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I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

The Coddling Of America’s’ Millenials!!

  Clint  Eastwood and Ann Coulter are so right we are a nation of pussies and the  pussification of America is clearly seen in these young, crying millennials and college kids.  In some colleges like Harvard of all places and others they are bringing grief counselors and therapy dogs for peopled grieving over the loss of Hillary. They have even ...

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Hate Trumps Love With The Left!!!

With all these peace ,love and tolerance people suddenly rioting in the streets, shouting hateful epithets and saying Trump is not their president and becoming the very thing they are opposing, I am reminded of a famous Archie Bunker poster (for those of you that remember him) that said “There s a little bit of me in all of youse.” ...

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Trump Family On 60 Minutes!!!

On Sunday night the entire Trump family appeared on 60minutes. Interviewed by liberal 60 Minutes journalist Leslie Stahl, I saw once again see how biased the liberal media is against Trump and any conservative. In her introduction to the segment titled   “The 45th president” Stahl said “Donald reached out to his “WHITE” constituency and   “WHITE” women voted for him. I ...

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The Real Basket Of Deplorables Looks For Someone to Blame While Hate Trumps Love!!!

These Clinton people are so besides themselves they can’t understand why they lost and are looking for someone to blame. First they said it was the Wiki Leaks that caused them to lose, then they said it was the third party candidates that caused them to lose, then they blamed Comey now they are saying it was because they were ...

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A Nation of Wimps,Wusses and Pussies Part 2

  Shouting  “Love Trumps Hate” riots have broken out across the country as people are protesting Donald Trump winning the presidential election fair and square. Since his victory, hate has been spread all over the country by the so called “love spreading” liberals  who say they are against hate. Liberals are a bunch of hypocrites. They protest they don’t want ...

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A Nation Of PC Wimps,Elitists And Pussies!!!

When I was growing up liberal protestors  were always calling for peace and love and understanding and everyone singing Cumbya while causing violence themselves to oppose the violence they were protesting against. Now they haven’t changed much and are still all peace and love until you disagree with them. Then they become the most violent, racist things on the planet. ...

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Trump Wins!!!Dems Depress!!!

smiling trump

                        Donald Trump pulled off one of the biggest upsets in American political history when he toppled Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday. It was the most unique, divisive and rhetoric driven, tightest race in history. Hillary got the popular vote with 59 million while Trump got 58 million, but he won the electoral vote with 279 ...

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Comey Caves!! Was He Threatened By The Clintons?

James Comey

Last July FBI director James Comey read off a litany of charges against Hillary Clinton and at the end refused to indict her. F.B.I. agents were furious to no end. They were leaving resignation notices on Comey’s desk and they refused to speak with him in the halls or even look at him. Then after a few days he changed ...

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Lock Them All Up!!!Build the Wall!!!Drain the Swamp!!!

Recently Rudy Guiliani appeared on Sean Hannity’s show and listed all the laws on record Hillary and her cronies can be indicted for discovered on Anthony Weiner’s and Huma’s laptop. They are as follows: Bribery Acts affecting personal financial interests. Providing false statements. Frauds and Swindles. (mail fraud) Fraud by wire. Attempt and conspiracy to commit fraud. Obstruction of justice. ...

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Trump’s Rallies Break All Attendance Records!!!

donald trump rally

When Donald Trump first started his now famous rallies he was having them once a week or every few days. Now that it is near election time he is having three a day with massive attendance unlike anything this country has seen. It is truly a movement. The people are tired of both parties and want an outsider with experience ...

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Today’s Media Is The New Pravda!!!

Recently I saw what must have been a low information voter being interviewed on a cable station. He said he couldn’t vote for Trump because he doesn’t like the way he treats women and doesn’t like the way he speaks against disabled people. Well I hate to bust this guy’s bubble, but the pendulum swings both ways. Well I guess ...

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The Rigging of America!!!!

Trump is a fighter and people are disgusted with both parties which is why they elected him. They want an outsider who is a fighter, who is anti-establishment and successful businessman who can run the country like a business. Too many insiders are comfortable in their corruption and fear Trump because they know he will take their gravy train away ...

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Trump vs.Hillary! The Final Debate!!!

         The third and final Presidential debate has concluded with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton taking questions from Fox News anchor, Chris Wallace.  The candidates butted heads on the Supreme Court, abortion, gun rights, and even Wikileaks and the Clinton Foundation. Topics  also  included the national debt, the economy and the candidate’s fitness to be President. Trump ...

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Podesta E-mails Suggest Scalia May Have Been Murdered!!

When Hillary first announced she was running I said it’s all going to come back again; The women Bill raped and assaulted , The Vince Foster case will be reopened, and the famous Clinton Death List will come back.. Now it is all happening just as I said it would. The women Clinton raped and assaulted are all making appearances, ...

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