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State Department Ordered All Non-Essential Staff To Leave Iraq

The U.S. Embassy in Iraq said that the State Department has ordered all non-emergency personnel to leave the country immediately, citing heightened tensions with and indications of growing threats from Iran. The warning comes after the Trump administration said it detected urgent threats against American forces from Iran and its proxy forces in the region. The embassy advised Americans to ...

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Google Executives Crack Down On Leakers As Employees Fear The Worst

Google is locking down internal communications as the Silicon Valley giant works to contain a rash of leaks, BuzzFeed reported Tuesday, citing anonymous sources inside the company. Google legal executive Kent Walker sent an email May 9 reminding employees that obtaining documents noted as “need to know” could result in termination, the report noted. Employees reportedly saw it as a ...

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Sen. Hawley Introduces A Bill Cracking Down On Big Tech Exports To China

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley pushed legislation Tuesday that would make it more difficult for American tech companies to export their technology to China. Hawley’s bill, which has few details. would require President Donald Trump to restrict any technology to China that would contribute to the communist country’s military. The Republican’s legislature would also place heavy restrictions on technology that influences ...

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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Takes A Big Step Toward Ending Robocalls


The Federal Communication Commission announced plans Monday to instruct major phone companies to update their caller ID services to help combat so-called spoofed robocalls. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will host a summit in July to examine to what degree the industry is implementing new industry-wide standard for caller ID authentication. The new standard is called Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information ...

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Confirmed: Google Favors Liberal News Outlets Over Conservative Ones

Goolag - A.F. Branco Cartoon

Google’s algorithms appear to favor the likes of CNN, The New York Times, and other major outlets by a significant margin, a new study from the Columbia Journalism review notes CJR’s study also shows that Google’s Top Stories box directs users to liberal news outlets over conservative outlets by a 5 to 1 margin The study also shows that only ...

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‘Too Good To Be True’: Trump Country Feels Jilted And Scammed By Learn To Code Campaign

West Virginians claim a non-profit group that promised to teach the busted up coal state to code is nothing more than a fraud preying on coal workers, The New York Times reported Sunday. Over two dozen former students are suing Mined Minds, arguing that the non-profit group, which they say touted itself as West Virginia’s savior, is mostly just a ...

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Twitter Temporarily Suspends Trump’s Favorite Troll After He Posts Tweet Mocking CNN’s Jim Acosta

sad twitter

A Twitter account that President Donald Trump frequently retweets was partially suspended Thursday for allegedly violating the company’s rules of conduct. “His account is in a locked state. He’ll be required to delete a Tweet that violated the Twitter Rules before he can be reinstated,” a Twitter spokeswoman told The Daily Caller News Foundation, referring to the profile of pro-Trump ...

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Facebook Is Actively Promoting ISIS Propaganda, Whistleblower Says

ISIS terrorists are likely using Facebook’s auto-generated video features to spread propaganda, a new complaint alleges Facebook’s AI tools failed to ding a large number of easily identifiable ISIS-related content, a new complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission notes. The complaint comes as the company is focused on eliminating white nationalist material  Researchers complain after a new study alleges ...

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Facebook’s Co-Founder Calls For Government To Break Up Zuckerberg’s Empire

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes thrashed CEO Mark Zuckerberg Thursday and called on the federal government to break up enormous sections of the massive social media company. “The most problematic aspect of Facebook’s power is Mark’s unilateral control over speech,” Hughes wrote in a New York Times editorial. The company is “far too big and far too powerful,” he explained, noting ...

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Conservatives Issue Dire Warning About Extending Electric Vehicle Subsidies

Conservative groups signed a letter Thursday warning a group of bipartisan lawmakers that extending electric vehicle tax credits will likely be a giveaway to wealthy people at the expense of poor Americans. Electric vehicle tax credits “overwhelmingly benefit the rich,” American Energy Alliance head Tom Pyle and other conservative groups said in the letter to Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of ...

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Buttigieg Courts Big Tech Billionaires As Other Candidates Torpedo Silicon Valley

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is quietly courting wealthy big tech tycoons while many of his opponents are etching out a much more belligerent position against Silicon Valley. Buttigieg has five fundraising events in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley area, media reports show, with most of the events expected to net the young presidential candidate thousands of dollars. He ...

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Climate Crusaders Fall On Hard Times As Florida City Reportedly Refuses To Sue Oil Companies

Fort Lauderdale is refusing to join a country-wide effort to sue major oil companies for allegedly contributing to climate change. “We have no intention of filing a lawsuit,” Fort Lauderdale city attorney Alain Boileau told the Florida Record Monday. The city’s decision to not move forward with a lawsuit comes despite efforts by environmentalists to push and prod officials into ...

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Treasury Dept Refuses To Cough Up Trump’s Tax Returns, Setting Up A Possible SCOTUS Showdown

The Treasury Department refused to provide House Democrats access to President Donald Trump’s tax returns, The New York Times reported Monday. “As you have recognized, the committee’s request is unprecedented, and it presents serious constitutional questions, the resolution of which may have lasting consequences for all taxpayers,” Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, wrote in a letter to Democratic Rep. Richard ...

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POLL: Trump’s Approval Numbers Top Obama’s During His First Term

Donald Trump success

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings blow past former President Barack Obama’s first term numbers, according to a Gallop poll published Monday. Trump’s ratings topped 46 percent for the first time during his presidency, the poll noted. Gallop argued that the higher numbers are likely a result of a strong economy and the Department of Justice’s decision to publish special counsel ...

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