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Nearly 40,000 Visa Applications Were Denied In 2018 Thanks To Trump Travel Ban

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President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban of mostly Muslim-majority countries led to over 37,000 visa applications getting denied in 2018. The “2017 Executive Order on Immigration” was cited as the reason for the denial of 15,384 immigrant visa applications and another 21,645 non-immigrant visa applications in 2018. The State Department confirmed that the 2017 Executive Order refers to the president’s ...

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Pakistan To Release Indian Pilot As Nuclear Powers Step Back From The Brink

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced he will release a captured Indian pilot, a move he is calling a “peace gesture” after the two nuclear powers engaged in their first aerial combat in nearly five decades. “De-escalation should not be understood as a sign of weakness,” Khan said Thursday, telling his country’s parliament that he will release the Indian pilot ...

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Border Patrol Chief Agrees With Trump That There Is A Border Crisis

In testimony to Congress, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost broke down why the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border qualifies as a national security crisis. “There is an ongoing debate as to whether this constitutes a border security crisis or a humanitarian crisis. Let me be clear, it is both,” Provost — President Donald Trump’s top border official — said ...

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Another Democratic Governor Is Pulling National Guard Troops From The Border

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers joined a growing number of Democratic governors by ordering his state’s National Guard troops to leave the U.S.-Mexico border. Evers issued an executive order Monday that withdraws 112 National Guard troops from their posts along the southern border. The first-term Democratic governor, while blasting President Donald Trump’s claims that a national crisis exists at the border, ...

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Dems: Green New Deal ‘Not a Serious Proposition’ – Set to Prove it With a Vote

  Senate Democrats, forced into a vote on the Green New Deal, are set to show that it was never a serious plan by not voting for it when it hits the Senate floor. Many Democrats are considering a “present” vote if the Green New Deal resolution is brought to the Senate floor, as voting against it would alienate the ...

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An Unrecognized Native American Tribe Offers Elizabeth Warren Membership

The leader of an unrecognized and “mixed-blood” tribe in Oregon has officially offered Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren membership. Founded in 2009 by people who were rejected from existing Native American tribes for not meeting bloodline requirements, the “Una Nation” in Oregon is made up individuals who are of mixed ancestry. The “King” of the tribe, Richard B. Lake III, says ...

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Mike Pompeo Blasts ‘Sick Tyrant’ Maduro For Denying Aid To Starving Venezuelans

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo eviscerated Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for blocking international aid to citizens dying under his rule. “The Venezuelan people are speaking loudly and clearly. They understand that Juan Guaido is the legitimate president of the country,” Pompeo said of the country’s opposition leader. “We are supporting that.” “The Lima ...

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Green New Deal Haters: ‘I’m The Boss Now. How ‘Bout That?’

Speaking at a “Girls Who Code” event in New York City, self-identitified democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hit back against critics of her Green New Deal resolution. WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez declares "I'm the Boss… How 'bout that!" while claiming that no one else has tried to come up with climate change policy before the Green New Deal. Apparently she's never seen @TheDemocrats ...

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Prosecutors Present Evidence That Ryan Zinke Lied To Federal Prosecutors

A court proceeding is reportedly underway regarding whether former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke lied to federal investigators during his time leading the agency. Prosecutors in Washington have started presenting evidence to a grand jury on whether Zinke was honest to federal investigators about his denial of a petition from two Native American tribes to run a casino in Connecticut, according ...

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Sanctuary Laws Allowed Illegal Immigrant Who Tried To Kill A Cop Remain In The US, ICE Claims

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials claim a deadly shootout between an illegal immigrant and a sheriff’s deputy could have been prevented if California sanctuary laws allowed them to do their job. A deadly shootout on Sunday took place between a cop and a Mexican national. During a routine traffic stop in Napa County, California, Javier Hernandez Morales, 48, attempted to shoot Napa ...

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Coal Plant Closures In 2018 Didn’t Stop Carbon Emissions From Rising

Despite a record number coal plant closures across the United States, the country’s power sector still experienced a rise in carbon emissions in 2018. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday issued its annual report on emissions. The agency estimated that carbon dioxide output from U.S. power plants rose 0.6 percent in 2018 from the previous year, climbing to nearly ...

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The Number Of Illegals Caught At The Southwest Border Nearly Doubles, DHS Reports

Apprehensions of illegal migrants at the southwest border in January increased dramatically from the same time last year, and experts predict 2019 will experience increases in illegal migrant arrests overall. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) — a subset agency of the Department of Homeland Security — reported a total of 47,893 apprehensions of illegal migrants in January at the ...

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White House Plans Expert Panel To See If Global Warming Is Actually A National Security Risk

The Trump administration is mulling the creation of an expert panel to assess whether climate change poses a risk to national security, but critics are denouncing the idea. The White House may form the Presidential Committee on Climate Security to determine if global warming is a threat to national security, according to documents reviewed by The Washington Post. The committee, which ...

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US Oil Production On Track To Hit Another Milestone

The United States is forecasted to reach another milestone in oil output next month thanks to rising production in the country’s biggest shale formations. The Energy Information Administration (EIA), a government agency that track U.S. energy production, is expecting the country’s seven major shale formations to increase output by 84,000 barrels per day in March. The increase will bring total oil ...

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This Environmental Group Has Sued Trump Over 100 Times

The Center for Biological Diversity is reporting an enormous amount of lawsuits leveled against President Donald Trump since he first entered office. The Tuscon-based environmental organization has filed a total of 106 lawsuits against the White House, according to its website’s “Trump Lawsuit Tracker.” The lawsuits — which mostly target Trump’s environmental and energy agenda — average about one a ...

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