The Democrat News-Media Colluding Comedians

I’ve got hairy legs that turn — um, blonde in the sun. And the kids used to come up and … rub my leg down so it was straight and watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it. … I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap.

Joe Biden, at the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Aquatic Centre, Delaware, Jan. 12, 2019

I’m proud to be… the first vice president, the first Black woman served with a Black president.  … There’s just so much that we can do because together we, there’s nothing.  Look, this is the United States, America.

Joe Biden, July 5, 2024, recent interview with Philadelphia radio station

I love Venn diagrams [cackle].  I really do.  I love Venn diagrams.  There’s just something about those three circles.

Kamala Harris. White House event, Feb. 2023.

I’ve said it for years.  [Biden’s] cogent.  But he’s far beyond cogent.  I think he’s better than he’s ever been. … I don’t know if people know this … Biden used to be a hothead.  Sometimes that Irishman would get in front of the reasoning. … I’m about to tell you the truth.  And f— you if you can’t handle the truth.  This version of Biden, intellectually, analytically, is the best Biden ever. … If it weren’t the truth, I wouldn’t say it.

Joe Scarborough, March, 2024 (a few months before Biden humiliated himself in the 2024 Trump-Biden debate resembling a frozen open mouthed 90-year Alzheimer patient)

By the “Democrat “News”-Media Comedians” I do not mean the various late-night “zero-laughs” comedians, Steven Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher, etc., because they are not funny.   Democrat Party talking points disguised as jokes never are.  By the “Democrat “News”-Media Colluder Comedians” I mean the actual Democrat Party officials and their propagandists in what passes for our “news” media who, precisely because they are not trying to be funny, but to be serious, are actually hilarious.

After his recent disastrous debate performance, “President” Biden, trying, to reassure voters that he is competent to be president, claimed, in an interview with a Philadelphia radio station, that he was the first black woman to serve with a black president.  Well, maybe that’s why his SCOTUS appointment, Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is celebrated as a pathbreaking woman, doesn’t know what a woman is.  It all makes sense now.

But doesn’t a SCOTUS judge need to understand the English language in order to make legal judgments?  If she must rule on a case involving dogs, will she be unable to make a judgment because she is not a biologist?  Of course, not, the Left only invokes deliberate stupidity when it is needed to push one of their absurd ideological positions, in this case, her unwillingness to upset elements of the “trans” community that doesn’t want to know what a woman is.  Comically, leftists are allowed to be common sensical when it benefits their Party.

In the same interview, Biden also said “There’s just so much that we can do because together we, there’s nothing.”  Biden is proud that there’s nothing?  Not the most stirring oratory! Sounds more like the nihilist Gorgias.  Perhaps, this explains why, for the last 3.5 years, Biden has pushed extreme leftist pushing policies he clearly doesn’t believe in.  

At a meeting of the Group of Seven industrialized nations in the U.K. in 2021, Biden recalled talking with several dead European leaders, Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterrand.  Apparently, they agreed with his view of the Jan. 6, 2021, riot.  That’s reassuring!

During Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012, Biden reassured the peasants, who clearly had their doubts, that Obama “has a big stick” and is “like a ramrod.”  Given certain recent revelations, Joe was certainly in a position to know! 

His Vice President, Kamala, is a veritable gold mine of gibberish.  Where does one start?  In 2022, talking to a Democrat governor after a tour of a library, said, with great sanctimony, as if she were stating profound truths, that they were “talking about the significance of the passage of time, right, the significance of the passage of time. … [T]here is great significance to the passage of time in terms of what we need to do to lay these wires, … [T]here is such great significance to the passage of time when we think about a day in the life of our children.

So, Kamala has figured out there is significance to the passage of time? Psychologists say that children normally come to understand the passage of time at 6 years of age.  A tad late but congratulations Kamala!   One reader of that article asks, “Is there some kind of award for uttering the maximum number of words that have little to no connection with reality?” 

Of course, Cuba born comrade Mayorkas is in a class of his own for being willing to say repeatedly, sometimes under oath, that the southern border is secure, even as Americans can see on the nightly news, with their own eyes, caravans of tens of millions of illegals flooding across the border.  Mayorkas did discover later, in the election year, that the border is in crisis.  Very funny comrade!

When Lester Holt, responding to criticism of Biden’s “Border Czar,” Kamala, because she had done nothing to secure the southern border, asks Kamala if she has ever been to the southern border, she first replies by lying that she has been to the border, but then, when pressed, replies, “And I haven’t been to Europe either.”  Well, you weren’t made the “Europe Czar” Kamala.  Do you understand that Kamala?  Do you understand you need to work?

The old White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, who finds American’s concerns about violent crime, rape and murder of little girls, a laughing matter, makes herself the joke.  Very compassionate Jen!  However, Biden’s new Press Secretary, Karrine Jean-Pierre, takes comedy to an entirely new level.  With her standard vacant facial expression, Jean-Pierre recently angrily chastised Republicans for releasing a series in videos of Biden wandering off, freezing, etc., calling those videos “deep fakes” and “cheap fakes.”  This was just a few days before Biden completely embarrassed himself in the presidential debate with Trump looking vacant, open mouthed, sleepy, frozen like a statue.

Perhaps the most comical of all is the so-called “news media” that has been pretending for years that Biden does not have severe cognitive issues but, after the recent debate with Trump, realizing he cannot win in November, suddenly turned on a dime and is now trying to get Biden to drop out.  If our so-called “news media” resembles anyone it is Baghdad Bob (Comical Ali), who, during the 2nd Iraq war, solemnly, claiming “authentic sources,” told a group of journalists that there are no American tanks in Baghdad, only to have an enormous clanking American tank motor through an intersection right behind him.  Yes, that resembles “journalism” in America now.  Perhaps American “journalists” are using the same “authentic sources” Baghdad Bob used. 

Maybe when “journalists” start saying “F— you if you don’t believe [me]” that’s an indication that “journalism” has begun partnering with the Democrat Party stand-up routine. 

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Richard McDonough

Richard Michael McDonough, American philosophy educator. Achievements include production of original interpretation of Wittgenstein’s logical-metaphysical system, original application Kantian Copernican Revolution to philosophy of language; significant interdisciplinary work logic, linguistics, psychology & philosophy. Member Australasian Debating Federation (honorary life, adjudicator since 1991), Phi Kappa Phi.

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  1. Great article!! The laugh a minute miscues are here for all of us to read and shake our heads. How could Kamala have been AG of California I often ask myself.If Kamala were asked that question, I think she would answer “The law is important because when we follow the law we are lawful.” Right on KH!!

  2. Great article!! So many of the miscues of Joe and Kamala are included for a good laugh. I wonder how Kamala could have been attorney general of California. If asked, she would probably say “It’s important to obey the law because a law abiding person is always lawful.”

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