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Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders [video and transcript]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders - 9

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders briefs the media on the events and issues of the day. Topics covered: Trump involvement with Fox News’ Seth Rich Story President’s joke about protecting arrestee’s heads North Korea’s nuclear program Iran, North Korea, Russia sanctions Debt ceiling Venezuela Full Transcript MS. SANDERS: All smiles, all the time. Good afternoon. Q Good afternoon. ...

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President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Donald Trump MAGA Hat

President Donald Trump will receive his daily intelligence briefing in the morning. In the afternoon, the President will participate in a small business event. President Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, 8/1/17 10:30 AM Receives his daily intelligence briefing – Oval Office 3:00 PM Participates in an event with small businesses – East Room [Live Stream] Don’t forget to get your copy of ...

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Kooky California Democrat Claims New Chief of Staff Will Militarize White House

Maxine Waters may have cornered the market on batshit crazy but she is hardly the only flaming leftist nutcase in the Democratic party. The termination of Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff on Friday and immediate appointment of former Marine Corps General John Kelly as his replacement has the loonies howling at the moon. One of them, a ...

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Press Briefing with Secs. Sanders, Mnuchin, and NSA McMaster 7/31/17

Sarah Huckabee Sanders - 5

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders briefs the media on the issues and events of the day. She was joined by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster. Topics covered: Firing of Anthony Scaramucci John Kelly as Chief of Staff Venezuela Turkey buying Russian anti-air defense systems Full Transcript: MS. SANDERS: Good afternoon, everyone. Before we get ...

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Devin Nunes Claims Obama Stooges Made Hundreds of Unmasking Requests

High ranking officials within the Obama administration exploited national security protocol for political reasons, why isn’t this a major scandal? Republican House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has been keeping a low profile after Democrats forced him out of the panel’s investigation into Russian election meddling. Back in March, Nunes sent shockwaves through the political system when he revealed that ...

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White House: Trump will sign sanctions bill

White House

The office of the White House Press Secretary released a statement indicating that President Donald Trump will sign the sanctions bill that includes resolutions against Iran, North Korea, and Russia. “President Donald J. Trump read early drafts of the bill and negotiated regarding critical elements of it,” the statement reads. “He has now reviewed the final version and, based on ...

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Trump Speaks to Law Enforcement on MS-13 [video]

Donald Trump speaks on MS-13 to law enforcement

President Donald Trump speaks to federal, state and local law enforcement personnel about the dangers of MS-13 and the measures that must be taken to protect Americans. The president spoke about the exceptionally violent nature of the Central American gang, praised law enforcement and laid out what must be done to push them out of the country.

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Trump talks about heroes in weekly address 7/28/17 [video and transcript]

Donald Trump Presidential Weekly Address 7-28-17

President Donald Trump delivers his weekly address in which he talks about “the heroes among us” who protect our citizens on a daily basis. Full Transcript My fellow Americans, This past week, we have celebrated, saluted, and honored American heroes who have devoted their lives to God, Family, and Country. Aboard USS Gerald R. Ford, we saluted those who will ...

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Radical Left’s Grip on Democratic Party Tightens as Transgender Crusade Trumps Real Issues

The Democrats already appear to have bailed out on their overhyped “Better Deal” which was really just a reheated batch of phony populist issues centered around a $15 per hour minimum wage. In a turnaround so quick that it could induce whiplash, the blue jackass party’s identity politics obsession has once again come to the forefront after President Donald Trump’s ...

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What’s in the GOP “Skinny Repeal” Bill

Republicans released late Thursday their latest attempt at repealing and replacing Obamacare in the form of an amendment nicknamed “skinny repeal.” The amendment to H.R. 1628, The American Health Care Act, is called Health Care Freedom Act and repeals mandates that required individuals to buy insurance they didn’t want and forced business to provide insurance they could not afford.  But, ...

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Both parties collude to remove budgetary spending caps


A $790 billion national security bill that included money for the southern border wall passed the House of Representatives on Thursday that is likely to die in the Senate. Welcome to the swamp. A package of four appropriations bills covering national defense, homeland security, energy, and money for the veterans affairs also included $1.6 billion for the wall on the ...

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Rolling Stone Magazine Asks Why Canada’s Justin Trudeau Can’t be Our President

When it comes to liberal propaganda rags there are few more open about their reverence for radical leftist sentiment than Rolling Stone Magazine. The legendary publican rose to national fame by covering classic rock artists in their early years and produced real journalism and commentary on the tumultuous times as well as featured the missives of such literary greats as ...

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Senate Republicans Vote No on Straight Repeal of Obamacare

Straight repeal voted down in Senate

Republicans threw away Wednesday their one good shot at the complete repeal of Obamacare by voting against the full Obamacare repeal. Senators voted 45-55 on the measure, with seven Republicans and all Democrats voting no. The Republicans voting no were Sens. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Susan Collins of Maine, Dick Heller of Nevada, John McCain of Arizona, Rob ...

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