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Judicial Nominee Accused Of Anti-Catholic Bigotry On Track For Confirmation

Judicial nominee Michael Bogren is favored to win confirmation to the federal bench, despite fierce criticism from social conservatives and GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri. Hawley questioned Bogren Wednesday over legal work he performed on behalf of a city government seeking to exclude Catholic business owners from a public market over the business’ stated policies regarding same-sex wedding ceremonies, ...

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Kamala Harris Won’t Question This Trump Nominee. Her Explanation Is Confusing

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris refused to question a nominee for one of California’s seats on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday, citing the nominee’s out-of-state residency as the grounds for her opposition. The nominee, Daniel Bress, has lived in the Washington, D.C., area for over a decade. Harris has been accommodating of nominees tapped for California courts after ...

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Bill Barr Used This One Figure To Prove Nationwide Injunctions Are A Problem

Attorney General William Barr condemned the rise of nationwide injunctions Tuesday, saying such sweeping orders undermine the rule of law. Nationwide injunctions prohibit the federal government from enforcing a particular law or policy across the entire country. Progressive-cause lawyering groups have used such injunctions to stymie a wide array of Trump policy priorities. “Since President Trump took office, federal district ...

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House Democrats Are Coming For Hope Hicks and a Former Top White House Lawyer

The House Judiciary Committee issued subpoenas to former White House aides Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson for documents and testimony Tuesday, escalating a standoff with President Donald Trump over congressional investigatory powers. The panel set a June 4 deadline for Hicks and Donaldson to furnish relevant documents and asked both to appear before the committee for testimony on separate dates ...

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Federal Judge Backs Congressional Subpoena Of Trump’s Financial Records

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. rejected President Donald Trump’s bid to quash a congressional subpoena for his business empire’s accounting records Monday. U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta said the courts should assume Congress conducts investigations and issues subpoenas in good faith, despite Trump’s assertions that Democratic lawmakers subpoenaed his accounting records to embarrass him politically. “Courts have grappled for ...

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New Advocacy Group Will ‘Punch Back’ To Protect Trump’s Judicial Nominees

A new conservative advocacy group called the Article III Project (A3P) launched Saturday, promising to promote and defend President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees at the confirmation stage and after they take the bench. The Article III Project is the latest addition to the GOP’s formidable judicial confirmation architecture, which significantly outpaces its leftwing counterparts. “A3P will punch back and help ...

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Trump Backs Bid To Strike Down New York City Gun Laws At Supreme Court

Donald Trump with gun

The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to strike down a New York City ordinance strictly regulating the transportation of firearms. The ordinance at issue prohibits licensed gun owners from transporting weapons to any location, save one of seven authorized gun ranges. License holders are not permitted to take their firearms beyond city limits. “To confine a weapon to ...

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Forget Alabama, These Abortion Cases Are In Front Of The Supreme Court Right Now

US Supreme Court

Alabama’s far-reaching abortion restrictions have set off fervid speculation about the future of Roe v. Wade, but two abortion cases are already pending before the Supreme Court. One case involves Indiana laws which require women to have ultrasounds 18 hours before termination, impose rules on the disposal of fetal remains, and ban abortion based on sex, race, or disability. Another ...

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It’s Been A Decade, But This Justice Is Still Hopping Mad About Historic Second Amendment Ruling

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens called the 2008 D.C. v. Heller decision the worst ruling of his tenure on the Supreme Court in a Tuesday essay in The Atlantic. Stevens, 99, wrote the main dissent in Heller, which affirmed the right to possess firearms in the home for self defense, and has harshly criticized the decision since he left the ...

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Kavanaugh Joins Liberals, Says iPhone Users Can Sue Apple For App Monopoly

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that iPhone users can bring an antitrust lawsuit against Apple alleging the tech giant has monopolized the market for software applications. Justice Brett Kavanaugh delivered the 5-4 decision, joined by the high court’s liberal bloc. Justice Neil Gorsuch led the conservatives in dissent. “The plaintiffs seek to hold retailers to account if the retailers engage ...

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Judge Puts Fight For Trump Financial Records On The Fast Track

A federal judge in Washington D.C. is speeding up a dispute between congressional Democrats and President Donald Trump over a subpoena for records from the president’s accounting firm, Mazars USA. U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta said in a new order that he will decide the case after a May 14 hearing, far earlier than initially anticipated. The accelerated pace could ...

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Trump Is On The Verge Of Flipping The New York Appeals Court To Conservative Control

Donald Trump success

The Senate confirmed Judge Joseph Bianco and Michael Park to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on separate votes Wednesday and Thursday, putting President Donald Trump on the verge of flipping the panel to conservative control. The 2nd Circuit is the federal appeals court that covers Connecticut, New York, and Vermont. Given its jurisdiction over Manhattan, the 2nd Circuit ...

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Democratic Efforts To Pack The Supreme Court Hit A Big Wall: Public Opinion

A majority of Americans oppose expanding the Supreme Court, according to survey data which comes as Democratic presidential candidates float proposal to change the Court’s composition. Though opposition to court-expansion is high, voters are quite receptive to less aggressive reform measures like term limits. A Rasmussen telephone and online survey of 1,000 likely voters found 51 percent of respondents opposed ...

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Don McGahn Gives Democrats The Stiff-Arm, Defies Subpoena For Mueller Records

The Trump administration has directed former White House counsel Don McGahn not to cooperate with a congressional subpoena seeking certain records relating to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. McGahn lawyer William Burck told the House Judiciary Committee in a Tuesday letter that McGahn would defy their subpoena at the White House’s instruction, teeing up another clash between congressional Democrats and ...

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Bushmaster Gets Stay Of Sandy Hook Lawsuit Ahead Of Supreme Court Appeal

The Connecticut Supreme Court granted gunmaker Bushmaster Firearms a stay in the Sandy Hook victims lawsuit, as the manufacturer readies its appeal to the nation’s highest judicial tribunal. Bushmaster produced the XM15 rifle that shooter Adam Lanza used to kill 26 people at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012. The stay delays the start of ...

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