The Left Is As Trashy As Supermarket Tabloids

The Left, moderates and Radicals alike, have banded together to quickly respond and react to any statement they can elaborate on, use to their advantage, and be consistent on topic across the party as quickly as humanly possible. It does not matter if the facts are correct. If you say something often enough, and the mainstream media covers you and substantiates your story, everyone to the left of reality will believe you.

This week, this coordinated effort to take a sound bite or quote from Donald Trump and twist and manipulate it to mean the opposite of the original. During Trump’s meetings with Republican Congressional members, he allegedly commented about Milwaukee, the host city of the upcoming Republican convention. From people in the room who heard the President firsthand, Trump was commenting on the crime problem in Milwaukee and the status of election integrity in Wisconsin. He referred to both as horrible.

Of course, many who were not in the room, politicians, celebrities, and, of course, the media, took great liberties in quoting the President, who they did not hear. Suddenly, the specific comments on two real situations became a general statement that Milwaukee was a “horrible city.” The media was in a frenzy, and Democrats seized the opportunity to pounce.

This reaction from the Left showed how quickly they could mobilize and distribute a message. Of course, they took to the air with their versions of Trump’s words, billboards went up in Milwaukee to show the residents what the Former President thought of them, t-shirts and pins were available to commemorate the moment, and nobody asked the one simple, basic question of these people; were you in the room and what did the President say.

With a President who has gone into three deep freezes in the last week, the Democrats have a candidate who embarrasses more often than enlightens, no policies that the public will embrace, and a track record that has nothing to brag about. They have no choice but to turn up the gaslighting and outright lie.

Karine Jean-Pierre held the first White House Press Briefing in three and one-half weeks. This is unconscionable at a time when we have two wars, a border still in crisis, and an election in about five months. She had to know she would field questions on Biden’s recent health issues, yet the best she could do was claim the videos were manipulated. Are you kidding? This theory is even worse than the Democrats disavowing the Hunter Biden laptop or the Biden Cartel has not raked in millions selling influence in Washington. It was disgusting and further fueled by KJP’s grossly condescending tone she used when delivering this drivel.

America deserves better than they are getting from this White House, or do they since they put this Team Biden in the White House? I am convinced that Joe Biden will not be the candidate, and the chances are better than even if there is no debate. The question is, who will the Dems pull off their weak bench to finish the game? Talk today actually hinted at Hillary warming up in the bullpen. On the same day, it was disclosed that every federal agency interacting with illegal migrants is handing out voter registration forms. The Democrat election corruption is rising to new levels, and it may be impossible to beat whichever inadequate candidate they may call upon.

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