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Hawley: Calls For Kavanaugh Impeachment Show Democrats Are At War With The Constitution

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri condemned fresh calls to impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh, saying Democrats have resorted to extreme resistance measures that are undermining constitutional government. Speaking to Hill.TV, Hawley connected the Kavanaugh impeachment push with the progressive campaign to pack the Supreme Court, accusing Democrats of subverting any institution they cannot control. “They want to impeach Justice Kavanaugh, ...

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Trump Says The New Kavanaugh Allegation Deserves A Libel Lawsuit

Donald trump tweeting

President Donald Trump accused Democrats and members of the press of waging an influence campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Sunday, after another allegation of sexual misconduct against the justice appeared in The New York Times. The president suggested that Kavanaugh bring civil suits for libel and decried “accusations without recrimination.” Now the Radical Left Democrats and their Partner, ...

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Appeals Court Revives Anti-Corruption Lawsuit Against Trump’s Businesses

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said a plaintiffs coalition can proceed with a lawsuit against President Donald Trump that claim that his failure to divest of business ownerships violates the Constitution.  The plaintiffs are a group of hoteliers and restauranteurs who claim they have lost business to Trump properties. They are joined by the watchdog group Citizens for ...

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Chief Justice Roberts Switched Sides During Census Deliberations: Report

Chief Justice John Roberts reportedly switched positions during the Supreme Court’s closely-held deliberations over the government’s bid to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census form. The chief justice originally cast his vote with the Trump administration, but defected to the other side as the internal process progressed, unnamed sources told CNN. Precisely when Roberts may have changed his ...

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Trump Judicial Pick, A Child Of Jewish Refugees, Calls Racism Allegations ‘Hurtful’

Republicans and Democrats alike chided judicial nominee Steven Menashi during a confirmation hearing Wednesday and said he must be more forthcoming about his legal work for the Trump administration.  Some liberal commentators have accused Menashi of racism in view of op-eds he wrote in college and a 2010 law review article that defended Israel’s status as a Jewish state. Menashi ...

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Supreme Court Lets New Trump Asylum Restrictions Take Effect

US Supreme Court

The Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration Wednesday to enforce new immigration rules that would deny asylum to migrants who did not seek protected status in a country they passed through on their way to the southern border. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissented from Wednesday’s decision. The Border Patrol has intercepted approximately 350,000 asylum-seekers from the northern ...

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Gorsuch Opens Up About Confirmation Process, Recounts ‘Escape’ To Washington

Justice Neil Gorsuch shared a personal account of his Supreme Court confirmation ahead of his latest book’s debut, bemoaning the loss of his anonymity as he expressed gratitude for the chance to perform public service at the highest level. Gorsuch’s book, “A Republic, If You Can Keep It” is out Tuesday from Crown Forum. The Daily Caller News Foundation published ...

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Judge Reups Nationwide Injunction As Supreme Court Weighs Trump’s Asylum Restrictions

A federal judge in Oakland, California, restored a nationwide injunction against President Donald Trump’s new asylum restrictions Monday, while the Supreme Court considers whether the policy can take effect on an interim basis. In effect, Trump’s proposed rule would deny asylum to any migrant who traveled through a third country on their way to the United States without first seeking ...

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Senator Doubles Down: SCOTUS Is ‘Just Another Arm Of The GOP’

Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse defended a legal brief he filed with the Supreme Court which warned the justices that a ruling expanding gun rights could inflame the liberal push for court-packing. In a new opinion column in The Washington Post, Whitehouse accused “conservative media” of distorting his position, under a headline that styled the high court “just another ...

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Lawyers: Judge Should Toss House Lawsuit For The President’s Tax Returns

“Judicial resolution of political disputes might sometimes be more expedient than ‘political struggle and compromise,’ but the separation of powers stands against expediency, not for it,” the filing reads elsewhere. “Indeed, political struggle and compromise are its defining feature, not some defect to be removed or avoided.”

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‘Going To Be With Jesus.’ Texas Executes Man For Murdering Two Elderly Women

The state of Texas executed 64-year-old Billy Jack Crutsinger Wednesday night after the Supreme Court denied a last-minute appeal. Crutsinger was convicted for the 2003 stabbing murders of 89-year-old Pearl Magouirk and her 71-year-old daughter Patricia Syren in Fort Worth. He was executed by lethal injection at the Texas State Penitentiary and Huntsville. “I am at peace now with and ...

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Ginsburg On Cancer Treatment: ‘I’m On My Way To Being Very Well’

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said her health is improving after a fourth bout with cancer Saturday, telling a friendly audience in Washington, D.C., that her work sustains her during difficult periods. The Supreme Court announced Aug. 23 that the 86-year-old progressive icon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. “This audience can see that I am alive,” Ginsburg said during ...

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First Amendment Lawyers Warn AOC About Blocking Twitter Critics

A public interest group specializing in First Amendment issues warned Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that blocking users from her @AOC Twitter account is, in their view, unlawful. The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University told the congresswoman that blocking social media critics constitutes unlawful viewpoint discrimination in an Aug. 28 letter. “Multiple courts have held that public ...

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This Is The Most Important Religious Liberty Decision Since Masterpiece Cakeshop

A federal appeals court has ruled for the first time that religious believers can invoke the First Amendment when declining to participate in same-sex weddings. The case involves a Christian couple named Carl and Angel Larsen, who operate a media production company.  The Larsens want to expand their business to include weddings, but a Minnesota state law requires that they ...

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