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Duncan is a science and technology reporter for CDN and serves as the lead geek correspondent. Follow him if you like rockets, mobile tech, video games or ... just about anything nerdy.

How do you eat 9,000 calories worth of Chili in 10 mins – check this guy-> [Video]

superbowl of chili video

Anyone watching the big game knows what it’s like to eat a bit too much and who doesn’t like chili? Well, Matt Stonie has decided that a single-serving of chili needs to be re-defined just for Superbowl 50 and he’s going to try and down one gallon of chili in 10 minutes.

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An Inspirational Message for Jeb Bush

DJ Khaleds inspirational advice to Jeb bush

DJ Khaled is known for his inspirational and motivational messages on Snapchat. We wanted to put his gift for inspirational oratory to good use, so we asked him to record a motivational message for someone who really needs it right now: Jeb Bush.

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Record jackpot powerball winning number 01-13-2016 – At least one winner announced

Winning powerball numbers 01-13-16

The numbers have been drawn and Powerball lottery officials have determined that there is at least one winner. The winning numbers are: 8-27-34-4-19 and Powerball: 10 Even google can’t believe the attention this is getting. The search ‘lucky numbers’ was requested more than any time in history!! #BREAKING: California Lottery says jackpot-winning #Powerball ticket was sold in Southern California pic.twitter.com/qNgdzjehID ...

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Remembering Dr. King’s Struggle Against Gun Control

As we approach MLK day, we requested reprint permission from our friends at The Typical Shooter for this informative article. Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Like every year, there will be discussion of his life and achievements. I wish to tell a different story: the story of his struggle against racist gun control laws. Dr. King, who was ...

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Playing mind games can be healthy

The fact that you experience a “senior moment” now and again doesn’t mean you’re your losing it, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens.  Forgetfulness is part of the aging process. “It’s normal to forget some things, and to become a bit more forgetful as you age.  It’s also normal to worry about forgetting.  What isn’t normal is forgetting too ...

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The Benefits of Income Inequality

Favorite talking points of the liberal left is how “the gap between the top 1% of earners and the middle class is…”. Or how “the incomes of the top 1% are growing by x% compared to the working class”. These declarations are laughable – Not because the person spewing them is ignorant of economics, or because the successful like to see ...

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