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B. Christopher Agee is an award-winning journalist and conservative columnist. He established The Informed Conservative and late 2011 and currently reaches an audience of millions each month through publication on several major websites. He lives in the Fort Worth, Texas, area with his wife.

Wheelchair-bound Marine disrespected by TSA agents

The Transportation Security Administration continued to earn its reputation for inefficiency and a dearth of common sense recently with its unconscionable treatment of a disabled Marine. According to a complaint letter written by Republican California Rep. Duncan Hunter, the Marine – still on active duty despite losing both legs to an improvised explosive device – received shabby service from his ...

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Vegetarian protesters compare themselves to oppressed blacks

An ongoing complaint by members of an animal rights organization offers further proof the civil rights struggle of the 1960s has been hopelessly watered down by today’s constantly offended leftists. A group of disruptive vegetarians associated with Direct Action Everywhere now say backlash against a recent protest is no different than a segregated lunch counter in North Carolina denying service ...

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Board game teaches kids to “fight tyranny”

The entrepreneurs behind a new board game combine fun, engaging play with an unmistakably patriotic message in an effort to teach traditional American values too often avoided by today’s educators. I recently had the pleasure of hearing about the venture from co-creator Robert Snizek, who explained the idea for “We the People” came when he realized the next generation’s dearth ...

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American priest removes Pope’s portrait amid gay protest

The following story took place in San Francisco, which likely explains much of the pandering to the gay community, but it also serves as further evidence a sinful world is continually creeping into this nation’s places of worship. Father Brian Costello of the Most Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Church recently announced his decision to take down a photograph of Pope ...

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Gore compares global warming skeptics to “an alcoholic father”

Former vice president and perpetual blowhard Al Gore was permitted to spew his increasingly absurd ecological advice during a recent NPR interview. He was primarily doing what he does best, engaging in braggadocio about what he considers a major accomplishment on his part. In the case of this interview, it happened to be his latest book which I will not ...

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Agent sneaks dummy bomb past two TSA checkpoints

The Transportation Security Administration is tasked with keeping the flying public safe after 9/11 by using sometimes intrusive measures to ensure dangerous individuals with potential weapons never make it on board an airplane. While TSA agents have an unsavory reputation for focusing too much attention on searching babies, the handicapped, and the elderly instead of, say, realistic security threats, many ...

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Pastors react when council decides to drop Jesus

Afraid of a potential lawsuit, the mayor of Longview, Wash., recently announced the city’s council meetings will no longer begin with a prayer to Jesus Christ. For more than half a century, local ministers rotated turns delivering the invocation but Mayor Don Jensen’s admonition understandably caused the pastors to reconsider. One member of the local ministerial group said the council ...

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Commission investigating transgender MMA fighter

So far in “her” career as a mixed martial arts fighter, Fallon Fox has a 5-0 record and each of the fights ended in the first round. After a recent bout, during which Fox knocked out a female challenger in less than 40 seconds, the Florida State Boxing Commission took an interest in the fighter. According to a spokesperson, the ...

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Judge explains fallacy of gunmaker liability for criminal acts

Although marijuana is often described as an overall harmless substance, Colorado lawmakers have shown some clouded judgment in the months since legalizing the drug statewide. Andrew Napolitano, respected judge fierce critic of liberal lunacy, recently appeared on a FoxNews program and offered his expert opinion on one of the state’s more ridiculous proposals. Along with several other outlandish gun control ...

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Proposed bill would allow citizens to sue on behalf of animals

A state senator in Massachusetts recently proposed a bill with potentially dire consequences to hunters and virtually anyone who comes in contact with an animal. According to SB 767, any resident of the state could sue another resident on the basis of a perception of animal cruelty. Law enforcement already operates under the guidelines of animal cruelty ordinances already on ...

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Students suspended for tackling armed teen

While riding home on the school bus recently, three teens made a split-second decision that likely saved another student’s life and earned them an immediate suspension. The Florida students noticed a schoolmate pointing a revolver at another student while threatening to shoot. The trio jumped into action, wrestling the gun away and preventing what could have easily become another senseless ...

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Florida college continues to target Christian group

The politically correct administrators at Rollins College first started bullying a campus group, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, by informing members they were in violation of the school’s policy on discrimination. The Christian group, believe it or not, actually wanted to make sure its leaders are followers of Christ. Despite the fact membership is open to anyone, the college pulled the organization’s ...

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Texas school forces students to recite Mexican pledge

One student in a Texas high school is taking legal action after she said she was reprimanded for not participating in a class recitation of the Mexican pledge of allegiance and national anthem. Fifteen-year-old Brenda Brindson’s suit, filed by the Thomas More Law Center, contends administrators violated her constitutional rights by forcing her to salute a foreign nation’s flag. While ...

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Feds say sequester will harm non-existent agency

Barack Obama and the rest of the leftists in charge of Washington have exploited the looming sequestration – that they themselves developed – to scare Americans with wild claims of rampant government shutdown. To aid in the dissection of what effect the mandatory cuts will have, the Office of Management and Budget produced a report outlining what agencies would be cut and ...

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Student reprimanded, demeaned for ‘inappropriate’ shirt promoting abstinence

Administrators at a Florida middle school recently targeted a student they felt violated the school’s proper attire guidelines by wearing a T-shirt she brought home from a Christian youth conference. Participants in The Silver Ring Thing promise to postpone sex until after marriage and Summer Schreiner sported a souvenir from the event as part of her school wardrobe. The shirt, ...

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