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Nicolas Gonzalez has debated many conservative topics, whether it be social, economic, or political. With legal experience as a former Legal Clerk, Nicolas is now President and CEO of Project Take Two Inc., a nonprofit organization for instituting educational reform in the prison system.

Split Views on Trump in the United Kingdom

With the visit of United States President Donald Trump in the United Kingdom for the 75th anniversary of D-Day, there were a few clashes among local politicians, along with some royal praises. Before his arrival, President Trump slammed London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a series of tweets. President Trump and Mayor Khan have had a longstanding rivalry since Khan’s election. ...

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Trump’s Chance at Four More Years, In Numbers

Donald Trump success

As far back as President Trump’s inauguration, there has been much speculation as to who will win the 2020 Presidential Elections. Public opinion swayed during different parts of Trump’s presidency, such as the government shutdowns, the Special Counsel Investigation, and other events. Many Republicans and conservatives claim that Trump has exposed the “Fake News Media” and the real intentions of ...

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In The Wake of Roe v. Wade

After Alabama passed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, a buzz began on social media regarding the issue of pro-life versus pro-choice. Often I have seen the claim that abortion revolves around women’s rights to their own body, which is, in fact, the reason that many of my own friends are no longer talking to me. Scientifically and logically speaking, ...

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The Psychological Case Against Socialism

The arguments for socialism, a hot topic in modern politics, often revolve around progressives justifying it with a cry for ‘fairness’, or conservatives disparaging it while citing historical implementations of collective economics (i.e. Soviet Russia, Communist China, etc). What many people don’t reference, however, is the psychological science which shows how human nature will simply not allow ‘fair’ socialism to ...

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Republicans Aren’t Racists, Democrats Are

Racist, bigoted, white supremacists. It has become constantly repeated that these are the characteristics of Republicans. An immense majority of Republicans are white men, anyway, so wouldn’t that be self-evident? The truth is that this is just the opposite. As Dinesh D’Souza rightly puts it, the Democratic party is the party of “Plantation Politics.” To prove this, we look at ...

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