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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

When “What We Are” As A Nation Is Defined By “We Know Not Who”

Obama is famous for proclaiming that “That’s not who we are” as a nation every time someone opposes one of his “Fundamental Transformation” schemes, but he in turn persecutes the Little Sisters of the Poor for practicing their long-held principle of not performing abortions. And he and his liberal pals destroy cake businesses, flower shops and restaurants for not wanting ...

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MAGA: The Un-Transformation Of America

Obama will remain in Washington after he leaves office to see to it that Trump’s Make America Great Again effort does not un-transform the America that eight years of effort on Obama’s part to “fundamentally transform America” has caused. But I fear Barry’s magic and influence will begin to evaporate as Trump’s ideas are implemented and prove to be good ...

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Per MSNBC, Trump Is A Showman, And Obama Never Brags


A recent MSNBC program had the liberal talking heads trying to out-do each other by criticizing Donald Trump’s Carrier deal of saving 1000 American jobs as just a display of Trump’s showmanship, and they stressed that Trump is bragging up his job-saving efforts while Barack Obama has spent the last eight years silently helping Americans and not advertising the assistance ...

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It’s Always Global Warming’s Fault


While traveling last week I chanced to hear a radio program out of Miami that discussed the critical, life threatening subject of the national movement of beach sand and the fact that Florida is running out of sand and may have to buy sand from the Bahamas in the near future in order to keep Florida’s beaches beautiful. I sat ...

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Donald Trump Also Has A Pen And A Phone, But He Uses Them To Benefit America


Obama bragged about his pen and his phone, but he used them to wage threats of unconstitutional and illegal executive and dictatorial powers to punish his opponents and oppress businesses while enhancing his own personal power. But now, even before he’s been sworn in, Donald Trump has used his own pen and phone to get Ford and Carrier to retain ...

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The Election Of Nancy Pelosi Only Extends The Misery For The Democrat Party

Nancy Pelosi

Just to demonstrate how out of touch the liberal/Democrat/progressives really are, the House Democrats just re-elected the insane Nancy Pelosi to be their leader in the next congress as they face Donald Trump in January 2017. Personally I don’t think the Dems are up to facing a President Trump. Pelosi is perhaps the most divisive and nasty politician in Washington ...

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If Trump’s Cabinet Is Too Conservative, Then The Constitution Gives Us Too Much Freedom

There is absolutely such a thing as too much liberal activism, as we know from eight years of Obama’s open borders, Obamacare, Gay marriage, LGBT restrooms, a nuke deal with Iran, etc. In the last eight years, Obama’s actions and policies have broken duly passed laws and were in violation of the constitution just as they were contrary to polite, ...

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Which Is Worse: Breaching A Phony Protocol Or Breaking U.S. Law?


The evil President-elect, Donald Trump, spoke on the phone recently with the democratically elected President of Taiwan and the conversation is being savaged by the Obama administration as a serious breach of “protocol”. But when Obama trashes the U.S. Constitution and breaks U.S. laws (open borders, forcing Obamacare on every American, etc.) the liberal, Obama-loving press just yawns and claims ...

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Trump’s Billion Dollar Cabinet


One hears liberals belly-aching about Donald Trump appointing very wealthy individuals to his White House cabinet. Although liberal Democrats mean only derision and insult with this description of Trump’s selected administration staff, the very fact that they are wealthy and made their fortunes by working and succeeding for years in their chosen fields of endeavor, means that they served their ...

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Will Trump’s “Wall” Simply Be The Enforcement Of Existing Immigration Law?

Has Donald Trump been using symbolism when referring to the construction of a “wall” to keep illegal immigrants out of America? Could it be that the “wall” he has spoken so much about is simply the enforcement of American laws that Barack Obama has so smilingly disobeyed for eight years? Since we had no wall along the preponderance of the ...

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Election Recount Farce Coming From The Left

Money For Nothin’

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate who, among others, lost the most recent presidential election to Donald Trump, is pretending to be demanding a recount of the votes that led to her defeat on November 8th in order to boost the total of her personal vote count, but one strongly suspects that her recount move is just an attempt to ...

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The Left and Their Confused, Idiotic Criticism Of Trump

Per news reports, the fashion designer who has “dressed” Michelle Obama the last eight years will not “dress” Melania Trump because of the designer’s opposition to Donald Trump’s alleged “rhetoric of racism, sexism and xenophobia”. There they go again. If Donald Trump is such an exclusionary person with such bad tendencies, why did he just appoint Nikki Haley to the ...

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