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Maxine Waters Calls Trump’s Immigration Plan ‘Very Racist’

California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters claimed that some aspects of President Donald Trump’s immigration proposal are “very racist.” “I think some of [Trump’s plan] is very racist. It is not keeping with what this country is supposed to be all about,” the longtime Democratic lawmaker said Friday on CNN’s “New Day.” When pressed for what exactly is “racist” about the president’s plan, Waters ...

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Democrats Agree To Billions In Humanitarian Assistance For US-Mexico Border – With Limitations

Top Democrats in Congress have acquiesced to some of the administration’s request for billions in southern border aid, but the offer comes with notable limitations. As lawmakers continue to negotiate over a humanitarian relief package, Democrats have offered to include a portion of President Donald Trump’s  $4.5 billion request for emergency border spending, according to Democratic leaders and aides. However, ...

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Obama’s Former DHS Secretary: Population Of Orlando Reached Our Border In Two Months

Former President Barack Obama’s Homeland Security secretary recognized the crisis taking place at the U.S. southern border. “We had 100,000 apprehensions or encounters in the month of March and another 100,000 in the month of April. It’s the highest it’s been in 12 years,” Jeh Johnson said Wednesday during an appearance on Fox News’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” “Think of ...

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Lindsey Graham’s Immigration Bill Aims To Fix The Issues Fueling The Border Crisis

Lindsey Graham slams democrats for unethical behavior -4

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced an immigration bill that addresses numerous issues law enforcement officials say is driving the U.S.-Mexico border crisis. Speaking at a Wednesday press conference, Graham outlined the four main points of his proposal, addressing the “broken and outdated” immigration laws that attracts illegal immigration from Central America. Overall, the bill calls for doubling the ...

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Trump to Present Long-Awaited Immigration Plan Thursday

President Donald Trump will deliver a major speech regarding immigration Thursday, outlining his plan for reform and solving the southern border crisis. Trump is due to give an address on Thursday at 2:30 pm, according to Reuters. The focus of the speech will be on the White House’s months-long work to develop an immigration reform package. Jared Kushner, the president’s ...

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House Democrats Move To Block Any Additional Spending For the Border Wall

House Democrats introduced legislation that would block the Pentagon from reallocating money to border wall construction, an attempt to undercut President Donald Trump’s trademark campaign goal. A defense spending bill introduced Tuesday by Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee not only gives the Department of Defense far less money than it requested, but also limits its authority to shift funds ...

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Thousands Booted Out Of US Under Trump’s ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy

Thousands of Central American migrants have been sent back to Mexico after lodging an asylum claim, a result of President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” directive. Over 5,000 asylum seekers from Central America’s Northern Triangle region — El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala — have been sent back to Mexico as they wait for their claims to go through the U.S. ...

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Report: Nielsen Stopped Plan For Mass Migrant Family Arrests Shortly Before She Was Ousted

Former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and ICE acting director Ron Vitiello were both fired shortly after challenging a major White House plan to arrest thousands of illegal immigrants across the U.S. Weeks before they were fired by President Donald Trump in April, Nielsen and Vitiello put a stop to a secret White House proposal to apprehend thousands of parents ...

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Border Wall Funding To Take From Ballistic Missile And Surveillance Programs

Border Wall Construction 2018

Roughly $1.5 billion originally intended for a nuclear ballistic missile system and a plane surveillance program will be diverted to fund President Donald Trump’s border wall, a move the Pentagon says will not affect its operations. “The Department carefully selected sources for the reprogramming that are excess or early to need and will not adversely affect military preparedness,” read a Defense ...

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‘We Build The Wall’ Donors Demand Answers After Months Of No Construction

A “We Build The Wall” GoFundMe campaign quickly raised $22 million in online donations, but months after its launch and still no construction, donors are beginning to ask what’s being done with their money. In the run-up to what became the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, all related to a debate over border wall spending, Purple Heart veteran Brian ...

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13,000 People Are Waiting At Mexican Border To Claim Asylum

Thousands of foreign nationals are waiting south of the U.S.-Mexico border to claim asylum. The backlog is a direct result of the Trump administration’s efforts to clamp down on burgeoning asylum claims. Approximately 13,000 people are on waiting lists to claim asylum in the U.S., an Associated Press investigation found. The AP determined the amount after traveling to eight Mexican ...

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Defense Secretary Says 256 Miles Of New Border Wall Coming Soon

The Pentagon announced that well over 200 miles of physical barrier is slated to be built along the U.S.-Mexico border in the coming months. “We now have on contract sufficient funds to build about 256 miles of barrier,” acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan said Wednesday while testing before the Senate Defense Appropriations subcommittee. Shanahan noted that current funding is sourced from ...

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Self-Deportations Rising Dramatically Under Trump Administration

The number of illegal aliens who are choosing to voluntarily deport themselves has spiked since President Donald Trump entered the White House. Illegal immigrants who were granted voluntary departure — also known as “self deportation” — increased by 50 percent in 2017, according to information compiled by The Marshall Project. In fiscal year 2018, the number of aliens who asked ...

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Tom Cotton On Immigration: We Need Doctors And Engineers, Not Low-Skilled Workers

Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton spoke about his recent White House meeting on immigration and broke down what he’d like changed about the U.S. immigration system. “The president wanted to lay out two broad approaches to immigration reform. The first is immediate and urgent,” Cotton said Tuesday on “Fox and Friends,” describing the president’s immigration reform package. “It’s addressing the crisis at our southern border ...

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