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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

Sanctuary City: Sanctimonious Pity

Remember a few short years ago when Arizona began to enforce its own immigration laws, which were nearly mirror images of existing federal laws, because Barack Obama refused to enforce them? Obama and Holder sued Arizona and won that battle on the basis of the federal government being the only entity with the authority to establish and enforce laws that ...

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Ted Koppel Needs To Rethink What He Calls “Facts”

Ted Koppel Sean Hannity interview why opinion shows bad for America

Recently Ted Koppel could be seen lecturing Sean Hannity about Hannity’s and Fox News’ “inaccurate and harmful” position on everything occurring in the world today, and he told Hannity that his opinion program on Fox was misguiding his listeners because his opinions were not factual and should not be spoken. Does Mr. Koppel equate “facts” with the truth, because if ...

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To Liberals, White Students Don’t Deserve Equal Treatment

According to the LA Daily News, as published on March 28, 2017, the idiots in California’s Student Integration Services Office are threatening to take public school money from school districts in the state which have “too many” white students in the student body. This idiotic move even deprives education money to protected classes of abused students attending the “too-white” school, ...

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Blaming Conservatives For Obamacare Repeal Failure Will Not Fly

Donald Trump

Now that the attempts to repeal Obamacare are over, there are suggestions that conservative Republicans are responsible for the failure to overturn that bill’s unconstitutional control over the formerly free state of America. But thinking Americans would refute that contention and convincingly put the blame for suffering healthcare patients on its source: Democrats. So, when the failing and unsupportable Obamacare ...

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Trump Check: It Wasn’t Trump’s Fault, But He Could Have Avoided It

Donald Trump AHCA video

The aborted Republican, so-called Obamacare repeal bill, appears dead, and it could have all been avoided if Paul Ryan (hereinafter nicknamed “Ole Binary Paul”) had really tried to kill the Obamacare abortion and allowed the American people to have a truly free choice in their healthcare and not a Republican-designed government bill. I’m the biggest Trump fan on record, and ...

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Yesterday The American Left Took A Triple Blow To The Nose

Donald Trump AHCA video

The values, if they can be called that, of the American left were shaken yesterday in a series of unrelated events that involved all of the problems America is facing, all caused by liberal Democrats: aliens, terrorists and intrusive government. A short list of the facts involve a pair of alien males from Central America, now residing in Maryland, who ...

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Donna Brazile Did Do It, And Donald Trump Didn’t, But Who Cares, Really?

DNC to elect new chair Sunday

Not that it comes as any surprise, but Donna Brazile now suddenly admits that she did indeed, while working for CNN, secretly slip debate questions to Hillary during the most recent presidential campaign. After months of strongly denying that she performed this deed and even claiming racism and personal persecution when asked about the issue, she now admits that she ...

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Definitive Proof Of Warming/Change: No Sun Spots On The Sun

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory nuclear weapons testing film

Scientists tell us that a lack of Solar activity (ie: a spotless, blank Sun for a record number of days, the third weakest Sun since 1755) for the last two weeks has been noted, so get ready for a warming/change onslaught about the end of life as we know it. Who could have predicted that carbon fuel usage on earth ...

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House Democrats Put Lies In Director Comey’s Mouth

Mike Rogers and James Comey investigation into Russian collusion

During the official House Intelligence Committee grilling of FBI Director James Comey today, the Democrat questions were often intended to put words in the mouth of Mr. Comey and make it sound like the Director agreed with their charges and allegations against President Trump, leaving the false impression that those speculative, partisan charges are part of the evidence that the ...

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Republican Legislators Need To Get Their Minds Right

One hears that Republican legislators are reluctant to vote to repeal Obamacare for fear of being blamed for that noble action, even after running for election to their cushy jobs on that very premise. Their vote depends on who Republicans think the voters are and what they want. If legislators think they serve the Republican, Washington establishment with its go-along-to-get–long, ...

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Gorsuch Must Be Seated As A Full, Participating Supreme Court Justice

When Neil Gorsuch is finally confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, the first thing the leftist press and the radical left politicians will belly-ache about is that Gorsuch, being newly appointed by President Trump at the beginning of his administration to a Supreme Court vacancy that occurred during Barack Obama’s presidency, and given his close association with President Trump and ...

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The Coming Events That Will Destroy America’s Liberal Judges And Legislators

President Trump has done his best to both fulfill a campaign promise and to legitimately protect America from a terrorist attack by issuing two executive orders intended to keep individuals from certain terrorist nations, as identified by the Obama administration, from entering the United States. Both executive orders were predictably blocked by liberal judges of the Ninth Circuit Court. Similarly, ...

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To Liberals, Laws Are Just Suggestions For Fools To Follow

Broken News - A.F. Branco political cartoon

Liberals wring their hands and sob at the high murder rate in Chicago and claim that more gun control is needed in the entire nation in order to get the killings under control. But in Chicago, which not only has the most killings in the nation, but also has some of the strictest gun control laws, we find the laws ...

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Typical Arrogance And Misconduct From The Political Left

President Trump speaks at Friends of Ireland luncheon 3-16-17

After six years of insisting that Obamacare provided competition, choice and reduced costs to Americans, and that it didn’t force people to lose the plans they liked, Obama’s old buddy and pal, Ezekiel Emanuel, admitted on Fox and Friends this morning that deductibles under Obamacare are too high and need to be reduced. The filthy, lying left will never admit ...

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Needy People Always Vote With Their Feet

Why are war-torn refugees, now plaguing America and Europe, not flocking to Russia for safe refuge? There is no end to the line of needy people trying to get to the West, but none are going to Russia. For the last 80 years American liberals, socialists and communists have done nothing but try to destroy America and our economy as ...

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