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I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

Bitter Hillary Says Women Who Support Trump Are Disrespecting Themselves

Recently, Hillary Clinton spoke about her thoughts on what she viewed as sexist comments by President Donald Trump and women who continued to support him. “When I see women doing that, I think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves? Why are they opening the door to have someone say that about them in their workplace? In a community setting? Do they not see ...

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Trump’s Accomplishments Last Six Months

trump speech

When Donald Trump campaigned he said we’re going to win so much that we’ll get tired of winning. Well, I’m not tired yet and this list I found has really fired me up. So far Trump has accomplished and done more than any other president in history and more than the last three combined. A while back I wrote a ...

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Trump Speaks At UN, Puts World On Notice

I was extremely impressed with President Trump’s speech to the UN. It was clearly what all these leaders needed to hear and think about as a whole. He could not have done a more superior job confronting the world as it is to today and those who have false ideologies and want to have all the say so if it ...

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The Emmys = One Big Trump Hatefest

I very seldom watch award shows because of their narcissistic, self-indulgent, look how great we are attitude while celebrities kiss each other’s rear ends. I purposely did not watch last night’s Emmys because I knew what they were going to be like. Since Trump got elected, all of Hollywood and the media has been affected by what is known as ...

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Trump Meets With Dems, Betrayal or Clever Maneuver?

trump speech in Miami

When I first heard of President Donald Trump meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer I hit my forehead with the palm of my hand and said, “oh! Noo! Donald. Why are you meeting with those two lying, manipulating, low down sleazebags? But, on second thought I don’t blame him. He’s not getting anything done with the Republicans since many ...

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TV Conservatives Being Targeted For Being Conservative

Eric Bolling and Adrienne Bolling

  What do Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Tim Allen and Eric Bolling have in common? They are all TV conservatives who have been silenced (except for Hannity…so far) by unfounded allegations in the media after speaking out against the socialist agenda. Let’s take a look. Bill O’Reilly Everyone is familiar with Bill O’Reilly. His Killing books are huge successes as ...

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Intolerant Liberals Who Claim to Be Tolerant!!!

As long as I could remember liberals have always had a monopoly on being for peace and love, all inclusive, non discriminatory.  When Bill Clinton and his wife came on the scene all that seemed to change.  All you had to do was disagree with a liberal and you were immediately branded a racist, sexist, homophobe, nazi and in the ...

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North Korea Claims To Have H-Bomb They Can Mount On A Missile

Once again the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-un, is saber rattling by claiming they have a hydrogen bomb that can be mounted on a missile and is threatening a high altitude nuclear explosion that experts say could wipe out a city. North Korea detonated hydrogen bomb sparking powerful 6.3 magnitude quake.  The blast directly ordered by Kim Jong-Un and was large enough ...

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The Mental Illness of Trump Derangement Syndrome in the Media Part Two!!!

In my last article, I described how the media is suffering from the mental illness known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. It seems to be spreading and getting worse for them as time goes on as they are now going nuts over President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visiting Texas to check on how everything is going in the ...

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The Mental Illness of the Destroy Trump Media!!!

I was around during the presidencies of Nixon and Reagan and remember all the criticism from the media on them, but never in all my life have I seen more hate, rage, name calling and mean spiritedness coming at this President from people always speaking out against hate and rage and mean spiritedness. According to them, Trump is incompetent and ...

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Antifa Strikes Again!! Attacks Peaceful Protestors!!!

Black-clad anarchists on Sunday stormed into what had been a largely peaceful Berkeley protest against hate and attacked at least four people, including the leader of a politically conservative group who canceled an event a day earlier in San Francisco because of fears violence could break out. A group of more than 100 masked Antifa, with shields emblazoned with the ...

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Former Attorney General Says Swamp Dweller McConnell Must Go!!!

Mitch McConnell

I recently received the letter below from former Attorney General from Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli stating why Mitch McConnell must be removed from the Senate. I agree with his reasoning, but it would be difficult because McConnell’s wife is Trump’s Secretary of Labor. McConnell is another reason for term limits and draining the swamp. Fellow Conservatives: Senator Mitch McConnell’s failed leadership ...

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Trump’s Many Accomplishments So Far

The mainstream media should be thankful that President Donald Trump is in office. Look at all the attention they are getting. Look at all the stories and theories about him they are writing, tin foil hat conspiracy stories and all.  They can’t seem to get enough of him. They criticize him left and right and people wonder how much can ...

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The Schizophrenic, Paranoiac, DESTROY Trump Media!!!

Paranoia strikes deep. Into your heart, it will creep. Starts when you’re always afraid. Step out of line and they’ll come take you away. Buffalo Springfield- “For What It’s Worth”-1968 Over the years when it comes to United States Presidents I’ve noticed the media is very schizophrenic. They can’t decide whether to be an attack dog or lap dog or ...

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Trump Wows Crowd At Arizona Rally

Trump-backers far outnumbered protesters in Phoenix as President Donald Trump swung through the illegal immigration hotbed of Arizona. Supporters braved the 107-degree heat for hours in line. Facebook protest groups collected 7,400 RSVPs but only a few hundred anti-Trump demonstrators showed up. Trump mentioned how the crowd inside was so much bigger than the protesting crowd outside and everyone was ...

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