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I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

Trump’s Accomplishments So Far!!!

I’ve been seeing a lot of these ignorant snowflake protestors posting messages calling Trump names and asking what has he accomplished. They call him an illegitimate president because Hillary got the popular vote. He is not illegitimate because in this country we go by the electoral college and he won that fair and square. I guess they don’t teach that in ...

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Trump Was Right About Sweden! Media Got Him Wrong – As Usual..

When President Trump spoke at his rally on Saturday,  he talked about keeping our country safe and referred to what has been happening in Sweden. I knew what he was talking about since I’ve been following this for months. I knew he was talking about the crime there from all the new Muslim migrants. Sweden has become known as the ...

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Pope Francis: No Such Thing As Muslim Terrorism. Oh Yeah???

                  Pope Francis said Friday that all of the world’s major religions are susceptible to violent radicalism and that there is no meaningful distinction between the various ideologies. “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist,” Francis said. It’s easy ...

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The Magnificent Trump Minus Six???

Smiling Trump

The other night my wife and I were watching the new version of The Magnificent Seven on DVD after seeing it in the theaters too. My wife is a super fan of the original version featuring Steve McQueen, James Coburn and Yul Brenner while I favor the newer one with Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt. The story centers around a ...

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Trump Hating Media Says White House Is In Crisis While Ignoring His Accomplishments!!!


The paranoia of the media coupled with their hatred for Trump because Hillary didn’t get in continues with the Networks saying how the White House is in crisis while ignoring all the accomplishments Trump is doing. On Wednesday, the network morning shows declared a “White House in crisis” amid the fallout from the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn ...

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Muslim Hijab is The New Fashion Statement!!!

Muslim leaders say they intend to take over the west including the U.S. from within and they are on their way to doing it. First letting in millions of Muslims from Muslim countries here and in European countries like  Germany, Norway and Sweden, countries you   would never think of as Islamic and now introducing Muslim fashions  in the U.S. Slowly ...

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The Paranoia of the Left!!! The Inmates Are Running the Asylum!!!

Paranoia strikes deep. / Into your heart it will creep / Starts when you’re always afraid /  Step out of line they’ll come and take you away—-Buffalo Springfield “For What it’s worth.” Ever since Trump became president it was like a huge electrical shockwave went through the collective minds of the left and sent them into a state of paranoia ...

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Political Grammy Morons!!!

I’ve often said that these entertainers today both actors and singers are great at what they do, but when it comes to politics they show themselves to be complete  political morons. The Grammys were no exception. Prior to the program Grammy Awards producer Ken Ehrlich had a message for those who will take the stage on Sunday’s ceremony: Bring it ...

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Voter Fraud Is Real!!Anti-Trump Media Will Get Us All Killed!!!

  During an interview on “This Week,” host George Stephanopolous pressed Trump advisor Stephen Miller to provide evidence for Trump’s unfounded allegations this week that voters were bused into New Hampshire from Massachusetts during the 2016 election, costing him and former Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte the state. Without evidence, Miller suggested that there was voter fraud not only in the 2016 campaign, ...

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Are We Facing Another 9/11?

                                          Is History about to repeat itself? Prior to 9/11 we had plane  hijackings by Muslims, we had the Kobar Towers attack, the World Trade Center the first time and the USS Cole bombing then “BOOM”  9/11 happened and we ...

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Trump is Right!! We’re Not So Innocent!!!

                  MSNBC  or as radio  commentator Mark Levin calls them MSLSD took fear mongering to a new low (can they go any lower than where they already are?) recently when commentator Katy Tur in an interview with Nebraska republican senator  Deb Fisher suggested Trump would start targeting journalists for death. MSNBC took ...

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Hey Mainstream Media!!There is No Trump Muslim Ban!!!

        When Obama was president the media fawned over him like a love sick school girl’s crush on a football player.  Chris Mathews said he had tingles up and down his leg at the mere thought of Obama. I noticed that what he said was different than what he did so every time Obama said something I thought the opposite ...

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Neil Gorsuch: Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee!!!

Donald Trump continues to move along at lightning speed keeping all of his promises and the liberal mainstream press are besides   themselves.  They can’t keep up with him and are not used to someone like him. Trump’s latest pick is his supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Trump introduced Gorsuch very honorably and classy with little mention of himself like Obama, ...

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