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Sean Spicer opens up to Hannity after quitting [video]

Sean Spicer on Hannity 7-21-17

Outgoing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer opens up to Hannity on the same day that he tendered his resignation. Spicer talked about the click-bait mentality of modern journalists and a lack of interest in getting the story right.

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White House Press Briefing with New Press Secretary Sanders [video]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders - 4

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been promoted to White House Press Secretary after the sudden resignation of Sean Spicer. Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned after he was made aware that Anthony Scaramucci would be the new communications director for the White House. Scaramucci and Sanders held a press conference to discuss the changes on Friday afternoon.

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Dem Senator Wants Americans to Pay $500 Million for Wounded UKRAINIAN Soldiers

A leading Senate Democrat has come up with yet another way to swindle American taxpayers and it’s a doozy. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is looking to get a provision inserted into a defense spending bill to pay $500 million for wounded UKRAINIAN military personnel. Never mind that our own veterans are having enough trouble getting quality care at VA facilities, ...

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2020 Democrat Debates Could Be the Mother of All Clown Shows

Now that Hillary Clinton is out of the way, the Democrats are swarming like cockroaches over who will win the 2020 presidential nomination and be on the receiving end of a landslide loss to President Donald Trump. Dems are jockeying for position and it could be a field that approaches the seventeen candidates that the Republican Party fielded for the ...

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President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Today, July 20, 2017

President Donald Trump will start his day by going to the Pentagon for a meeting at the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs (Pol-Mil.) In the afternoon, the president will make an announcement on pharmaceutical packaging. No other public events have been scheduled and the briefing schedule will not be released until the morning. President Trump’s schedule for Thursday, 7/20/17 9:50 AM ...

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WATCH: First Meeting of Commission on Election Integrity

Mike Pence - Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity meets for the first time Wednesday. Chaired by Vice President Mike Pence, the group is tasked with improving the integrity of national elections in the United States. (remarks by the Vice President and President are transcribed below) Earlier in the meeting, Vice President Mike Pence made the following comments: THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, good ...

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Ukranian Collusion – The Double Standard of the Left!!!

The fake news story about Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia has been going nowhere and a new investigation is shining a light on a Democrat who has more ties to Ukraine. DNC official Alexandra Chalupa worked with Ukranian officials and the Clinton campaign to hurt Donald Trump. Chalupa met with Ukranian officials at the Ukranian embassy but afterward denied working for ...

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President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mike Pence Donald Trump participate in Made in America presentation

President Donald Trump will attend an NSC briefing, meet with the U.S. Ambassador to China, have lunch with members of Congress and lead a “Made in America” roundtable. In the morning, President Trump will receive a National Security Council briefing in the White House Situation Room. Then, the president will then meet with U.S. Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of ...

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Former Pink Floyd Singer Puts on an Anti-Trump Rock Extravaganza

Roger Waters, a founding member of legendary British rock group Pink Floyd is drawing criticism over his recent comparison of Israel to Nazi Germany. The 73-year-old made the comments during a Facebook chat when he referenced Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels to make his point that the Israeli government constantly lies to its people. The musician has frequently been an ...

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Trump, Pence Participate in ‘Made in America’ Showcase [video and transcript]

Mike Pence Donald Trump participate in Made in America presentation

President Donald Trump delivered remarks at and participated in a “Made in America” product showcase on the State Floor at the White House on Monday. After delivering his speech, President Trump then signed a proclamation making Monday “Made in America Day.” We had a very successful day at the @WhiteHouse for the #MadeInAmerica Product Showcase! pic.twitter.com/Knn5h3vcjX — President Trump (@POTUS) ...

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“Gde Myaso?” Russian for Where’s the Beef?

Political campaigns are full of liars and fabulists. From the candidate who promises to repeal Obamacare root–and–branch, to the volunteer who lies about how many doors he knocked, campaigns attract people who are, as Mark Twain observed, “Economical with the truth.” I know because I spent almost 40 years working in elections all over the US and in a handful ...

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James Carville Throws Cold Water on Democrat Hopes of Retaking Senate

A former Clinton administration operative and longtime Democratic Party hack is tamping down expectations that the Dems will be able to regain control of the Senate next November. The ghoulish political vampire James Carville is being a buzzkill by presenting the dopy dreamers and conspiracy theorists with a rare dose of reality regarding their electoral hopes. Dem strategist James Carville: ...

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White House kicks off series of themed weeks to highlight agenda

Donald Trump MAGA Hat

Reporters were briefed Sunday morning on the administration’s upcoming “Made in America” week, the latest policy-themed week organized by the White House. “The week ahead is going to be a great opportunity to highlight and to celebrate American workers and American companies that are responsible for producing the goods marked Made in America that are a gold standard throughout the ...

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Democrat Challenger Calls Out Crazy Bernie’s Phony ‘Robin Hood Shtick’

Two of the more interesting contests to keep an eye in 2018 both involve Democrats. Not only Democrats but the truly deranged progressive ones who have been the leaders of the far-left revolt within the party which is now also being blamed for Hillary Clinton’s loss. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, the fake Indian will be facing off against a REAL Indian ...

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California Democrat Files Article of Impeachment Against President Trump

One of the loonier whack jobs in the Democrat minority in the House of Representatives introduced an article of impeachment against President Donald Trump over his firing of FBI Director James Comey. The culprit was the pride of California’s 30th Congressional District Brad Sherman, the same rabble rouser who fired up radical leftists during a Los Angeles impeachment rally over the ...

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