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New York Becomes First State To Make Cat Declawing Illegal

New York became the first state to make declawing of cats illegal, according to a law signed Monday by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The law bans the practice of surgically removing the claws from cats effective immediately, according to The Associated Press. “Declawing is a cruel and painful procedure that can create physical and behavioral problems for helpless animals, and ...

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Next Round Of New Zealand Gun Control Says Owning A Gun Is A Privilege, Not A Right

New Zealand plans to ban gun purchases from foreign visitors, establish a national gun registry and tighten gun licensing rules, according to the law proposed Monday. The measures represent the second phase of gun control restrictions in response to the March Christchurch mosque shootings, which left 51 fatalities, the first being the ban of military-style firearms that was enacted just ...

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Eating Their Own: Left Primaries Democrat Who Refuses to Request Trump’s Taxes

Alex Morse, 30, announced Monday plans to challenge the powerful House Ways & Means Chairman Massachusetts Rep. Richard Neal in 2020. Morse, the mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts, is being encouraged to run by progressive Democrats who are frustrated by Neal’s delay in obtaining Trump’s state tax returns under the law passed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, NBC News reported. “There’s an ...

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Suspected Japanese Anime Studio Arsonist Said His Book Was Plagiarized, Police Say

The man suspected of setting the deadly anime studio fire in Kyoto, Japan Thursday may have done it because his book had been plagiarized, police say. Shinji Aoba, 41, was identified by authorities as the suspect who started the fire that killed 33 and injured 35 people working for Kyoto Animation Studio, the New York Port reported. Aoba, who is ...

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New York City Orders Thermostats In Buildings Over 100 Feet To 78 Degrees During Heat Wave

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered tall buildings to adjust their thermostats to 78 degrees as the city prepares for this weekend’s heatwave. de Blasio declared a heat emergency Thursday evening, signing an executive order that all buildings over 100 feet turn thermostats up until Sunday evening to conserve energy during what is expected to be a ...

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New Jersey Governor Signs New Gun Laws Including ‘Smart Gun’ Requirement

Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed several gun control bills into law Tuesday, including one mandating gun dealers carry “smart guns” once they are available. Murphy signed a total of four gun control measures into law at Livingston High School before several members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, The Associated press reported. “I am proud ...

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Elizabeth Warren Tries To Shame Defense Nominee Mark Esper In Confirmation Hearing

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren tried to shame Defense Secretary Nominee Mark Esper during his Senate Armed Services Committee testimony Tuesday and he wasn’t having any of it. Warren asked Esper several questions about Raytheon, where he worked as a lobbyist for over six years, demanding Esper voluntarily extend the required 2-years recusal period related to Raytheon matters. Warren then asked ...

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St. Louis Park City Council Reinstates Pledge Of Allegiance After Public Outcry

A city council in Minnesota voted Monday to reinstate the Pledge of Allegiance after its ban sparked a national outcry, including criticism from President Donald Trump. The St. Louis Park City Council voted 7-0 to again recite the pledge before its bimonthly meetings after voting on June 17 to abolish the practice, a move which drew local protests and the ...

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Peter Thiel Blasts ‘Treasonous’ Google For Choosing China Over US Military

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel said Sunday that the FBI and CIA should investigate Google for allegedly cooperating with the Chinese military over U.S. interests. Thiel, one of the most high-profile Trump supporters in the tech industry, criticized Google’s work with the Chinese during a speech to the inaugural National Conservatism Conference Sunday evening in Washington, D.C., Axios reported. “How many ...

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New Orleans Is Already Underwater Ahead Of Hurricane Forecast

Heavy rains caused substantial flooding Wednesday in New Orleans ahead of a weather system predicted to deliver the season’s first hurricane. City Hall was closed after more than 8 inches of rain deluged the low-lying city from an offshore storm forecasters predict will make landfall as a full-blown hurricane Saturday, Reuters reported. “No one should take this storm lightly,” Democratic ...

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Special Gun Session Adjourned By Virginia Lawmakers After Just Two Hours

Republican-led Virginia lawmakers rejected Democrats’ request to debate a series of gun control measures, voting to adjourn Tuesday’s special session after only two hours. Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam had summoned legislators to the special session to consider eight gun control measures he proposed in the wake of the Virginia Beach shooting, according to the Associated Press. “I called legislators back ...

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Trump Plans To Repeat Fourth Of July Celebration Every Year

President Donald Trump announced Monday he plans to repeat the Fourth of July celebrations held on the National Mall “for the foreseeable future.” Trump will, in 2020, again hold the “Salute to America” Fourth of July event, which included several military plane flyovers and a presidential Independence Day address, the first given on the National Mall since former President Harry ...

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Huge Bolt Of Lightning Strikes Sailboat In Shocking Video

A sailboat in South Boston was struck by a bolt of lightning Saturday after strong thunderstorms rolled through Massachusetts. The boat was hit Saturday evening while docked at the Columbia Yacht Club in South Boston, according to CNN affiliate WFXT. A passerby caught the lightning strike on video, which the National Weather Service (NWS) posted on Twitter, “This video from ...

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‘Oh the Humanity’: Jim Beam Bourbon Warehouse Continues To Burn In Kentucky

A fire continues to burn at a Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky containing 45,000 barrels of bourbon after catching fire Tuesday night, officials say. The fire started Tuesday around 11:30 at two bourbon aging warehouses at the Jim Beam facility in Woodford County, Kentucky, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported. Firefighters were able to contain one of the warehouse fires, but the ...

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