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B. Christopher Agee is an award-winning journalist and conservative columnist. He established The Informed Conservative and late 2011 and currently reaches an audience of millions each month through publication on several major websites. He lives in the Fort Worth, Texas, area with his wife.

Calif. school to be named after murderous gangster

Very few of the decisions made by California’s leaders make any sense to me, though some are particularly reprehensible. Such is the case with a new elementary school set to honor Tiburcio Vasquez. Not exactly a household name, Vasquez was executed in 1875 for the murder of two individuals and is called “probably the most notorious bandit California ever saw” ...

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Transgendered male college student to play on women’s team

Oh, the ridiculous lengths moral relativists will go in order to satiate the desires of the sexually confused. This pandering runs the gamut of stupidity from a man allowed to undress in a locker room filled with young girls to a judge ordering taxpayers to fund a convicted murderer’s sex change operation. That said, I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising ...

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Atheist website aims to turn kids away from God

Atheist groups have long advertised their agenda in an apparent attempt to recruit more people into a life devoid of purpose greater than this human existence. These activists have every right to spend their money on billboards or any other outreach project they deem appropriate but believers can — and, in my opinion, should — speak out against the more ...

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Celebrities use tragedy to bash conservatives

Mere hours after a murderous lunatic killed more than two dozen individuals – mostly young children – and himself at an elementary school in Connecticut, leftist celebrities took to social media to opine about a utopian world without guns. Instead of holding the gunman accountable for the unconscionable carnage, these airheads automatically react by calling for responsible gun owners to give up ...

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Gay-friendly Bible translation now available

Apparently unsatisfied with merely attacking the religious right as hate-filled homophobes, some radical gay activists have recently released the so-called “Queen James Bible,” stripped of any homosexual criticism. Upon its release, the actual people or group behind the blasphemous whitewash of scripture, as online retailers listed its publisher simply as “Queen James.” No matter the source, though, the contents should ...

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MSNBC railroads conservatives in gun control “debate”

Using the recent shooting at a mall in Oregon as a launching pad, MSNBC presented a one-sided look at the issue of gun control. Considering the source, I doubt I need to clarify which view the network endorsed. During a segment touted as a debate on the issue, the anchor invited just one guest — a gun control activist with ...

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ABC links traditional Americans to hate group

For those not quite sold on the claim that mainstream media possess a palpable liberal bias, a recent ABC broadcast should put any doubt to rest. Reporting on news that the Supreme Court will review gay marriage legality, the network’s “World News” program offered a lopsided newscast with a clear predilection for the leftist view. Though the segment was generally ...

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Judge prohibits N.C.’s pro-life licesnse plate

A U.S. District Judge in North Carolina recently stymied the state’s pro-life residents interested in purchasing a special license plate sharing the simple message: “Choose Life.” Calling the design unconstitutional, the judge explained that North Carolina “offering … a ‘Choose Life’ license plate in the absence of a pro-choice plate constitutes viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment.” The ...

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Overlooked ObamaCare Expense: Nutrition Info

There are enough obvious tax hikes and fees associated with ObamaCare to concern any fiscal conservative – or working American, for that matter. Perhaps more upsetting, though, are the unknown financial consequences set to hit businesses. These added expenses, by the way, will inevitably make their way down to the consumer level. One requirement, which affects all fast food and ...

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Group plans Christmas party to promote abortion

As Christians around the world take time to remember the miraculous birth of Jesus, a Washington, D.C. group will be raising money at its Christmas party to help make any birth a miracle. The D.C. Abortion Fund doesn’t hide its cause. If not apparent enough from its name, the group’s website explains it “makes grants to women … who cannot afford the ...

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Courts, communities continue to target smokers

As a firm believer in free market capitalism, I have no problem with business owners choosing — on their own accord — to either allow or prohibit smoking within their establishments. As consumers, we can likewise choose where to spend our money based on those decisions. When politicians pass sweeping bans affecting the very ability to use a legal product, ...

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Exclusive Interview: Chuck Woolery discusses conservatism, faith and the future

Venerable game show host and outspoken conservative activist Chuck Woolery recently spoke to me about his political views, Christian faith and his outlook for America’s future. Woolery, who said he’s been a conservative his entire life, explained his views can be boiled down to a simple statement: “I think conservatives are right and liberals are wrong.” The prevailing mindset among today’s ...

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Ind. Planned Parenthood “proud” of abysmal adoption record

The audacity of the child death proponents at Planned Parenthood of Indiana was on full display in a statement recently posted on the organization’s website. Touting its record of setting up adoptions for clients, the agency tried to make an astonishingly low rate of abortion alternatives something to celebrate. According to the statement, the agency is “proud to announce that ...

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College staff halts construction work, calls signs sexist

Leftism flows freely on the campuses of American universities, though occasional idiocy rises to a level I feel warrants exposure. Such a case recently surfaced near a community college campus in Ohio. As construction workers performed their integral service, one female employee was reportedly outraged at the “Men Working” signs erected at the work site’s perimeters. The staff member’s tantrum ...

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Employee fired for heroic act

Many wonder how they might react in the face of crisis but few are able to prove their courage under fire as effectively as one AutoZone employee recently did when just before closing, an armed robber burst into the retailer and forced the worker — a U.S. Air Force veteran — into a back office with his manager. After the ...

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