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Michael Cohen Has A Ploy To Reduce His Prison Sentence

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is formally seeking a delayed and reduced prison sentence after claiming to have found a computer hard drive he wants to provide investigators. In a letter sent Thursday to congressional Democrats, Cohen’s attorneys asked lawmakers to write a letter documenting Cohen’s cooperation with congressional committees as well as his willingness to hand over documents from ...

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House Chairman Asks IRS For Six Years Of Trump Taxes

The Democratic chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee asked the Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday for six years of President Donald Trump’s personal tax returns and those of his businesses. In a letter to IRS Commissioner Charles P. Rettig, Massachusetts Rep. Richard Neal said that he wanted to investigate whether the IRS is following its policy of auditing ...

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Firms Tied To Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele Were Paid $3.8 Million By Soros-Backed Group

The Democracy Integrity Project, a nonprofit that receives funding from George Soros, paid firms tied to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele more than $3.8 million in 2017. Tax filings show that The Democracy Integrity Project provided its research to “government entities.” The group’s founder, a former staffer for Dianne Feinstein, has described it as a “shadow media organization” that helps ...

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Nadler Schedules Vote To Subpoena Entire Mueller Report

The House Judiciary Committee will vote Wednesday on whether to subpoena the full Mueller report and all of its underlying documents, committee chairman Jerry Nadler said Monday. House Democrats had set an April 2 deadline for Attorney General William Barr to provide the report to Congress. Barr responded to the demand on Friday, telling lawmakers that he plans to send ...

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Investigate Steele Dossier As Russian Disinformation, Intel Experts Say

Robert Mueller’s finding of no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia undercuts the Steele dossier’s core claim of a “well-developed conspiracy” to influence the 2016 election Now, intelligence experts say that the dossier should be investigated as possible Russian disinformation ‘The intelligence community was misled’ In a deposition last June for a lawsuit related to the dossier, former British ...

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Trey Gowdy: CIA May Stop Giving Adam Schiff Information Because He ‘Leaks Like A Screen Door On A Submarine’

Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy predicted Sunday that the U.S. intelligence community may stop providing information to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff because he “leaks like a screen door on a submarine.” Gowdy was asked to weigh in on Republicans’ decision on Thursday to call on Schiff to step down as chairman of the House panel. “Never seen ...

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Here’s Why Trey Gowdy Opposes Release Of Mueller Report

Trey Gowdy Hillary CLinton

Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy said Saturday that he disagrees with congressional Republicans who want the special counsel’s Russia report to be made public. “I’m in a really small minority, Neil,” Gowdy said in an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto. “I don’t think the report should be released at all and I’m frankly surprised so many Republicans think ...

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Trump: Strip NYT And WaPo Of Pulitzers For Russia Reporting

Washington Post parody logo

President Trump on Friday called on The Washington Post and New York Times to be stripped of Pulitzer Prizes that the newspapers received last year for reporting on Russiagate. So funny that The New York Times & The Washington Post got a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage (100% NEGATIVE and FAKE!) of Collusion with Russia – And there was No ...

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Nellie Ohr: ‘I Favored Hillary Clinton’

Former Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr told Congress in October that she “favored” Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.  A transcript of Ohr’s testimony was published Thursday. Ohr, whose husband is DOJ official Bruce Ohr, detailed her work for Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that commissioned the Steele dossier. Ohr said that a Ukrainian lawmaker was one of Fusion GPS’s ...

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Comey Accepts Mueller Finding On Collusion, Defends Opening Russia Probe Anyway

James Comey says that it is “good news” that Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government. But in an interview that aired Wednesday, the former FBI director also defended opening the probe, saying that there was “enough smoke” that the bureau had to investigate whether Trump associates conspired with the Kremlin ...

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CNN Analyst Ralph Peters: ‘The Steele Dossier Rings True To Me’

CNN Media Bias Logo

The Steele dossier has been all but debunked by Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation findings, but that hasn’t deterred CNN analyst Ralph Peters. “I can’t let it go. I can’t let it go. The Steele dossier rings true to me,” Peters, a retired lieutenant colonel, said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday. Peters speculated that President Trump has ...

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‘Weeks, Not Months’ Before DOJ Releases Public Version Of Mueller Report

The Justice Department plans to take “weeks” and “not months” to provide a version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report to Congress and the public. A Justice Department official told news outlets Tuesday that there are no plans to send the report to the White House before Congress. The final report will likely be scrubbed of any grand jury ...

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House Republican Releases George Papadopoulos Transcript

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins on Tuesday released a transcript of testimony provided in October by George Papadopoulos, the former Trump campaign adviser who was the spark for the FBI’s collusion investigation of the Trump campaign. Collins, a Georgia Republican, released the 239-page transcript on the same day that Papadopoulos released his book, “Deep State Target.” The release ...

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MSNBC Panel Admits Mueller Report ‘Undercuts Almost Everything’ In Steele Dossier

The two journalists most closely linked to the Steele dossier acknowledged Monday that the Democrat-funded document was debunked by the Mueller investigation, which found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government. “I think one of the reasons people were so surprised by the Mueller finding is that it undercuts almost everything that was in the dossier, ...

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Collusion Delusion: The 7 Conspiracy Theories That Weren’t

Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence that the Trump campaign or any Trump associates conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election. That finding deals a heavy blow to Democrats and some in the media who have pushed at least seven different theories of collusion over the past two-plus years. Many of those theories derived from the infamous Steele ...

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