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Lev Parnas’s Comments To New York Times Conflict With CNN Report About ‘Secret Mission’ For Trump

Lev Parnas’s comments to The New York Times on Wednesday appear to conflict with what CNN reported about the Soviet-born businessman back in November.  Parnas told the Times that he did not speak directly with President Trump about his Ukraine-related efforts. Instead, Parnas worked closely with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. CNN reported on Nov. 16 that associates of Parnas’s said ...

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Iran Reportedly Evaluating Retaliation Scenarios to Inflict ‘Historic Nightmare’ on the United States – but the Tiger has Teeth

If Iran is truly good at one thing, it is bragging.  On the other hand, with Donald Trump at the helm – the U.S. is good at something too, following through on threats; AKA promises.  After the U.S. removed a threat (General Qassem Soleimani – with the blood of U.S. citizens on his hands), Iran has embarked on their usual ...

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Ratcliffe Says Comey, Brennan Gave ‘Conflicting Testimony’ About Steele Dossier

Rep. John Ratcliffe said Sunday that he has seen documents indicating that former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan have given “conflicting testimony” regarding the Steele dossier. In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Ratcliffe said that he believes U.S. Attorney John Durham is looking into Comey and Brennan’s statements regarding who pushed to ...

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Are You Informed About Driving Under the Influence?

The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes in the United States is more than $44 billion, but studies continuously find that the average American Citizen doesn’t know enough about the dangers and risk factors of driving under the influence, as well as the effects of increasing Blood Alcohol Content. Though drink driving has decreased by about 50% since the 1980’s, there ...

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Communist Influences Are Destroying the U.S. Faster And Faster

I was in college during the turbulent 60’s era. I saw first-hand the riots and protests pushed by the communists who infiltrated our schools. Since then, the leftward propulsion of American socio-political-economic life in the 1960s has converged with collapsing family values during the past sixty years.  The voices of hateful anti-America protests continue to promote communism as the answer ...

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U.S. Navy Officer, His Wife, and Two Chinese Nationals Charged with Conspiring to Smuggle Military Style Inflatable Boats and Motors to China

Four individuals, including two Chinese nationals, an active-duty United States Navy officer, and his wife, have been indicted on charges relating to a conspiracy to unlawfully smuggle military-style inflatable boats, with Evinrude MFE military outboard motors, to the People’s Republic of China.  The Navy officer and two other defendants have also been charged with conspiring to violate firearms law, and ...

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The Power of Fashion to Influence Politics and Human Perception [EXPLAINED!]

t’s no surprise that your wardrobe speaks volume about your personality and character. Loud colors, classic soft hues, conventional suiting, elegant accessories and even selection of shoes can reveal so much about you. While fashion is believed to be mainly associated with divas, fashion icons and designers, you would be surprised to know how significantly it has affected the political ...

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Democratic Congressman Wants ‘An Explanation’ For Joe And Hunter Biden’s Conflicting Answers On Ukraine

Democratic Texas Rep. Vicente Gonzalez said Monday that former Joe Biden and his son’s contradictory answers on Ukraine need to be “cleared up.” Biden said on Saturday that he never spoke with his son, Hunter Biden, about the latter’s foreign business dealings. “I have never spoken with my son about his overseas business dealings,” the former vice president said. That ...

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Elizabeth Warren Hires Lobbyist One Day After Unveiling Plan To Curb Lobbyist Influence In DC

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren hired a Planned Parenthood lobbyist to a key role in her presidential campaign Tuesday, just one day after Warren announced a plan that would “end lobbying as we know it.” Warren unveiled an anti-corruption plan Monday that would introduce a “cooling off” period for lobbyists before they can serve in government roles and would ...

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House Dems Launch Probe Into Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao For Possible Conflicts Of Interest

The House Oversight and Reform Committee began an investigation Monday into Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao over whether she is using her office to benefit her family. The probe comes as reports allege Chao used her role in the Trump administration to promote Foremost Group, a shipping company founded by her father. The company has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars ...

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The Real Conflict is Not Racial or Sexual, It’s Between Ascendant Rich Elites and The Rest Of Us

Despite the media’s obsession on gender, race and sexual orientation, the real and determining divide in America and other advanced countries lies in the growing conflict between the ascendant upper class and the vast, and increasingly embattled, middle and working classes. We’ve seen this fight before. The current conflict fundamentally reprises the end of the French feudal era, where the ...

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Rep. Banks Defends NFL Quarterback Drew Brees For Encouraging Students To Bring Bibles To School

Rep. Jim Banks defended NFL quarterback Drew Brees Thursday for participating in a Focus on the Family video that encouraged students to bring Bibles to school. The 40-year-old New Orleans Saints quarterback and 12 time Pro-Bowler participated in a video Focus on the Family created that depicted Brees encouraging students to share their faith with others as part of a ...

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University of Kansas Researcher Indicted for Fraud for Failing to Disclose Conflict of Interest with Chinese University

A researcher at the University of Kansas (KU) was indicted today on federal charges of hiding the fact he was working full time for a Chinese university while doing research at KU funded by the U.S. government. Feng “Franklin” Tao, 47, of Lawrence, Kansas, an associate professor at KU’s Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis (CEBC), is charged with one count ...

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Colin Kaepernick is Still Ready for NFL Return after Three Years of Exile due to National Anthem Protest

Almost three years ago, NFL player Colin Kaepernick decided to make a statement by first sitting then kneeling during the national anthem. The action was made as a protest directed at inequality between races and police brutality that face races of color in America. What happened is that Kaepernick has not only been the talk of social media, and politics, ...

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