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Women In The Draft: A Good Idea?

A federal court ruled that it was unconstitutional for only men to have to register for the draft. So The Daily Caller News Foundation asked if women should have to register for the draft too. Women “should be able to be home, because if they register you’re really putting both parents at risk,” one woman said. It would be great ...

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Do Millennials Still ‘Feel The Bern?’


Do students at American University still ‘feel the Bern’ for former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders? One student admitted that he doesn’t know much about him, but that a lot of his friends “have very similar values like him.” Another student said that while his progressive track record and values were good, “the Democratic party could use less old ...

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Can Women Be Toxic Too? Men Respond To Gillette’s MeToo Ad

Can women be as toxic as men? We decided to ask students at American University in Washington, D.C. if they thought so. When asked what they thought of Gillette’s ad displaying toxic masculinity, some really liked it, including a young man who believed it was “challenging” and not your “standard Gillette ad.” But when asked if they thought there was such ...

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Watch: Mashup Video Showing Why Border Walls Work

Walls are so effective that many countries have them on their borders. Check out this mashup video showing walls around the world. Spain has one of the most extensive border wall systems to stop illegal immigration, located all along the perimeter of Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the North African coast. “The first layer is a 20-foot metal fence, followed ...

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