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New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Allowing Illegal Aliens To Obtain Driver Licenses

New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation that allows illegal aliens in the state to obtain valid driver licenses, marking the 14th state in the U.S. to give licenses to undocumented immigrants. Murphy signed a bill into law on Thursday that establishes two categories of driver’s licenses in New Jersey. One is the federally-compliant Real ID, which can only ...

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Immigration Will Dramatically Shift The Electoral College In Favor Of Democrats, Study Finds

A new analysis finds that immigration will dramatically reshape the Electoral College map in favor of the Democratic Party after the completion of the 2020 U.S. Census. Rising immigrant populations around the United States will result in several solidly Democratic states gaining more seats in the House of Representatives at the expense of solidly Republican states, a new study by ...

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DHS Chief Says $1.4 Trillion Spending Bill Will Help Build ‘Significant Amount Of Wall’

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said Thursday the $1.4 trillion spending package making its way through Congress will pay for an enormous amount of new barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border. The House of Representatives passed a $1.4 trillion spending package Tuesday, with days to go before the federal government would enter a shutdown. Included in the legislation is $1.375 ...

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‘Spare Us Your Amnesty’: DHS Rips Mayor De Blasio For Defending Driver’s Licenses For Illegal Aliens

The Department of Homeland Security press office savagely responded to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio after he lauded the idea of giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens and argued such a policy protects pedophiles, terrorists and other malicious people. “Spare us your amnesty – It makes every person more vulnerable when you shield pedophiles, child pornographers, human traffickers, ...

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Republican Lawmakers Introduce Legislation Imposing Sanctions On Drug Cartels

Two Republican senators are introducing legislation that would place severe sanctions on drug cartels, the latest action taken by lawmakers since cartel gunmen slaughtered nine American citizens in November. GOP Sens. David Perdue of Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas proposed the Significant Transnational Criminal Organization Designation Act, a bill that would subject Mexican drug cartels and other foreign criminal groups ...

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Nearly All Migrants Removed Under New Asylum Deal Are Opting To Go Back Home

Nearly every single migrant removed from the United States under a newly-implemented asylum deal are simply choosing to return home instead of remaining in Guatemala, a result the Trump administration intended. Of the 24 people who have been deported to Guatemala under a new asylum agreement, all but two have chosen to return to their home countries, Guatemala Interior Secretary Enrique ...

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Boston City Council Doubles Down On Sanctuary City Policies

The Boston City Council voted to update its 2014 Trust Act, a law that bars cooperation between local law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The new amendments prohibit local police from sharing information with ICE, and requires the city to provide reports about the detainer requests ICE lodges every year.  ICE responded to the new amendments, reiterating their ...

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Study Estimates Roughly 372,000 Births By Illegal Aliens And Non-Immigrants Each Year

A newly-released study estimates that are about 372,000 births annually in the United States by foreign nationals on temporary visas and those living here illegally, highlighting the robust “birth tourism” industry. The Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, D.C. think tank that advocates for decreased immigration, released a study that estimates there are about 39,000 births annually to guest workers, ...

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‘Catch And Release Is Over’: Border Apprehensions Drop For Sixth Month In A Row

Enforcement actions at the U.S.-Mexico border fell again in November, marking six consecutive months of declining apprehensions. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforcement actions totaled 42,649 in the month of November, according to data obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. This data — which is a combination of the 33,510 arrests and 9,139 inadmissible aliens at the border for ...

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Trump Administration Dramatically Increases Immigration Workplace Investigations

Illegal aliens arrested at Ohio meat packing plant

Worksite immigration enforcement actions have increased dramatically under the Trump administration, part of the White House’s crackdown on incentives that drive illegal immigration into the country. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) investigative unit opened four times as many worksite inquires in the 2019 fiscal year than it did at the end of former President Barack Obama’s time in office, according ...

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Ethics Director Says Stacey Abrams’ Nonprofit Acted As A Political Committee

The chief of the Georgia ethics commission said a nonprofit tied to Stacey Abrams acted as a political committee during the 2018 election and openly wondered if the organization illegally coordinated with her campaign. Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission Director David Emadi said during a Wednesday meeting that the New Georgia Project and New Georgia Project Action Fund ...

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‘Worked Exactly As Designed’: Border Patrol Responds To Viral Video Of Alien Climbing Border Wall

Viral footage of an illegal alien successfully scaling newly-built border wall appeared to reflect poorly on the effectiveness of the barrier, but a Border Patrol spokesman said the video only captured a fraction of the incident. Omar Ornelas, a photojournalist working out of Southern California, on Tuesday tweeted out a 38-second video of two men climbing a ladder up a ...

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Georgia Governor Officially Taps Kelly Loeffler To US Senate

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp officially announced his pick of Kelly Loeffler, a businesswoman who co-owns the Atlanta Dream, as his choice to replace outgoing GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson.  In her first speech as senator-designate, Loeffler described herself as unapologetically conservative, and vowed to support the Trump agenda. Loeffler may face a GOP challenger in the November 2020 primary, but many ...

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ICE Spokesman Says Criminal Illegal Aliens Are Attracted To Sanctuary Cities

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official, speaking about an illegal alien in New York who was released from custody, said sanctuary cities attract illegal aliens intending to commit crimes. ICE New York Field Office Director Thomas Decker appeared on Fox News on Wednesday to discuss his agency’s recent apprehension of an illegal alien accused of manslaughter in a New ...

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At Least 20 People Killed After Cartel Shootout Near Southern Border

At least 20 people were killed after cartel gunmen stormed a Mexican border town and attacked government buildings. Mexican security forces chased them down the following day via helicopters. It’s not clear why the gunmen, apparently belonging to the Northeast Cartel, attacked the town of Villa Unión, which is less than 50 miles away from the Texas border.  The massacre ...

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