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The Human Wreckage of Obamanomics

Turn on the television set and flip to any major network news program. What you’re not likely to see are the heartbreaking stories of crushed dreams that are rampantly spreading across the land. The long shadow of Washington is casting the country into economic darkness, and the only person’s fortunes we are supposed to care about is our elected leader ...

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Obama Distraction Appears on National Gaydar

It’s only May and the campaign season has already turned gay. Obama is running around like a hysterical schoolgirl courting  his left-wing base, which is a portentous sign for an incumbent who should be wooing the moderate middle like Selma Hayek worked the room in Dogma. The war on moms, condomgate, dog-eating, and now rainbow flag-waving studs in assless chaps ...

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The Constitution is the Real Way “Forward”

What is progress and what is the best path “forward“? Is it to continue down our unmistakable path of statism and “forward” to managed decline? Or is it to reignite that passion for liberty that drove our Founders to take on the world’s greatest empire and to defeat it? To recapture that spirit that drove the nation’s young patriots to ...

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The Handbook of Political Manipulation

Designed to be a quick-and-dirty resource guide to the seedier side of politics, The Handbook of Political Manipulation categorizes and describes the ways our smart ass intelligentsia try to pull mental shenanigans on the American people. Political propaganda has been around for as long as there have been human societies. But the advent of mass media has given politicians countless ...

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Evil Governments vs. Evil Corporations

Evil Corporation: Wal-mart Routinely causes Christmastime stampedes by offering X-boxes at below market value, leading to the deaths of customers and employees. Wal-mart also pays employees such a low wage that they often can only afford to put a roof over their head, food on their table, clothes on their kids’ backs, and just one television, cell-phone, and automobile. Oftentimes, ...

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Meet Obama’s Newest Composite Girlfriend “Julia”: A Helpless Welfare Queen in Need of a Sugar Daddy

“Half of what I say is meaningless…” So goes the romance ballad “Julia” as rendered by The Beatles, back in the day when being a man meant doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, and women’s liberation meant a fierce spirit of independence and a ‘can do’ attitude. But now Lennon’s eternal line could be equally applied ...

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Meet the Left’s Founding Fathers

Patriotic Americans are raised with a respect for our Founding Fathers: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington being among the most famous. But there is a sizable segment of our population who have little respect for these intellectual and political titans; instead they admire a roster of radicals, revolutionaries, and reprobates. Rather than regurgitate a ...

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Occupy Movement Shouts “May Day!”

Field reporting by Blaine Dabbley, embedded guerrilla journalist in the Occupy movement’s twelfth brigade and sophomore student in Film Studies at Emerson College, writing for the Sentinel Dispatch. It was a rude awakening Tuesday morning when my roommate Seth put his size eleven boot squarely in my jaw. I lay prone and drooling on my unicorn sleeping blanket, unsuspecting of ...

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The Politics of Desperation

“How far ye have fallen, O star of the heaven, son of the dawn!” When Barack Obama ascended to the presidency with all the fanfare of a kingly coronation, millions of Americans sat in disbelief witnessing the unseemly spectacle. After all, the presidency was just an office, and its temporary resident, by all accounts, was but a mere mortal. Yet ...

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Debunking the Big Lie that American Conservatives are Like Fascists

There is a false opposition between socialism and fascism common in left-wing circles that excludes the middle ground of Constitutional republican government and individual rights. The conflation of all things to the right of leftism as “fascism,” whether done intentionally or unintentionally, is the cause of much confusion. Let’s debunk a few myths that drive the comparison between fascism and ...

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Magical Thinking About Government

A deeply entrenched mindset among many Americans is that the government is some magical entity that can dispense aid without doing any harm.  But this is a myth. Before the government can help, it must first do harm. The government is coercion. It gets its resources by taking them away from producers. It can only expropriate, by figuratively sticking a ...

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The Idles of the Boy-King

The scorching white daystar approached the zenith of her daily orbit and burned down upon the gentile slaves toiling away the midday hour. The grunts of full-grown men heaved into the arid summer air, interrupted only by the pitch and ping of spades striking unforgiving earth. The African heat was miserable, almost unbearable, as thirst and sweat and mosquitoes nagged ...

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The Walls That Divide Us

It is a given in Western society that we should want to break down the barriers that divide us. Compassion, understanding, empathy – who could possibly be against those things? And we are not only Americans. We are also people, a part of common humanity, citizens of the world. Those things that make us individuals – our ethnic heritage, our ...

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Award-Winning Anti-War Activist Urges Nation to Support Obama’s War for Peace

Acceptance speech given by Susan Wilson, spokeswoman for Code Pink and head of Anti-War Activists for Obama, in reception of the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award at the Thirty-Fifth Annual Conference to End War Now, located at the San Francisco retreat for anti-war activists. Fellow activists! We have gathered here together on this revolutionary anniversary of our founding to push for ...

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Billionaire Memo Exposes Corporatist Plans

Billionaire philanthropist Maurice Grubbins VI, sole proprietor of Radical Industries, writes a confidential memorandum to Mortimer Fairchild II, controlling shareholder of the First People’s Democratic Bank of America. Memorandum discovered per Freedom of Information Act request. Dear Mortimer Fairchild: I grow weary of the market system, Mortimer, to be quite honest with you. We have exceeded the bounds of wealth’s ...

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