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The Real Moral of the Biden Debate Disaster

Joe Biden: We finally beat Medicare

Donald Trump: He’s right. He did beat Medicare. He beat it to death.

Exchange between Biden and Trump, first debate 2024

When the debate ended, the Biden surrogates were nowhere to be found — until they emerged, grim-faced, as a group, and the rumours began. At one point, a former prominent TV commentator got up from their seat and started pacing back and forth, worriedly. Biden aides and surrogates, who had been in constant communication with each of us throughout the day, fell silent, one by one.

The Independent, June 27, 2025

72% of Registered Voters say Biden does not have the cognitive health to serve as president.

CBS/YOUGOV [post-debate] poll, June 30, 2024

‘We are f***ed’: Democrats in full-full-blown panic over Joe Biden’s debate performance

A seasoned Democrat who has worked on campaigns at various levels succinctly summed up the sentiment, Times of India, June 28, 2024

The reaction of the Democrat News-media Colluders (hereafter the DNC) to Biden’s dreadful confused performance at the first 2024 Trump-Biden debate has been nothing short of comical, even by the DNC’s standards.  Some have argued that Biden’s dreadful performance was due to the fact that he had a cold.  Actually, no, this was not a cold.  Conservatives, who are, apparently the only people left in America that have both functioning eyeballs and an intact neo-cortex, have been pointing out precisely these kind of cognitive deficiencies since Biden, sometimes not knowing what state he was in (in 2019, is it New Hampshire or Vermont?), was hiding in his basement in the lead up to the 2020 campaign”, while what passes for our “news” media obligingly did much of his campaigning for him. 

Biden’s cognitive decline has been visible to honest observers for years.  In June of 2023 after ending a talk on gun violence, Biden suddenly unaccountably exclaimed, “God save the Queen!”  Some of his aides suggested that he was talking to someone in the audience but that is not an explanation unless one identifies that person and explains the relevance of the remark.  In a visit to Wisconsin in early 2024 Biden enthusiastically exclaimed,

The beer brewed here… Hah ish issah use to make the brew beer here… Issh da-finer… Oooooh Earth Rider… Thanks for the Great Lakes!

“Earth Rider, thanks for the Great Lakes, I wonder why”?  Maybe Biden was wondering why he’s in the Oval Office.  No one has any idea what he meant or how that remark was relevant to the occasion. 

Some, however, comically denied that Biden had a terrible performance, apparently believing that most of the nation are either blind or cannot mentally process their perceptions.  Gavin Newsome, who is occasionally seen governing California, pretended that it didn’t happen, saying “I’m very proud of the president’s record, and I’m very proud of his vision of the future.”  Unfortunately, “debate denial,” to coin a new term, will not cut it with the peasants (voters) who actually can see and process information, and no longer particularly like having their intelligence insulted by elitist multi-multi-millionaire Governor Hair Gel.

Senator James Clyburn (SC) took a different tack, admitting it was “a bad performance,” but blamed it on “preparation overload”.  Unfortunately, no.  It was not “preparation overload” that has had Biden for years saying “God save the Queen” or “Oh earth-rider, thanks for the Great Lakes” or not knowing what state he was in.  Clyburn, one recalls, is the one who  “changed everything” for Biden when, in the 2020 Democrat Primary, Biden’s listless campaign was “hanging by a thread” (because no one really wanted boring Joe Biden). Clyburn resurrected his campaign by instructing South Carolina blacks to vote for Biden. 

Many others are clearly panicking, and talking about replacing Biden on the ticket.  Leaving aside that this would, and should, be very difficult, because it would disenfranchise all the Biden-voters in the Democrat’s rigged primary that created the current crisis.  A couple of debates with RFK, Jr. for the Democrat nomination would have exposed Biden’s weakness, thereby enabling the Democrat’s to avoid their current miseries, but a Democrat penchant for rigging elections concealed this from the Democrat voters.  However, the real news about the debate is not Biden’s dreadful performance.  Most competent adults not blinded by ideology have known for years that Biden, absent considerable protection by the media and his staff, is not up to the job.  Indeed, it is clear that Biden is not really running the country.  Nothing is Biden’s lengthy experience in politics suggests that he actually believes in any of his current policies on abortion, the open border, the soft on crime policies, even the lawfare against his political opponent, etc.  The debate showed that Biden could not run a Kool-Aid stand in front of one of his numerous mansions.  Biden is a figurehead who can, for show, pretend to be either moderate or progressive as needed, while radical progressives behind the scenes actually make the key decisions.  The 2020 election was a Democrat “bait and switch” operation and the destructive results for the country are plain to see.  The DNC does not believe the peasants deserve to know who is actually running the country.

The real revelation of the debate was that the Democrats, the media, the alphabet agencies, etc., have conducted a massive deception operation to keep Biden’s real mental decline from the peasants.  They have their own plans for the country, that is, for the Messiah’sfundamental transformation of America,” and for their own careers.  The peasant’s approval not needed.  For example, the “spies who lied” about the Hunter Biden laptop, that it is Russian disinformation, to protect Biden in the 2020 election have refused to apologize.  Trump is a threat to their autocracy, and their egos, and therefore, must be destroyed “by any means necessary”.  Truth is no longer an ideal for the Left, not that it ever was.  In doing so, they have put the national security of the US at risk with terrorists and drugs crossing the open border, profligate spending, massive crime the streets (no we are not going to pretend that the cooked crime statistics are correct), wars all around the globe, etc.

There will be new disinformation campaigns as the 2024 election draws near that can only, with difficulty, get fact checked, if at all, long after their next progressive puppet has been installed into office.  It took Snopes 7 years to learn to read at the 9th grade level and discover, to their surprise, that Biden’s claim that Trump had praised the Nazis and White Supremacists at the Charlottesville protest was a lie.  The DNC, and their shadowy operatives, will do the same thing in this election.  The only question is, what will they try?  Biden’s implosion at the debate will only make them more desperate, and dangerous.

It is interesting that even CNN has been correctly fact-checking some of Biden’s prevarications, but this is likely not because of some newfound respect for truth.  It is that the DNC’s dishonest chickens have, so to speak, come home to roost and it has been decided that Biden must be moved out of the way to open the spot for the next DNC puppet.

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Richard McDonough

Richard Michael McDonough, American philosophy educator. Achievements include production of original interpretation of Wittgenstein’s logical-metaphysical system, original application Kantian Copernican Revolution to philosophy of language; significant interdisciplinary work logic, linguistics, psychology & philosophy. Member Australasian Debating Federation (honorary life, adjudicator since 1991), Phi Kappa Phi.

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