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B. Christopher Agee is an award-winning journalist and conservative columnist. He established The Informed Conservative and late 2011 and currently reaches an audience of millions each month through publication on several major websites. He lives in the Fort Worth, Texas, area with his wife.

Proposed FDA regulations to cost grocers, shoppers billions

As supermarket chains struggle to maintain profitability amid rising costs, proposed ObamaCare regulations will only add to their troubles. Experts estimate the pending federal mandate, which dictates how store owners must label ready-to-eat foods, will result in a $1 billion expense within the first year of its implementation. According to Erik Lieberman of the Food Marketing Institute, stores have two ...

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Chicago cops no longer responding to many crimes

It was apparently not enough to ban guns for personal protection in crime-ridden Chicago. Recent changes in the city’s police department dictate the majority of crime reports will no longer warrant the dispatch of officers. According to the department, crime scenes at which a suspect is “not on the scene and not expected to return immediately” and the victim is ...

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Public transit users now share commute with Big Brother

Especially in densely populated urban areas, public transportation has been heralded by the left as nothing less than a panacea. Whether clearing up congested roads or reducing carbon emissions, buying a bus pass is viewed by many as a meaningful step toward environmental friendliness. The federal government, however, might have an altogether different interest in corralling the population aboard public ...

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Texas Senators blast pro-socialist teaching curriculum

An electronic system used by more than 70 percent of school districts in Texas has recently come under attack by the state’s Senate Education Committee for promoting socialism and criticizing American values. The curriculum management system known as CSCOPE is used by teachers in 875 districts to manage their lesson plans while allowing them to customize material for their own ...

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Baker in hot water for refusing service to lesbian couple

The owner of a bakery in Oregon is under investigation by state authorities after a lesbian couple complained he declined their order for a wedding cake. One of the two prospective wives submitted a complaint, in which she alleges Aaron Klein called them “abominations.” Klein denied he ever said that, though he does concede he refused to make them a ...

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Obama adds even more school nutrition regulations

It seems there is a never-ending flow of overzealous school nutrition guidelines pouring from the federal spigot during the Obama reign. The latest 160-page government nannies’ dream includes a number of restrictions on what snacks may be available to kids across the nation. Certainly I don’t endorse an unbalanced consumption of fatty, sugar-laden foods for individuals of any age – ...

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Leftist loon blames Chicago violence on climate change

One can expect to hear any number of ridiculous claims by guests – not to mention hosts – on the far-left MSNBC network, but one talking head recently shared an opinion so unbelievable it actually stood out among the rest of the propagandistic rhetoric. Christie Hefner, spokesperson for the Center for American Progress, was on the air with pseudo-Republican host ...

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Apartment complex bans soldier’s small flag display

Just months after returning from a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan, U.S. Army National Guard veteran Tyler Barge was embroiled in another fight defending the American flag. This time it involves the management of his Salem, Va., apartment complex. A small American flag, displayed in a cup of dirt on his patio wall, is a violation of the building’s code, he ...

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Rejected ad shows Detroit’s religious hypocrisy

Despite backlash from a variety of Christian groups, atheist billboards and ads have gone up across the nation in an attempt to bring their anti-God message to the public. One such ad, sponsored by the Detroit Coalition of Reason, has been displayed in Detroit’s public transportation system, the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transport, in recent months. The ad, featuring ...

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Sotomayor’s autobiography whitewashes radical college years

People in general – and leftists specifically – have a tendency to view their own past achievements through rose-colored glasses and many go as far as to completely rewrite history. Bill Clinton’s autobiography all but ignored the Monica Lewinsky scandal that triggered the downfall of a morally bankrupt president. Al Gore, in addition to his steady stream of lies concerning ...

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Obama takes heat for criticizing Fox News, Limbaugh

Further showcasing his inability to tolerate dissension, Barack Obama recently made statement calling out media outlets often unsupportive of his leftist agenda. He claimed Republican lawmakers would generally be open to compromising with their Democrat counterparts but are afraid they will be “punished on Fox news or by Rush Limbaugh.” Obama made the comments in an interview that never explored ...

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Newsman publicly thanks God ex-girlfriend had abortion

There are plenty of negative traits one can ascribe to MSNBC host Toure – a penchant for making irrationally racist comments, for instance – but recent comments about the prenatal death of his child show callousness not often broadcast to the public. In a disturbing celebration of Roe V. Wade’s 40th anniversary, Toure shared a personal experience from about 15 ...

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Student reprimanded for possessing a piece of paper

Several young students have recently been suspended for making hand gestures playfully depicting a gun, but apparently school administrators thought such overreactions were not quite draconian enough. An elementary school administrator in Pennsylvania recently showed how insane a zero-tolerance gun policy can be when he reportedly yelled at a student for having a piece of paper. The folded paper, made ...

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Pro-abortion writer on death of children: “So what?”

Amid the ongoing gun control debate, leftists universally want Americans to believe their only concern is the well-being and safety of our children. Despite the obvious fallacy of their argument, one can appreciate that at least some actually believe gun-grabbing legislation is a step toward protecting the next generation. “If it saves only one life,” Joe Biden infamously opined, “it ...

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