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Cuomo Signs Bill Ending Religious Exemptions For Vaccinations

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a piece of legislation Thursday removing religious exceptions from vaccination requirements for children. The legislation, which passed the Assembly 77 to 53, ends any exemptions from vaccinations due to religious belief, and dings a subsection of the public health law relating to exemptions from vaccination due to religious beliefs. Recent reports show an increased ...

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Two Mpre Oil Tankers Attacked Near Strait Of Hormuz As US And Iranian Tensions Fray

Two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz were attacked amid heightened tensions between the United States and Iran, the Associated Press reported Thursday. The assault left one tanker ablaze while sailors were evacuated from both vessels, the report noted. Benchmark Brent crude oil jumped nearly 4% in trading following the reported attack — nearly a third of all oil ...

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Facebook Disputes WSJ Report Suggesting Zuckerberg Was Possibly Aware Of Privacy Violations

Facebook is disputing a Wall Street Journal report published Wednesday that suggests CEO Mark Zuckerberg might have been aware of some potential abuses of private data. Zuckerberg raised issues with a third-party app that was capable of accessing Facebook users’ information regardless of their privacy settings, and was thus aware there was a problem, a source told TheWSJ. The company ...

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Twitter Temporarily Limits Project Veritas After Pinterest Controversy

Twitter temporarily suspended Project Veritas’s account Wednesday after the group published internal documents from Pinterest and alleges that they show the company suppressing a pro-life group. Project Veritas shared documents Tuesday on Twitter showing that Pinterest monitored Live Action and alleged that it was in attempt to censor the pro-life group. Veritas reported that a whistleblower said a Pinterest staffer ...

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Google And Other Big Tech Giants Are Bailing On China As Trump’s Tariffs Take Hold

Google is moving technology out of China as the Silicon Valley company seeks to avoid pain from U.S. tariffs and a hostile Beijing, Bloomberg reported Tuesday night. Google is shifting production of server hardware out of the communist nation and moving motherboards to Taiwan, as the company tries to avert pain from a 25% tariff, the report notes, citing anonymous ...

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YouTube CEO Explains Why She Didn’t Nix Steven Crowder

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki apologized Monday to people who were offended that the company did not harshly punish conservative pundit Steven Crowder for using gay slurs in his videos. “I know the decision we made was very hurtful to LGBTQ community,” Wojcicki said during a Code Conference . “That was not our intention at all.” She was responding to a question ...

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Well-Known Tech Reporter Arrested For Attempting To Solicit Sex With A 9-Year-Old Girl

A popular tech reporter who wrote about Microsoft was arrested for allegedly soliciting sex with children online, according to a complaint filed in May. Peter Bright sought to molest a 7- and 9-year-old and was later arrested after meeting with an undercover agent to facilitate the action, the federal complaint alleges. Bright, who formerly worked for tech outlet Ars Technica, ...

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Liberals Cry Censorship After YouTube Demonetizing Frenzy Hits SPLC Content

Liberal activists are crying foul after YouTube’s demonetizing frenzy slammed the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization known for labeling conservative groups as hate groups. A video SPLC published was among those nixed after YouTube announced plans Wednesday to remove videos and content that promote white supremacy. Journalist Max Blumenthal lashed out at the company after the video, which reports ...

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Google Employees Are Mad YouTube Didn’t Lower The Boom On Steven Crowder

Goolag - A.F. Branco Cartoon

A slew of Google employees are chastising YouTube for not doing enough to penalize a conservative commentator who lobbed homosexual slurs at a Vox journalist. Google employees are criticizing the platform for failing to ban Steven Crowder, a conservative pundit who has posted videos referring to Vox journalist Carlos Maza as a “gay Mexican.” Employees are dinging YouTube, a Google ...

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Twitter Goes Into PR Mode After YouTube Demonetizes A Slew Of Academics And Journos

Twitter reordered and shortened its rules Thursday after YouTube decided to demonetize a conservative pundit and several academics on Wednesday. Twitter dramatically reduced the number of words the company uses (from 2,500 to 600 words) to explain its already convoluted set of rules. The company also created a set of categories on its rules page — safety, privacy, and authenticity ...

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Here’s The Eye-Popping Amount Of Cash Google, Amazon And Facebook Dumped On DC Lobbyists In 2018

Google, Amazon and Facebook plowed a record amount of money into Washington, D.C., a year before congressional Democrats announced a wide-ranging antitrust investigation into the Silicon Valley giants. They dumped a combined $48 million into lobbying in 2018, up 13% from 2017, government disclosures from January show. House Democrats announced a planned probe of Google and Facebook’s business practices Monday, ...

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What Role Did Facebook Play In Exposing The Man Behind The Edited Pelosi Video?

Facebook apparently helped provide crucial pieces of information to The Daily Beast about the identification of the man behind the manipulated video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Internet privacy expert rips Facebook for helping The Daily Beast identify the profile behind the doctored video. Facebook helped The Daily Beast with the story after the company received scorn from reporters for ...

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Conservatives Are Split Over Bipartisan Effort To Take Apart Big Tech Companies

Conservatives are wrestling with how to process the sudden bipartisan push to conduct antitrust probes against Google and other big tech firms. Conservatives like Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri are in full support of such investigations, while others are worried dinging big tech could clobber the economy. Some legal experts believe the bipartisan support for such probes could speed up ...

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‘You Can Still Do Better’: Sen Hawley Sets His Sights On Another Big Tech Company

Apple logo

Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri asked Apple CEO Tim Cook Tuesday to implement his “Do Not Track” option as the big tech giant faces scrutiny over how much data it obtains through its application store. Hawley, a Republican, sent a letter to Cook imploring him to do a better job of protecting customer’s private data. The letter comes a few ...

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House Democrats Pass A Disaster Relief Bill After Republicans Blocked Legislation

House Democrats passed a disaster relief bill Monday after Republicans worked to block the measure. The bill passed 354 to 58 after Republican blocked the bill from advancing on three occasions while lawmakers were on recess, Politico reported. The bill will free up cash for regions of the country hit hard by hurricanes, tornadoes, and extreme flooding. “It’s been protracted. ...

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