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“That’s the Democrat Party!  That’s the failure in this country!”

I think why the Biden’s are digging in and perhaps why they should is that this was … the deal.  That we [the media] are going to protect you.  They knew [Biden] wasn’t capable [but] we’ll get him through this [because] we’ve got to beat Trump.  You [Biden] are the only one who can do it because you have been around 50 years and we can shape [frame] it.  Don’t worry because we [the media] have your back and then suddenly [after the debate] they don’t have his back.  And they don’t have his back because they failed at kneecapping Trump, which was the other piece of how [Biden] would win again.  And [they] talk about democracy being in danger!  Now that their little scheme to get rid of Trump failed, they’re throwing [Biden] under the bus … [and] bullying [Biden] to abandon his post, destroying the cohesion in the Party and the country itself, for the world to watch.  That’s the Democrat Party!  That’s the failure in this country!  And that’s why it doesn’t matter who the [Democrat] nominee is.  …  They talk about democracy.  There’s nothing in the Constitution that says you can put up an actor who’ll be [positively] framed by Katzenberg or Hollywood.  … It’s not like we’ll vote for this guy and then we’ll switch him out. It’s an abuse of the system.  [W]e saw the same kind of abuse of the process [to get] Trump. … But who is it really being done to?  Us!  This is happening to us!  And they stand there and crow about defending democracy.  And now they just want Biden to transition … What part of elections involve the transition to somebody else?  You abandon this guy because he’s losing in the polls, despite Americans voting for him?  … Now Biden’s just got to take the exit door?  That’s not how it works. … You suddenly get rid of the actor because he’s been exposed.  Shame on them!

Former Democrat, former president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Organization for Women, Tammy Bruce, July 8, 2024

Where solitude endeth, there beginneth the market-place; and where the market-place beginneth, there beginneth also the noise of the great actors, and the buzzing of the poison-flies.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra, § XII

One of the storylines the Democrat News-media Colluders (or DNC) concocted over the past 3.5 years is that Joe Biden is an incredibly effective president, sharp as a tack, at the top of his game, much more qualified than the intellectually challenged Donald Trump to be the president.  In mid-2023, The Independent, always a good source of pro-Democrat anti-Trump propaganda, in a comical “fact check”, stated that inquiries into Biden’s mental decline were “not in good faith” and made the standard deflection to Trump’s alleged mental decline.  But that storyline, never believed by anyone with functioning eyeballs, was exploded by Biden’s “disastrous” performance in the recent presidential debate when the allegedly intellectually challenged Donald Trump effortlessly took him to the woodshed.   

Despite some predictable attempts to maintain the farce as long as possible, it has become impossible for DNC comedians to do so.  Even the peasants who have not gone to elite universities to imbibe the current standard dose of Marxism and anti-Semitism can see and think, much to the shock and surprise of the DNC.  All of a sudden, stories began to appear that people knew about Biden’s decline for years.  Axios reports that Biden’s aides have been shielding him, and using COVID to shield him (which adults already knew), for years.   David Axelrod stated in 2019 on a CNN panel that Joe Biden was “Mr Magooing his way through” the Democrat primary.  When the American people saw Biden Magooing his way through the presidential debate with a sharp Donald Trump, the hoax was dead.  It’s just a shame that no one in what passes for our national “news” media, with the exception of a few at Foxnews, have displayed any curiosity about this serious issue of national security. 

The collapse of this particular hoax, however, did not merely bring down Joe Biden.  The American people already had little trust in the national media.  The Associated Press and the American Press Institute just released a poll on the 2024 election and found that, “only 14% of their sample expressed “a great deal of confidence in election-related information they receive from national sources” [and] 46% have little or no confidence at all in the information they receive from national news organizations.

What little trust people had left in the national “news” media is gone.  Conservatives have not done this to the media.  They have, with a sanctimonious smirk of superiority on their faces, done it to themselves.  These “saving democracy” fakers have for years told people not to believe their own eyes about Biden and that is never going to work.  The media is now comically pretending to have just noticed Biden’s cognitive decline. Congratulations!

As Tammy Bruce points out, what is most shameful about this latest DNC hoax is that they have used Joe Biden as a puppet, an actor, to enact their absurd left-wing policies, and now that he, having been exposed as cognitively challenged, is of no use to them anymore, they are, humiliatingly, casting him to the side.  They never cared about Biden and his family any more than they care about the American people or the little girls murdered by illegal aliens:  We don’t need you anymore Joe, Jill, and Hunter.  Please exit quietly stage Left.  We’re moving to a new puppet now. 

And we don’t need to worry about the people who voted for Biden in our rigged Democrat primary, the one that would not even let RFK, Jr. debate Biden. Those primary voters are hereby cancelled by the authoritarian “saving democracy” Party.   We’re going to rig a new candidate and some new voting to maintain the “saving democracy” charade.  The contempt for the American people and for democracy is palpable.

Tammy Bruce’s central message, however, is not just that the DNC does this to Biden and his family.  They are pushing this farce on us, the American people.

The fact is that this is the same farce that has been perpetuated from the beginning in the Trump-Russia collision hoax that the FBI somehow failed to notice, the “Trump praised Nazis and White Supremacists in Charlottesville” hoax, the Lafayette Park Bible photo-op hoax, the fake impeachment about the Ukraine phone call when there likely was Biden-family corruption in Ukraine, the rigged Jan. 6th “insurrection” hoax, all the rigged anti-Trump lawsuits and unconstitutional indictments and so on and on.  Everything rigged now.

The DNC does not sit around wondering about how to solve the problems for the peasants for whom they have so much contempt.  They sit around wondering how to hurt their political opponents with their poisonous smears to deceive the voters so that they can remain in the money and power and continue their pseudo-moral preening.  Fortunately, the biggest cover-up in US political history has been exposed and cannot be unseen

That’s the Democrat Party!  That’s the failure in this country! … Shame on them.”  

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Richard McDonough

Richard Michael McDonough, American philosophy educator. Achievements include production of original interpretation of Wittgenstein’s logical-metaphysical system, original application Kantian Copernican Revolution to philosophy of language; significant interdisciplinary work logic, linguistics, psychology & philosophy. Member Australasian Debating Federation (honorary life, adjudicator since 1991), Phi Kappa Phi.

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