviet Union was the wave of the future and that Communism would dominate over America’s evil and unjust Capitalism. Democrats thought it was their party’s duty to help the Soviets in their attempts to destroy America. In fact, Ted Kennedy even took a secret trip to Moscow and met with Russian ...

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Mueller Goes Further Afield, While Hillary Is Grand Jury-Ready

Robert Mueller

What the hell is Jeff Sessions waiting for? After over a year of intensive digging by non-Republican investigators, there has been no evidence of collusion with Russia on Trump’s part, while on the other side of the aisle, the former FBI Director, James Comey, prior to the 2016 presidential election, meticulously listed, for public consumption, the evidence that the FBI, ...

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One Hopes The Mayor Of Oakland, California Looks Good In Orange

I hope that the commanding officers in ICE, the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement organization responsible for enforcing laws related to criminals who may be in America illegally, and especially those illegals who are here illegally and are committing further crimes as they enjoy sanctuary in liberal-run cities across America, are keeping close tabs on the 800-plus persons who escaped ...

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At SCOTUS, PA GOP Accuses Democratic Judges Of Rigging The Redistricting Process

US Supreme Court

  by Kevin Daley Pennsylvania Republicans are fighting a judge-imposed congressional district map at the U.S. Supreme Court, after the state’s highest judicial tribunal struck down the old map, finding it was purposely drawn to favor the GOP. Their petition, something of a long shot, argues the Pennsylvania Supreme Court intentionally usurped the legislature’s constitutional power to draw district lines. ...

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Oh My, How The Democrats Doth Fret And Worry So.

The day after President Trump mentioned in passing that he is thinking of imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum coming into our country from abroad, which is pretty much what he promised to do during the campaign of 2016, the Fake News media and the rest of the Democrat party began wringing their hands about the extra cost of a ...

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Trump Was Right Again; But Never-Trumpers Are Too Critical

The latest criticism of President Trump now comes from conservatives who are complaining about his off-hand comment of wanting to remove guns from a suspect prior to getting a court order to officially do so. What Trump said was that in a case of someone like the Parkland school shooter and his sixty-six prior visits from the police, if the ...

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GOP Avoids Becoming Piñata Through No Fault of Its Own

The stubborn intransigence of the Partido Demócrata de los Estados Unidos may have just cost it the 2018 midterm election. I’ll admit I’m in awe of the influence a large group of entitled, ungrateful and anti–American illegals has over Demócratas, but this time the slavish devotion leftist politicians have to these invaders backfired. (Which brings to mind a related point. ...

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Trump Keeps Improving America While Critics Keep Attacking Him

Trump is doing so much good for the country with donating his salary, tax cuts for everyone and giving people their money back that Obama and the Clintons took, jobless claims at a 49 year low, incomes up the most in five years, manufacturing is expanding at its’ fastest pace since ‘04, the economy is soaring and all you hear ...

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Liberals Want Police Officers Assassinated, Until Politics Intercedes

The Black Lives Matters crowd chanted for the assassination of police officers, “now!”, and Democrats were fine with that sentiment. In fact, President Obama even invited the BLM leadership to the White House in order to show his solidarity with them. In 2014 the Obama administration blamed the police department in Ferguson, Missouri for the rioting that occurred there. The ...

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Trump and the NRA at odds over due process; the NRA is right

President Donald Trump told a bipartisan group of members of Congress that if someone is considered mentally ill, law enforcement should be able to take their guns without due process.  The NRA’s public spokesperson Dana Loesch said the president got it wrong on this one – she’s right. “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said. “I don’t want ...

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Attention Young Democrats: Capitalism Is Not A Form Of Government, But Communism Is

Freedom's Battle - A.F. Branco

Chinese Communists think America should learn from their example and ban guns in our society. If we really wanted lessons from China we’d begin running military tanks over young demonstrators (look up Tiananmen Square for a picture of how the Chinese treat young people they disagree with and want to silence) and outlawing news reports that we don’t want to ...

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An Organization that Stresses Firearm Safety Is Not to Blame for Shootings

As is always the case following a gun-related tragedy, ideologues who advance their biases at the expense of logic, fall back to their specious arguments against an inanimate object, and a group that ardently supports the 2nd Amendment and advocates for the proper and safe use of firearms. The far-left extremists employ the most fundamental of Saul Alinsky’s tactics: “Pick ...

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