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Twitter’s Algorithm Goes Haywire, Inadvertently Gives New York Times A Trumpian Nickname

sad twitter

Twitter’s algorithm suffered a glitch Wednesday that directed users to the The New York Times’ account when they composed a tweet with the words “Enemy of the People.” “This is a bug in our search typeahead system limited to desktop that we are working to fix. The issue is that for some search queries the word ‘People’ is linked to ...

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Twitter Punts After Being Asked Whether It Will Submit To An Independent Political Bias Audit

A Twitter executive appeared to punt after Republican Sen. Josh Hawley asked him Wednesday during a congressional testimony whether the company would be willing to submit to an independent political audit. Carlos Monje Jr., Twitter’s director of public policy and philanthropy, evaded questions about whether the social media company is willing to subject itself to an independent audit. Republican Sen. ...

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House Democrats Pass Bill To Make Net Neutrality Great Again

House Democrats passed a bill Wednesday restoring the Federal Communication Commission’s rule prohibiting internet service providers from slowing down internet traffic. Lawmakers approved a Democrat-backed bill that would restore Obama-era rules requiring AT&T, Verizon and others to treat all traffic equally, though the measure is likely a symbolic gesture. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky told Reuters Tuesday that ...

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Big Tech Companies Attack Illinois Bill Prohibiting Remote Access To User’s Mics

Google and Amazon are opposing an Illinois bill that would effectively prohibit big tech companies from remotely accessing users’ microphones. The Internet Association and other trade organizations that represent the three major big tech companies — Facebook, Google, and Amazon — criticized SB 1719 in a press statement Wednesday, arguing that the bill is vague and unnecessary given that federal ...

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Leftward Surge Of Woke Democrats Betraying The Base, Helping Biden

Democratic-leaning progressive on social media are substantially outnumbered by their moderate, less educated party colleagues, The New York Times reported Tuesday. An increasingly outspoken group progressives on Twitter are getting swamped 2 to 1 by a more diverse and less educated group of Democrats who don’t often share political content online, the report notes, citing data from the Hidden Tribes ...

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New Zealand Official Accuses ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Facebook Of Promoting Genocide

A New Zealand  public official accused Facebook Sunday of enabling a genocide in Myanmar as the Silicon Valley giant struggles to explain how a shooter was able to use one of the company’s features to videotape his killing spree. Facebook is a “morally bankrupt” company that “cannot be trusted,” New Zealand privacy commissioner John Edwards said on Twitter. The social ...

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GOP Makes $10 Million Push To Win Over Jewish Vote As Dems Struggle With Charges Of Antisemticism

Republicans are making a multi-million dollar push for the Jewish vote as Democratic lawmakers struggle with accusation of antisemitism, Politico reported Sunday. The Republican Jewish Coalition is spearheading plans for a $10 million-plus campaign blitz geared around elevating Jewish support for President Donald Trump, the report notes. The group revealed its plans Friday in a conference room at GOP mega-donor ...

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Twitter Backs Off Partnership With SPLC Amid Bombshell Reports. Amazon Stays Silent

Southern Poverty Law Center

Twitter appears to be one of the only big tech companies to back out of an alliance with the Southern Poverty Law Center after the group’s long-time president was fired for unspecified conduct reasons, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. “The SPLC is not a member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council or a partner the company has worked ...

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Google Dings AI Ethics Panel After Employees Throw A Fit Over Conservative Member

Google announced Thursday night that the company will be dissolving an artificial intelligence ethics panel following internal backlash from employees who criticized one of the board’s conservative members. The company’s decision came after employees complained about Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James’ position on the Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC). More than 1,000 “Googlers” signed a petition Monday claimingthat ...

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It’s Been More Than A Year Since Trump Dinged Net Neutrality. Here’s How The Internet Is Doing Now

It’s been more than a year since regulators repealed an Obama-era rule that beefed up regulations on the Internet, yet the web has not melted down as activists predicted. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and a handful of Republicans on the commission moved to rollback net neutrality in December 2017. Activists howled. And the Democratic Party’s official Twitter account ...

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Tesla’s First Quarter Deliveries Tumble As Musk Struggles To Expand Into China

Tesla’s first-quarter deliveries stumble as CEO Elon Musk works to expand the new Model 3 vehicle into China and Europe. The automaker delivered roughly 63,000 vehicles in the latest period, which is about 31 percent drop from the previous three months. Analysts predicted deliveries would drop to 73,500, according to FactSet, a number reflecting deliveries for the Model 3 and ...

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UN Investigator Says Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t Do Enough To Prevent Genocide In Myanmar

United Nation investigators believe Facebook is not doing enough to tamp down social media posts that promote hatred of a group of people who are being driven out of Southeast Asia, Gizmodo reported Thursday. “I think there has been meaningful and significant change from Facebook, but it’s not nearly sufficient,” Christopher Sidoti, a a member of a UN team that ...

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Top GOP Lawmaker Rolls Out His Own Version Of Democrats’ Green New Deal |

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz unveiled his own version of the Green New Deal Wednesday afternoon as the Republican lawmaker seeks to swipe the climate issue from Democrats and re-frame it in conservative terms. The Florida lawmaker rolled out the so-called “Green Real Deal” in an attempt to steamroll a similar climate resolution Democrats promoted earlier this year. He introduced ...

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Twitter Beats France Over The Head With Its Own Anti-Fake News Law

Twitter used an anti-fake news law France passed in 2018 to block the French government’s social media campaign to get citizens to vote early in an upcoming election. France passed a law in December 2018 requiring online political campaigns to declare who paid for them, and how much was spent. Twitter is now using the law to black out the ...

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Mark Zuckerberg Takes Another Crack At Making Facebook A Hub For News

Facebook is considering jumping into news curation, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Monday night in a video posted on the company’s platform. Such a service would be fused into Facebook’s platform and would rely on third-party publishers to provide the content,  Zuckerberg told Mathias Döpfner, CEO of German publisher Axel Springer. Facebook significantly altered its newsfeed in 2018 to downplay the ...

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