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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

Our Periodic President

You can keep your plan, period. You can keep your doctor, period. You’ll save $2500 a year on healthcare, period. Obama drew a red line in the Syrian sand, period. Obama didn’t know that Hillary was using a private email system, period. We’ve won the war in Iraq and now we’re leaving, period. We’ve contained ISIS, period. We’re experiencing a ...

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Hillary And The Democrats Learn That What Goes Around, Comes Around

With all of the corruption, destruction, self-enrichment, lying and abuse that has come from the Clinton pair of clowns the last 25 years, I don’t know why anyone would be surprised that they are finally being exposed and made to pay for their repeated misbehavior and wide range of crimes. If anywhere along the line, and especially in the last ...

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Trump Or Hillary: “What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make”? Big Difference.


It only makes a difference if you care about adherence to the Constitution. It only makes a difference if you believe in the rule of law. It only makes a difference if you believe that all citizens must obey the law. It only makes a difference if you believe no one, however powerful and wealthy, is above the law. It ...

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In Politics, Unlike Real Life, Likes Do Attract


In the world of “takers” and “makers” in which the former are a burden on society and occupy the welfare roles, and the latter are the workers and business owners who make America prosper and function, Hillary’s and Obama’s government favors, clearly prefers and is attracted to the “takers” because big-government is the ultimate “taker” of them all, and “taker” ...

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Heads Up To Michael Moore: We Just Want Constitutional Governance Back


Recently Michael Moore said that when conservatives/Republicans vote for Donald Trump, that they are, with that action, giving a “giant f**k you” to elites. But he’s using his own motivations and tendencies to determine how and why conservatives are favoring Trump, and he couldn’t be more mistaken. Although the notion of giving a big, wet, Bronx cheer to the Republican ...

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Liberals Are “Nuancing” Our Nation Directly To Hell

Recently Ash Carter, Obama’s current Secretary of Defense, said that the recent demand of the Pentagon that soldiers return the money they received 10 years ago as a re-enlistment bonus to remain in the service and help fight the nation’s two wars, was a “complicated” issue. With all due respect to Mr. Carter, there is no complication at all. It’s ...

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The Press Reports Obamacare Cost Disaster, But No Blame Attached

Has the liberal press forgotten that Obama personally promised that we could keep our doctor under Obamacare? Has the liberal press forgotten that Obama personally promised that we could keep our old plan if we wanted to? Has the liberal press forgotten that Obama personally promised that we would save $2500 a year with Obamacare? Has the liberal press forgotten ...

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Stupid-Face Joe Biden Is a Vicious, Abusive Man; And He’s Baaack.

The Democrat politician who has actually done the things that Democrats falsely accuse Donald Trump of doing (man-handling women, speaking insultingly of immigrants) is back and he’s acting violently again (and this time the subject is not Bill Clinton). This pip-squeak politician, Joe Biden, is telling us he would like to kick Donald Trump’s ass “behind the gym” because Trump ...

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We Have Found The Crook, And It Is She!

After 30 years of government service, pushing big government into every aspect of our lives and shoving it down our throats, Hillary is still making valiant efforts to halt injustice, educate the young, feed the hungry, elevate the poor and house the homeless, and she still just can’t quite get the job done and put her finger on the real ...

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Donald Trump As The Modern-Day Elliott Ness

In the swamp that is Washington, DC, Donald Trump has promised to clean out the crime and corruption just as Elliott Ness cleaned up Chicago eighty-odd years ago by arresting Al Capone and his gang and putting them away. The corruption of Barack Obama and his gang of thugs is not selling forbidden liquor, but is rather undermining our democracy ...

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“ Free Press, Free People” At One Time Perhaps, But Not Any Longer

I happened to see the Arkansas Press Association’s logo recently in a small Arkansas publication and was struck by the meaning of the attached slogan: “Free press, Free people”. In the state of Arkansas that slogan may be true, but when considered at the national level, the phrase, although it seems logical enough, has a deeper message: that a “free ...

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Trump and Hillary at the Al Smith Dinner


At the annual Al Smith dinner Thursday night in New York City, we saw Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton giving talks at the event, and although both presidential candidates shot zingers at each other, Trump launched the heaviest and most piercing, humorous jabs, which hit Hillary and her dishonesty hard, while most of her comments at Trump’s expense fell short ...

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To Say That Hillary Has Been Destroyed Is An Understatement, But…

With the massive number of WikiLeaks dumps that have occurred, not only should the Hillary Clinton election campaign have been plowed under by now by the explosive exposure of lying and criminal activity, but the Obama administration should also been destroyed. But what’s happened to Hillary and Obama to this point?  Nothing! She’s run an organization similar to the ultra-radical ...

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Human Waste In The Street Is Just “An Honest Mistake”? Go Hillary!


The symbolism is too rich to pass up: During a campaign stop in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a Hillary Clinton campaign bus dumped its toilet storage tank into a storm drain along the road. This is, of course, a crime that anyone else would go to jail for committing, but the Clinton campaign calls it “an honest mistake”. And, as might be ...

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