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I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

Donald Trump: Fighter For Freedom And Nemesis To The Left

When the old Soviet Union fell I said to myself, “Watch it fall there and rise here.” Well, that’s just what seems to be happening. Under the old U.S.S.R (Union of Soviet Socialists Republic) people were watched everywhere they went. The Russian media was very biased and one-sided towards communism and Russia preventing anything about freedom or the west from ...

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Rod Rosenstein Threatened Nunes And House Committee to Stop Investigation

FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett went on Hannity Friday night after the release of the House Intelligence FISA memo. Jarrett said his sources told him Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein threatened the House Intelligence Committee members three weeks ago. “I can tell you a congressional source tells me that Rod Rosenstein in a meeting three weeks ago threatened Chairman Nunes and ...

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Who Really Is Behind The Fake Russian Anti-Trump Dossier?

The much-anticipated memo confirming Democrats’ abuse of power has been released and a question remains is who really created the now debunked dossier? Was it really a British agent or a Clinton political operative? No matter how you look at it, it’s Watergate times 1000. The FBI used the dubious dossier, prepared as campaign opposition research for Clinton’s presidential bid, ...

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Will The FBI Memo Reveal The Real Goal Of Obama,Hillary And The DNC?

For those who viewed President Trump’s State of the Union Address and watched the behavior and sour-puss looks of the so-called Democrats, one thing has been made perfectly clear: they are all about their party and could care less about the people of this county. At the SOTU  “They grimaced. They groaned. They booed and hissed,” Mark Shapiro wrote, describing ...

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Dems Negative Reaction to Trump’s Positive SOTU Speech

Donald Trump gave the best SOTU speech Tuesday night and was very positive and upbeat and inspirational telling Americans they can be whatever they want to be if they work hard and stick to it. “Americans are dreamers too,” he said. That didn’t sit well with the congressional black caucus and other Democrats as they just sat on their hands ...

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Trump’s State of The Union Speech – Making America Great Again

Donald Trump joint session of Congress

  “Our country is strong because our people are strong.” So said President Trump as he gave his first State of the Union speech and it was a rousing, uplifting speech citing all the positive things his administration has accomplished for America. He was interrupted by applause 150 times while democrats sat on their hands. Pelosi frowned at his calls ...

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Release the Memo!

At the beginning of his campaign, Trump accused the Democrats of tapping his phones and spying on him. The media called him paranoid and laughed it off. Now it is apparently true. A classified memo put together by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee that accuses the Justice Department of abuse will reportedly expose surveillance on a former Trump campaign adviser that continued into ...

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Liberal Hypocrisy In The Age Of Trump

Ever since Trump became president liberals have been showing their true colors and hypocrisy more than usual. At the recent golden globe awards, they said they would wear black to show their support against sexual harassment. The women all dressed in black dresses many with slits up the side to their rear ends and busting out cleavage and posed in ...

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Corruption At The Highest Level – The Fix Was In

“ Someone’s going to jail. And they should”- Herman Caine 1/25/18   Just like a complicated jigsaw puzzle the pieces of this complicated conspiracy by the FBI against Trump are finally starting to fit. We now know that Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Mueller and FBI agents Peter Strzok and his girlfriend, fellow Trump hater Lisa Page also an FBI agent ...

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Trump At Davos Making America Great Again

President Donald Trump is in Davos, Switzerland meeting with major world leaders and major world CEO’s about the world economy and investing in America. FOX News broadcast him with these leaders and as they introduced themselves and their companies around the table they all pledged billions in America. Most of these companies already have thousands of employees working here already. ...

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Hillary And Obama’s Watergate

Hillary and Obama are embroiled in the biggest scandal of any presidential candidate. It is becoming known as Hillary and Obama’s Watergate and makes Nixon’s Watergate look like Kindergarten. It’s a very twisting and winding tale that gets very muddled with many characters in the FBI and CIA and DNC, but to put it simply it is this: Hillary and ...

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Women’s March On Oppression

 On Saturday, January 20th women around the world marched in protest against oppression against women and manly against Trump.  Of course here in the United States the usual gang of troublemakers spoke:  Jane Fonda, Whoopie Goldberg, ambulance chasing lawyer Gloria Allred and actresses Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannsen. President Trump has weighed in on the Women’s March with a tweet ...

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Pro Trump Actors Speak Up While Trump Touts Accomplishments in Pa. Rally

In Hollywood, if you don’t toe the liberal line they treat you like an outcast unless you’re an established star like Denzel Washington then you can say what you want but the big bosses could suddenly turn on you. Denzel recently spoke up calling former president Barack Obama “the criminal-in-chief.” Former President Barack Obama ran the United States “like a ...

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Trump releases fake news awards; CNN tries to fat shame him

Trump released his much promised Fake News Awards on Wednesday and rightly so. Never in our history has a president been so unfairly maligned and bashed because they are so jealous their corrupt candidate didn’t get in. Trump loves America and honors our military, unlike Hilary and Obama who hated America and wanted to make us into a socialist state. ...

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Making Watergate Look Like Kindergarten

      As the pieces come together like a shadowy jigsaw puzzle we are witnessing the vilest, vicious, blatant abuse of our constitution in history by a presidential candidate and her cohorts and the worst part of it is the mainstream media keeps silent on it and therefore are just as guilty of this abuse. Never in history has ...

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