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Retired AT&T supervisor.

Workers Of The World Unite! Obama Is Destroying Your Lives.

When Karl Marx made his plea for the workers of the world to unite there was at least the trace of an argument in favor of changes in the business world that would allow the average working person the ability to make a wage that could support his/her family.  But today’s radical leftist movement, currently embodied in the administration of ...

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If Obama Knew Then What He Knows Now, Would He Have Prematurely Removed All Troops From Iraq And Cause The Disaster We Now See There?

The answer is “yes”, he would still remove the troops and cause the problems we are facing today in the Middle East.  Obama makes no mistakes, he is unable to do anything wrong.  In his recent Memorial Day speech he took credit for there being no real military action in Iraq, but the people unfortunate enough to live and suffer ...

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All Dictators Are Liberals: Maximum Control, Maximum Intolerance

There was a time in western democracies when liberals were pleasant people/politicians who genuinely wanted the best for the greatest number of citizens, and were willing to work within a representative government to achieve their goals.  In retrospect it seems that this period of innocence on the part of liberals and the un-liberal changes they’ve undergone in recent years is ...

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Why Are Liberals So Stupid And Cause So Much Harm?

Lyle Rossiter, in his book The Liberal Mind: Psychological Causes Of Political Madness, states that liberals exhibit madness by their “systematic destruction of the foundations on which an ordered liberty depends; … only irrational thinking could trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency”, and other liberal faults that we see daily from the ...

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Is The Push for “Economic Equality” Just Liberal Guilt?

If liberals are really interested in taking from the rich and giving to the poor, why doesn’t Obama give the rumored multi-million dollar advance on his new book to the citizens of Detroit to help them and their bankrupt city out?  Why doesn’t George Clooney sell his Lake Como mansion and distribute the proceeds to poor residents of Baltimore and ...

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“When The Rise Of The Oceans Begin To Slow…” Barack Obama, June 3, 2008. And The Lies Have Just Kept Coming.

When Barack Obama made this obscene, self-serving speech in 2008 liberals were still using the term “Global Warming”, and Obama’s reference was to the melting of the polar ice caps and the flooding of the earth’s islands and coastal areas from the excess water that was a result of the ever-rising heat in the world (caused, of course, by evil ...

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Rudy Giuliani Was Right: Barack Obama Doesn’t Love America!

Although Rudy Giuliani has back-tracked somewhat from his original statement that he believes Barack Obama doesn’t love America, he nevertheless said it, and I agree with his original statement.  He shouldn’t have backed-off on his position because someone in a position of influence, such as he, must take Obama to task for the things he’s said and the actions he ...

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If Republicans Allow The Destruction Caused By Obamacare To Be Blamed On Them, Then They Are Idiots And Deserve The Blame

Obamacare was forced on Americans under cover of night with only Democrats voting for it, and they strutted like roosters in celebration of their taking over one-sixth of the U.S. economy and forcing every American to knuckle under to their leftist dream bills.  Repeat: No Republicans voted for this unread, lengthy piece of legislative crap! But now that Obamacare is ...

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When A Community Organizer Tries To Address Difficult International Issues Bad Things Can Happen, And We See Evidence Of Them Daily

It’s obvious to all who honestly observe current domestic policy and Obama’s executive actions, that liberals (Democrats in other words, and Obama in particular) have caused great harm to our nation, and particularly to America’s poorest citizens with its vote-getting handouts of goodies and welfare payments.  The third-world neighborhoods created by Democrats in the slums of the most prosperous nation ...

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Hillary’s Positions Are Just Dumb And Economically Thoughtless, But Her Democrat Voters Don’t Object. Why?

Hillary, a woman who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, argues that the rich have too much power and influence and that they must be brought into line by the federal government that she will administer as president, in order to gain economic justice for all citizens.  Why doesn’t this un-American, unconstitutional, hate-the-rich position of Hillary make her rich, ...

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A Stupid President Is Preferable To An Evil President

Edward Banfield once said that criminals are people who can’t foresee the logical results of their bad actions.  They are unable to predict that prison will result from their stealing or killing.  They are doomed to keep making mistakes that hurt people and will keep paying the price.  Likewise, liberals/Democrats/progressives can’t foresee the bad outcomes of their liberal decisions and ...

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Is John Kerry Really An Idiot, Or Does He Just Play One On TV?

Recently the Secretary of State, John Kerry, said that the world has never been safer than it is today.  Really Mr. Kerry?  Could you possibly be more wrong? James Clapper, our Director of National Intelligence, stated immediately after Kerry made his ridiculous statement, that “2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism in 45 years”.  Does that ...

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What’s Wrong With Obama Wanting To “Fundamentally Transform America”? Let Me Count The Ways.

When someone wants to “fundamentally transform” something it means that they hate the current existence of the thing and want to make it completely different from what it is today.  For a professional community organizer like Barack Obama, this kind of thinking comes naturally.  He has always hated the way things were and wanted to organize and change them to ...

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Unfortunately The Question Isn’t “Can We Trust The Iranians”, The Question Is “Can We Trust Obama”

It goes without saying (except when Kerry or Obama are saying it) that Iran cannot and must not be trusted to be honest in their dealings concerning their development of nuclear weapons.  Just like the Nazis and Communists before them, Iran will cheat and lie and will not allow any verifications or inspections to confirm that they have ceased work ...

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