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AI Just Discovered a New Antibiotic to Kill the World’s Nastiest Bacteria

Penicillin, one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine, was a product of chance. After returning from summer vacation in September 1928, bacteriologist Alexander Fleming found a colony of bacteria he’d left in his London lab had sprouted a fungus. Curiously, wherever the bacteria contacted the fungus, their cell walls broke down and they died. Fleming guessed the ...

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Blind Woman Sees With New Implant, Plays Video Game Sent Straight to Her Brain

It’s been over a decade since artificial retinas first began helping the blind see. But for many people, whose blindness originates beyond the retina, the technology falls short. Which is why new research out of Spain skips the eye entirely, instead sending signals straight to the brain’s visual cortex. Amazingly, 15 years after losing her sight, Bernardeta Gómez, who suffers ...

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The Internet Will Never Be Safe—and That’s Just Fine


We’re a long way from the halcyon days of the early internet, when the promise of a decentralized digital communications network meant anyone could talk to anyone without appealing to the gatekeepers. Knowledge would be liberated from elite newsrooms and stodgy old encyclopedia sets. “Information wants to be free” was the slogan of the day. We’ve since learned “free” information ...

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