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Hillary Alumns Swipe At Bernie As He Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign


Former members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign were quick to take shots Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday after he officially launched his 2020 campaign for president. Former Clinton adviser Philippe Reines claimed that media coverage of Sanders has been more welcoming than media coverage of Clinton, despite the fact that Sanders is 77-years-old. Reines claimed the media’s message Sanders ...

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Twitter Locks Man’s Account After Revealing Ocasio-Cortez’s Boyfriend’s Government Email Address

Twitter suspended conservative political consultant Luke Thompson’s account on Friday after he revealed that Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend, Riley Roberts, has a government email account. Thompson posted a screenshot of a House directory that showed Roberts listed under “staff,” alongside a House email address for Roberts and the phone number for Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional office. Twitter claimed Thompson ...

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Bob Menendez Claims Trump Could Be ‘An Agent Of The Russian Federation’

Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez made the extraordinary claim on Thursday that President Donald Trump could be “an agent of the Russian Federation.” Menendez claimed the fact that Trump hasn’t released his tax returns and isn’t more publicly critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin could be signs that the president is compromised. “I’m talking about the entirely legitimate question ...

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Ilhan Omar Snaps At CNN Reporter: ‘Are You Serious?’

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar on Wednesday snapped at a CNN reporter who tried to ask her about the fallout over her recent comments blaming Jewish political donors for Republicans’ support of Israel. President Trump on Tuesday said Omar should step down either from Congress or the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and called Omar’s apology “lame.” The congresswoman on Wednesday ...

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Feminist Writer Sues Twitter Over Ban For Transgender Tweets

Internet Privacy

Feminist writer Meghan Murphy sued Twitter on Monday for deceptive trade practices and breach of contract Twitter banned Murphy in November over tweets about transgender issues  “Twitter is quite literally enforcing a 1984-style version of newspeak, wherein we may not speak or name material reality,” Murphy told TheDCNF  Canadian feminist writer Meghan Murphy is suing Twitter after she was banned ...

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One Big Question Virginia’s Democratic Attorney General Still Hasn’t Answered |

More than twenty-four hours after Democratic Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring admitted that he once wore blackface at a college party, Herring has yet to explain why he hasn’t resigned, despite previously calling on Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam to resign over his own blackface scandal. Herring on February 2 called on Northam to resign as governor, a day after Northam ...

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Rep Ilhan Omar Urges Keith Ellison To Investigate USA Powerlifting For Barring Biological Males From Women’s Events

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar wants Democratic Minnesota AG Keith Ellison to investigate USA Powerlifting because it won’t allow biological males to compete as women. Omar sent a letter to USA Powerlifting on behalf of JayCee Cooper, a male athlete who identifies as a transgender woman. Omar accused the powerlifting organization of violating Minnesota state laws against discrimination. WASHINGTON — Democratic ...

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Sexual Assault Accusation Against Virginia Lt. Gov. Draws Comparisons To Kavanaugh Claims

Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax denied an uncorroborated sexual assault allegation on Monday. The Washington Post was aware of the allegation last year but declined to publish for lack of corroborating evidence. The Fairfax accusation has drawn comparisons to Democrats’ and the media’s handling of claims against Justice Brett Kavanaugh The uncorroborated sexual assault allegation against Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin ...

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Snopes, Fact-Checker For Facebook And Google, Botches Nathan Phillips Fact-Check

Snopes refused to correct an inaccurate fact-check calling it “unproven” that American Indian activist Nathan Phillips falsely claimed to be a Vietnam veteran. It’s a proven fact that Phillips falsely claimed to be a Vietnam veteran. Both Facebook and Google give Snopes preferential treatment on their platforms. Snopes, a left-leaning fact-checking website given preferential treatment by both Facebook and Google, ...

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Kirsten Gillibrand Open To Expanding SCOTUS, Packing It With Liberal Justices

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand signaled her openness to expanding the Supreme Court beyond nine seats if her party retakes the Senate and the White House in next year’s elections. Gillibrand, a second-term senator from New York, appeared on left-wing podcast PodSaveAmerica on Tuesday, where she was asked about either placing term limits on Supreme Court justices or adding ...

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Tarrant County GOP Slaps Down Attempt To Remove Muslim Vice-Chair Dr. Shahid Shafi

Republicans in Tarrant County, Texas overwhelmingly rejected a motion to remove the local party’s vice chair, Dr. Shahid Shafi  A handful of precinct chairs opposed Shafi on account of his Muslim faith  Shafi received an outpouring of support from Republicans across the state, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott RICHLAND HILLS, TX — The Tarrant County Republican Party overwhelmingly slapped down ...

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Democratic Operatives Used Misleading Facebook Pages To Suppress GOP Turnout In Midterms

Democratic operatives, led by a former Obama official, bought ads on misleading Facebook pages to suppress GOP turnout in the midterm elections. The pages appear to be designed to give the impression that they were operated by disgruntled conservatives rather than Democratic operatives. The operatives were funded by left-wing billionaire Reid Hoffman, who previously funded a “false flag” effort in the ...

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Elizabeth Warren Compares Scrutiny Of Native America Heritage Claim To Obama Birtherism

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s website for her new presidential exploratory committee attempts to link questions about her claims of Native American heritage to people who questioned whether former President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Warren launched the committee on Monday, including a website with a “fact squad” meant to push back against criticisms of the senator. ...

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Senate’s Outside Russia Investigators Tied To Russian Bot ‘False Flag’ Operation

Hacking - User -Colin Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0

The head of the firm behind a much-hyped report on ongoing Russian influence campaigns in the United States was reportedly part of a Democratic project to create fake Russian bots during the Alabama special election in October 2017. The chief executive of cybersecurity firm New Knowledge, Jonathan Morgan, was reportedly one of the operatives on a self-described “false flag” operation meant ...

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Democrats Ran Russian Bot ‘False Flag’ Operation In Alabama — And Media Fell For It

Roy Moore

Democratic operatives created thousands of Twitter accounts posing as Russian bots in order to boost Alabama Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in the October 2017 special election by linking his Republican opponent, Roy Moore, to Russian influence campaigns. The operatives, who were funded by liberal billionaire Reid Hoffmann independently of Jones’s campaign, created more than a thousand Russian-language accounts that followed ...

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