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Democrats Move To Make Gunmakers Liable For Gun Crimes

Democratic lawmakers  introduced legislation Tuesday to hold gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with their products. The measure, introduced in both the House and Senate, seeks to repeal legislation passed in 2005 that enacted litigation protections for the gun industry, National Public Radio (NPR) reported. “Responsible actors in the gun industry don’t need this limitation on liability. And the irresponsible ...

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The Supreme Court Won’t Decide If The Second Amendment Covers ‘Silencers’

US Supreme Court

The Supreme Court rejected two cases challenging federal regulation of gun suppressors Monday, just days after one such accessory was used in a massacre that left 12 dead in a Virginia Beach municipal building. Suppressors, which are commonly referred to as “silencers,” are tightly regulated under the 1937 National Firearms Act (NFA). Both cases arose from the same transaction in ...

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More Teachers In Texas Can Pack Heat Now

More Texas teachers may be able to carry guns into their classroom, according to one of the bills Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law Thursday. School districts would be able to determine how many “marshals,” or school employees trained to carry guns on campus, each school needs. They also provide for additional mental health counselors so students who pose ...

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Trump: Unarmed Civilians Are ‘Sitting Ducks’

President Trump said Wednesday that unarmed civilians are ‘sitting ducks’ because they obey laws that prevent carrying guns for self-defense. “When somebody has a gun illegally and nobody else has a gun because the laws are that you can’t have a gun, those people are gone,” Trump told Piers Morgan during an interview on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” that covered ...

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Politicians Are Calling For A Ban On Silencers. Here’s What You Need To Know

Law enforcement officials recovered a silencer from the scene of Friday’s deadly shooting in Virginia Beach. Several politicians have since called for outright bans on private possession of the devices. Here are key facts about suppressors/silencers. Politicians are calling for a ban on silencers after a disgruntled Virginia Beach, Virginia, city employee used one while gunning down 12 co-workers. It ...

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Virginia Gov Northam Recalls Lawmakers To Pass Gun Control After Shooting

Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam said Tuesday he is recalling Virginia lawmakers for a special summer session to reconsider gun control measures. He told reporters the legislation is necessary to prevent shootings like the May 31 Virginia Beach tragedy, where a disgruntled city worker gunned down 12 co-workers before police fatally shot him. “We have failed to act on gun violence,” ...

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Maryland Governor Fills Posts At Gun Permit Review Board Months After Lawmakers Moved To Dissolve It

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan named several people to a concealed weapons permit appeals board, an entity he saved by veto after lawmakers voted to dissolve it. Hogan nominated five people to the state’s Handgun Permit Review Board (HPRB), an organization the Maryland legislature voted in January to abolish only to have Hogan veto the law May 24, after the ...

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Some Gun Retailers Banned From Using Salesforce Software: Report

Software giant Salesforce will no longer allow retailers who sell some types of firearms to use its software, the Washington Post reports. The policy, updated in April but not revealed until the Post story Thursday, bars retailers who sell certain types of guns and gun parts, including some semi-automatic firearms and high-capacity magazines. Salesforce software helps companies manage sales process ...

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Ackerman McQueen Severs Ties To NRA After Bitter Feud

Ackerman McQueen, a longtime marketing partner of the National Rifle Association, terminated its relationship with the gun-rights behemoth Tuesday after months of public feuding and litigation. “Ackerman McQueen decided it is time to stand up for the truth, and formally provide a Notice to Terminate its almost four-decade long relationship with the National Rifle Association,” the agency said in a ...

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Chicago Shootings Up Holiday Weekend Despite New Gun Laws, Extra Police

Forty-two people were shot, seven fatally, over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, despite new gun laws and extra officers patrolling the streets. While the numbers were only slightly higher than the 39 shootings and seven deaths over the same weekend last year, the city had sought to lower gun incidents this year by deploying 1,200 additional police, as well as ...

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Trump’s ATF Pick: ‘I Take A Back Seat To No One In My Reverence For The 2nd Amendment’

President Donald Trump announced Friday plans to nominate Fraternal Order of Police President Chuck Canterbury to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco. Canterbury has been Fraternity Order of Police (FOP) president for 16 years, having previously spent 26 years in the Horry County, South Carolina, Police Department’s patrol, criminal and training divisions, according to the White House statement. ...

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Milwaukee Transit Union Proposes Gun Carry For Bus Drivers With CCW Permits

Milwaukee transit union leaders are asking that bus drivers and mechanics be able to carry guns if they have concealed carry permits, citing security concerns and recent attacks by passengers. Union representatives representing the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998 made the request Thursday that drivers and mechanics be allowed to arm themselves if they hold a concealed weapon (CCW) permit, ...

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Man Loses His Job After Defending Himself With A Gun From A Hatchet Wielding Thug

An Oregon man working as a clerk at a convenience store reportedly lost his job after pulling a gun on hatchet wielding burglar. A man dressed in a black hooded jacket and wearing a ski mask reportedly attempted to rob the Oak Grove Plaid Pantry convenience store around 1 am on April 28, allegedly  using a hatchet to threaten the ...

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Why You Need to Teach Your Child Gun Safety

Gun rights is a very discussed subject, especially in the US. As much as you want to keep your children away from these topics, they will notice them one way or another. Besides, they are always exposed to guns in movies and video games, so you can’t really avoid it. Protecting your child is your top priority, which is why ...

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Texas Woman Shoots And Kills Home Invader, Police Say

A woman in Kaufman County, Texas, shot and killed a home invader who had entered her home, Thursday morning. The woman reportedly woke up after hearing a man banging on her door, according to The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department. After investigating the noise, she determined that she didn’t recognize the man, deciding not to answer him, CBS DFW reports. The ...

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