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Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

Comey Testimony Throws Cold Water on Democrat-Media Lynch Mob

The mood in Washington D.C. was festive and filled with anticipation on Thursday morning as former FBI Director James Comey would give his long-awaited public testimony on President Donald Trump. The media swarmed unlike anything seen since the O.J. Simpson trial, Beltway bars were doing special promotions including “impeachmint cocktails and vodka shots” while tuning big screen televisions into the hearing and ...

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Golden State Warriors Go Up 3-0 in NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors are on the verge of making history if they can close out what has been a lopsided series on Friday night. The potent Warriors have roared through the NBA playoffs winning a stunning fifteen straight games – many in decisive fashion – and can seal the deal tomorrow night. The historic streak continues for Golden State… https://t.co/0qm5YRkTej ...

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Three Things to Watch in Sports on Thursday

1: The Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins will try to slow the momentum of the tenacious Nashville Predators in a critical home game at PPG Paints Arena. With the series tied at 2-2, the Predators come off of two games in which they were dominant and stole the momentum away from the defending NHL Champs. Starting off 0-2, the Predators may ...

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Get Your Trump Smashing, Ass Kicking Elizabeth Warren Action Figure

Those who have been stricken by Trump Derangement Syndrome can take some solace that a brand new, ass-kicking action figure of Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren is in the works. The ultra-shrill leftist moonbat has established herself as one of the few Democrats who make Hillary Clinton look rational and as a result, has earned herself legions of adoring fans who ...

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Cincinnati Slugger Punishes Cardinals Pitchers With Four Homer Eruption

Casual baseball fans aren’t likely to recognize the name Scooter Gennett but he has accomplished a rare feat that will earn him a place in history. The nondescript utility player for the National League’s Cincinnati Reds blew up on Tuesday night. He mashed four home runs, one of only seventeen players in major league baseball to do so – including him. ...

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GOP Candidate Makes Mincemeat Out of Democrat Geek Jon Ossoff in Georgia 6 Debate

Democrats are putting everything that they’ve got into the special election runoff in Georgia’s 6th Congressional district but there are signs that they may be flushing their money down the toilet. Besides the terrible choice for a candidate in terms of optics – a creepy looking, metrosexual, Star Wars geek named Jon Ossoff – the Dems have no message outside ...

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Police Officer Discovers 1-Inch Bolt in Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich

In what appears to be either gross incompetence or willful malice, a Birmingham, AL police officer discovered a 1-inch bolt in his sandwich that he purchased at a popular fast food chain. While working late, the law enforcement officer stopped at a local Arby’s to grab a bite to eat. Much to his shock and dismay, when he bit into his ...

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Victimhood Pays: Bill Clinton Seductress Monica Lewinsky to be Subject of New Movie

Former President Bill Clinton’s one-time plaything Monica Lewinsky has resurfaced and is leveraging her victimhood into what could be a new career of fame, fortune and influence. One of more disgusting aspects of the lamentable Clinton presidency was Slick Willie’s inability to keep his snake in its cage with a certain chubby young intern. Bubba’s dalliances with then 23-year-old Monica Lewinsky ...

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ESPN Bringing Back Hank Williams Jr. for Monday Night Football

Beloved country music icon Hank Williams Jr. is returning to Monday Night Football after spending six years in exile. Williams rendition of the intro was a fixture on MNF on both ABC and ESPN from 1989 until 2011 when he ran afoul of the political correctness police. The singer whose nickname is Bocephus, dared to opine that former president Barack ...

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Nashville Predators Club Penguins to Even Championship Series

The Nashville Predators are a resilient bunch and that trait has the upstart NHL team two games away from winning the Stanley Cup. On Monday night in Music City, the feisty Predators roared back from a two-game deficit to knot the championship series at two and will be headed back to Pittsburgh with momentum and a full head of steam. ...

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Mercenary Media Exploits London Terror Attack to Score Cheap Points Against Trump

The blood of innocents is flowing again after Saturday’s latest assault on western civilization in London by radical Islamic fanatics who were inspired by ISIS. Less than two weeks after the horrifying bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester killed 22 and left 60 with horrific injuries from an explosive device packed with shrapnel – including screws and bolts ...

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Another Bad Omen for Democrats as Jon Ossoff Chickens Out of CNN Debate

Democrats may not yet be in panic mode over the race for the House seat in Georgia vacated by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price but it may be coming soon. Rather than take the time to formulate a set of policies that could appeal to a larger demographic outside of radical leftists and a myriad of identity groups ...

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Turkish NBA Player’s Father Arrested by Erdogan Government Goons

While Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter was able to escape from the clutches of the Turkish government over his criticism of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his family may not be so lucky. Last month Kanter had his passport cancelled by the Turkish regime while he was in Romania following his team’s early ouster from the NBA playoffs. He was ...

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Georgia Special Election Loss Could Trigger Democrat Death Spiral

The Democratic Party has been searching for that elusive special election triumph that they can use to launch the narrative that the country has turned against President Trump. That victory eluded them in Kansas when they lost an open House seat to Republican Ron Estes. God only knows why that Democrats thought that they could be competitive in Kansas but ...

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Some Democrats Getting Freaked Out Over Increasingly Unstable Hillary Clinton

As if the Democrats don’t have enough of an image problem with their hordes of unruly protesters, foolish Russian conspiracy theories and foul-mouthed deranged celebrity spokespeople, some are becoming increasingly worried about Hillary Clinton who is the political equivalent of a case of incurable genital herpes. Instead of just adhering to the long American tradition of election losers dropping out ...

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