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Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at www.AmericanMillenniumOnline.com

The West Wonders What To Do as the Bodies Pile Up In Bashar Assad’s Syria

As the bodies of women and children stack up in Syria by the hundreds, arm chair pundits wring their hands and wonder what the West can and should do to intervene in that country’s bloody civil war. A report from MSNBC today says that two more young men were killed near Damascus where thousands of refugees are fleeing a military ...

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Kurt Bills Wins in Minnesota, Will Challenge Klobuchar

Kurt Bills, the Econ Teacher from Rosemount, pulled out a stunner on Friday to win the GOP endorsement to challenge Amy Klobuchar-DFL for her US Senate seat this November. Riding an independent minded, youthful libertarian surge, Bills more than doubled the ballots of his top rivals Dan Severson and Pete Hegseth, winning the nomination in the second ballot. Republican delegates ...

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Three Vie for MN GOP Nod Ahead of Convention seeking to Unseat DFL Incumbent Klobuchar

A lot of GOP hopefuls would like to see  incumbent Senator Amy Klobuchar-DFL handed a pink slip by the voters this November. Three of them are competing for the Minnesota GOP nomination at this weekend’s statewide convention in St. Cloud:  Kurt Bills, Pete Hegseth, and Dan Severson. Prior to the convention the candidates have been crisscrossing the state trying to ...

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Amazing Heroism, Selfless Service is STILL the Brand of the American Military!

In the frustrating and agonizing wake of the senseless killings of 16 Afghan civilians allegedly committed by an American Soldier, pundits and citizens alike ask the painful questions: is this the brand that we will remember our mission in Afghanistan by, and have we overstayed our welcome? The news cycle has constantly been bombarding us with this story. Over and ...

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Burnsville Minnesota Man Jailed for Failing to Put Siding on his Home!

Mitch Faber and his wife Jean have been in a battle with the City of Burnsville over improvements to their home since 2007. The City wants them to put siding up, but the Fabers delayed, citing money problems. As a last straw, the City had Faber arrested and jailed. Faber started receiving letters in 2007 when it came to the ...

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Muslims Destroy Cross, Gravestones of British WWII Vets!

Have you seen this video of the desecration of the graves of British Soldiers? It happened in Libya and the video was first published on conservativebyte.com earlier today. They not only go after the gravestones, but they attempt to destroy a cross, the emblem of the Christian religion. Watch. http://conservativebyte.com/2012/03/muslims-destroy-graves-of-wwii-heroes/ Why are they doing this? Answer: Muslims were in league with ...

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Firefighters in Drag Battle Truck Blaze along St. Patty’s Day Parade Route!

Sauk Center MN -Volunteer Firefighters from Sedan Minnesota were not prepared to work on Saint Patrick’s Day last weekend, they were involved in a holiday parade and fundraiser. But when a truck engine caught fire along the route and that fire threatened other vehicles, they sprung into action. The only problem was, they were a little over dressed for the ...

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What if the They Decided to Take all our Guns?

Headline: Nationwide Gun Turn in Going Well Despite Holdouts, Isolated Violence. Minneapolis/Associated Press – The National Gun Turn-In and Destruction Program enacted by the President via executive order last week is going well as millions of formerly lawful gun owners decide to comply with the law and turn in their unused firearms. Despite the massive nationwide support for NGTDP, there ...

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Turning Point in Afghanistan: Is the End Finally Near?

Michael Yon wrote what I think is THE best book to analyze the war in Iraq. He called it Turning Point In Iraq, and in it he broke down what the Bush administration did to finally turn things around in that country. Unfortunately, President Obama has never read it, but he should! The Bush Administration, with Secretary of Defense Donald ...

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